Tfac newsletter vol.46


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Tfac newsletter vol.46

  1. 1. TFnewsletterAC Vol. 46
  2. 2. Ivs n Sri C nrnet t ev e et me c e
  3. 3. 2 1 K x n aC l u a F s i a 0 1 o i g u t r l e tv l 鄭成功文化節 21 Kxnaclua fsia bgn o Arl2 i Tia.I odrt 01 oig utrl etvl eis n pi 9 n ann n re o codnt ti clua fsia,Clua AfisBra o Tia Ct oriae hs utrl etvl utrl far ueu f ann iy Gvrmn pooe Kxnatml clua gietu I aalbet oenet rmts oig epe utrl ud o. ts vial o rgsrt tetu gienw eitae h or ud o. Teeaetotu rue ti ya.Tefrtruei wligtu,ad hr r w or ots hs er h is ot s akn or n i wl vsttenihoho,prsadtmlswihaebiti Ceg t il ii h egbrod ot n epe hc r ul n hn- taf pro.Tescn tu i crtae tu,adi wl vst inu eid h eod or s a rvl or n t il ii TeinioPr adMduGgn Wafadohrhsoia sei sos ixaqa ot n ao uag hr n te itrcl cnc pt. Tetu shdl dtsaeArl3,My1 7ad8 Altepol wo h or ceue ae r pi 0 a , n . l h epe h hv rgsee ne t asml i KxnaSrn o tedy adtetu ae eitrd ed o sebe n oig hie n h a, n h or gieswl b arne t b acmaid i nest rgse adpy udr il e ragd o e copne. t ed o eitr n a apiainfei avne pes cektewbieo Clua Afis plcto e n dac, lae hc h est f utrl far Bra o Tia Ct Gvrmn frmr dtis ueu f ann iy oenet o oe eal.
  4. 4. Take the free shuttle bus to visit firefliesThe Meiling Firefly Festival starts from this Saturday. Dont worry about thetransportation, theres a free shuttle bus between Tainan Train Station andMeiling. Either children or elders can visit the fireflies and have the plumdelicacy, the specialty of Meiling.Bureau of Tourism and Travel said that the freeshuttle bus service is in operation on theaturdays and Sundays from April 23 toMay 8. Every dusk, there are 3 runs ofshuttle bus setting out from the Singnang(興南) Bus Station nearby Tainan TrainStation. Also there are shuttle buses fromMeiling Visitor Information Center toEr-Cen Ping(二層坪), of course its also free."To protect fireflies habitat,do not drive into the WuLongDianfirefly-watching trail." Chen, thedirector-general of Bureau of Tourismand Travel said. Instead, stroll on the 2 kmroute and enjoy the nature with freeguides. It takes about 3 hours.By the way, theres a half-day village life experienceactivitie in April 23s afternoon, the same day asopening ceremony. Participants will make pickledplums themselves at first, then have plum chickens ,and watch the fireflies at night. This activity islimited the participants of 300 people and costNTD100. Call 07-3800170 for registration as soon aspossible.
  5. 5. Lvn iigE ey a vrd yT i a ee 講看嘜 a n s 台語 wI RNT ODUC I T ONL t fc i o te t es f an n y uh a te awa e e e’ ae t n h sr t o T ia , o er h T i n s s , ed ae tu t s c a Ma d r C iee I in t t ldfc l ilc js a mu h s n ai hn s.ts o a al ii t n fu ,a dip r c lr c amig h ny uae u a da o tb yn n s at ual h r n w e o r o t n b u, u ig i ytig f m te e d r . e’g t tr dw t sme i lhn s ro h v n o s L t e sat i o s s e h mpev cb : oa sL S ON 1 GR E I ES . E T NGS呷飽未 ” “ “ ˇ ”你好 “ ˇ” ˋ再會 “ ”多謝“ ” ’多少錢 ’ ˊ :P ys e il t n int te n o ain- o cn a p ca at t e o o h i tn t o yu aa as s y u T i a ee r n s nh wt sy h s l y ak o r a n s fe d o o o a tee w w i H! iw rs i atu e S e o n x t ! od w t ttd ! e y u eti h i me
  6. 6. 驚蟄 Jing Zhi is one of the 24 solar terms, meaning “awakening of insects” literally. It usually begins around March 5 and ends around March 20. It is the period when the first thunder in spring happens (so the insects will be awakened). However, as you probably heard it, the thunder finally comes last weekend, with about one month. So everything should come alive now (notice the mosquitos?), and we should be looking forward to the sweating summer!! Photo by ergates@lfickrTainan Foreigner Assistance Center 2F., No. 6, Sec. 2, Yonghua Rd., Anping Dist., Tainan City 1999 Hotline for Residents of Tainan TFAC on facebook