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Tfac newsletter21


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Tfac newsletter21

  1. 1. TFAC News Letter Vol.21
  2. 2. Anping warship exhibition The naval warship has arrived at Anping harbour once more, and will hold an exhibition for 2 days (5/16~5/17). Everyone is welcomed to visit! On 16th May, a grand welcoming ceremony will be held at 9 o’clock. There will also be marching band performances from the navy and naval academy, as well as martial art performances from the marines. Below is the event schedule, 5/16 9am – Welcoming ceremony and opening performances 10am~4pm – Open for exhibition 5/16 9am~4pm – Open for exhibition
  3. 3. TFAC Tainan Foreigner Assistance Center Tainan City Hall (06) 298-1000# 8244 2F, 6, Sec2, Yonghua Rd. Tainan City 70801