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Tfac News Letter 11

  1. 1. Experiencing a different Christmas in Tainan The Confucius Temple Cultural Zone Green shade, yellow tiles, and red walls are common images of the Confucius Temple Cultural Zone which carries a more leisurely ambiance than other cultural zones. This cultural zone was the first one designated by the Tainan City Government and includes the Confucius Temple and several nearby histori- who is also revered by the Japanese. The Koxinga Shrine is a cal monuments and streets. popular destination among the Japanese tourists. Nanmen Road serves as the main axis of the Confucius Tem- Also called the Ningnan Gate, and built in 1725, the Great ple Cultural Zone which boasts the Confucius Temple (formerly South Gate is shaped like a half-moon protected by an outer the highest learning institution in Taiwan), Fujhong Street (the wall - a most unique gate and is the only one of its type to Pangong Stone Gate), the Great South Temple. There is a have survived in Taiwan. By the Great South Gate there is the multitude of historic monuments in the cultural zone: schools, Stele Forest hosting a rich collection of stone tablets, most of city walls, tombs, Buddhist sanctuaries, and temples. which are from the Cing era. The Great South Gate Park is now Besides the renowned Confucius Temple, the Koxinga Shrine a popular venue for recreational activities among the Tainan offers a great opportunity to explore the life of this national hero residents. Although classified as a tomb, the Temple of the Five Concu- bines, after more trees, flowers, and lawns had been planted, is now a frequented place for taking exercise or simply a stroll by the neighbourhood locals. There are also many nice cafes in the vicinity of the temple. If you feel tired after taking a walk in this cultural zone, you can always find a coffee shop across from the Confucius Temple to take a break or visit the nearby Fuji Dumplings, Lily Fruit Shop, Shuntian Popsicles, etc. to replenish your energy in order to continue your cultural tour of Tainan. The Confucius Temple is situated at the intersection of Fucian Road and Nanmen Road. Across the street from the Temple and after a successful neighborhood revamping program, Fujh- ing Street has now become a must-visit destination for many tourists. Take a walk on Fujhong Street and you will marvel at Tainan: “Definitely an unforgettable Christmas!”
  2. 2. Christmas Events 2009 December, the month of traditional thanksgiving has arrived. Tainan City Government in corporation with Far Eastern De- partment Store and Shangri-La’s Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, have specially organized a series of Christmas events and invites everyone to spend this warm and peaceful Christmas together! This year, Tainan City will bring you a different Christmas. On 5th December, 7:15pm, a 45m tall Christmas tree at Far Eastern Department Store (Chung Kung branch) was officially lightened by Mayor Hsu and Chairman of Far Eastern Group. Colorful flashing lights shone off the Christmas tree top as powdered artificial snowflakes from the sky and the firework shows on the ground further lifted the atmosphere into ec- stasy while Santa Claus and Christmas Angels gave away presents and sweets to the public as everyone enjoyed band performances on this spectacular evening. For the period between 12/19~12/27, the following Christmas events will take place at Far Eastern Department Store (Chung Kung branch): Date Time Event 12/19 (Sat) 13:00 Tainan anti-smoking ambassador selection. 12/19 (Sat) 15:00 Salvation army celebration Christmas series performances. 12/20 (Sun) 14:30 Taiwan Free Community Care Association Christmas party. 12/20 (Sun) 16:00 JiaJia children dance achievement presentation. 12/25 (Fri) 19:00 “Sesame Street” Christmas special. 12/26 (Sat) 14:00 “Giraffe” Christmas events. 12/27 (Sun) 17:00 Summer dance workshop achievement presentation.
  3. 3. Getting a scooter driving license in Tainan Driving a scooter in Taiwan is an efficient and inexpensive way of getting around. If you’re planning on being in Taiwan for an extended period of time you’re going to need a license. Fortunately, the Taiwanese government has made the process very simple. Read on to know more. Instructions for foreigners who Apply For Domestic ii. The holder of valid a car or a light motorbike driving li- Car / Motorbike Driving License: cense who apply for an ordinary heavy motorbike (above 50cc and below 250cc) is exempted from rules test. iii. An applicant who apply for a huge heavy motorbike 1. Apply for a motorbike driving license: (above 250cc), should obtain over one year’s experience Paper requirements: for an ordinary heavy motorbike driving license, as well 1. Identification papers (please attach a stay permit or over one as has completed a lesson in a legal establish driving and year residence certificate). training school and get the qualified strength examination 2. Three identical bust taken within the past six months one once more for application. inch glossy printing paper black and white or color photos, no 4. If you fail either of the traffic rules test or the road driving composite photos, full face front view with a plain white back- test, you will be allowed for a new application after seven days. ground and no wearing hat or headgear except for religious 5. Both the results of physical examination and traffic rules test reasons, without dark glasses or glasses with tinted lenses are valid for within one year. unless it is for medical reasons. 6. The validation date of driving licensed issued will be based 3. One copy of driving license registration form with the quali- on the validation date of the stay permit or residence certificate. fied physical and strength examination. (Please take examina- tion in a public hospital, a health office or a clinic or a hospital and group examination assigned by the Motor Vehicle Office.) Traffic rules and road driving tests will be taken at 4. Registration fee: NTD 250, driving license fee: NTD 200. Tainan Motor Services Station, contact details are indicated below: Points for attention: 1. Applicants have to be over the age of 18. Address: No.1, Chungde Rd., East District, Tainan City, 2. Owners of a car-driving license are allowed to ride a light 70102, Taiwan (R.O.C.) motorbike. Service Telephone: 06-2696678 3. The license is issued on provision that both the traffic rules test and the road-driving test are passed. You can try the written (traffic rules) practice test on i. Light motorbike (below 50cc) driving license applicant ex- empted from road driving test., good luck!
  4. 4. Contact us Services Monday ~ Friday Address: - Travel 08:00 ~ 12:00 Tainan City Hall, 2F, 6 - Business & Investment 13:30 ~ 17:30 Sec 2, Younghua Rd, - Residence Tel: (06)298-1000 Tainan City 70801 - Healthcare - Transportation Out of hours 地址: - Government Services Tel: 0800-024-111 臺南市永華路 二 段 6 號 - Culture & Education Website: e-mail: