Tfac newsletter vol.31


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Tfac newsletter vol.31

  1. 1. TFAC News Letter Vol.31
  2. 2. Le-Li bridge Intersection of Jianping Rd and Jiankang Sec3 Rd. Le-Li bridge is situated at the most northern part of Tainan canal. Chen-Cing apartment is located at its west side. An-Gong No.4 bridge Intersection of Juonghua Western Sec2 Rd and Nanle. An important main bridge of Tainan Yong-Hua bridge Intersection of Yonghua 1St. St. and Yonghua Rd. Many boats park under this bridge Sin-Nan bridge Originally named Wu bridge. Intersection of Fucian Sec2 Rd. and Huanhe St Lin-An bridge Intersection of Minsheng Rd. and Linan Rd. It connects Zhongwua Western Sec2 Rd. and Xibin Rd. Linan bridge is the most busy bridge in Tainan Wang-Yue bridge IThe LED showing “Tainan city” lights up the bridge here. Cheng-Tian bridge This bridge is situated at the place used for canoe practicing and dragon boat racing. An-Yi bridge Rated as the most beautiful and stands at 80M long, 26M wide with sidewalk and observation deck on both sides. New Lin-An bridge Concept! Jin-Hua bridge Concept! Map of Tainan Canal
  3. 3. Tainan Foreigner Assistance Center Tainan City Hall (06) 298-1000# 8244 2F, 6, Sec2, Yonghua Rd. Tainan City 70801