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Tfac News Letter 10


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Tainan Foreigner Assistance Center


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Tfac News Letter 10

  2. 2. Anping Oyster Shell Cement Kiln Museum The oyster ash industry is an old traditional skill dating back to the Dutch occupation period. For hundreds of years, Chi- nese people built houses by using oyster ash - mixed with syrup and sticky rice water - as an adhesive to cement bricks together. This mixture could also be mixed with sand or clay and painted to the wall. Oyster shell ash was usually the The kiln has a square appearance but with a circular main material used to build huge houses. In addition, it was interior, which is quite unique. The main section has a also used in paste form to caulk the seams of wooden boats. sheer wall made of red bricks. The internal diameter is According to local oral history, the oyster ash industry can be about 4m, and it is a little taller than an average adult. dated back hundreds of years. However, this unique Anping The thinnest part of the wall is about 1m thick. Compared industry was eliminated after the industrialization of Taiwan to other oyster ash kilns, the Anping Kiln is of medium in the 1970s and only the Anping Oyster Shell Cement Kiln size. survived. Under the Tainan City Government the kiln now The door facing Anbei Rd. is intended for the transpor- serves as a museum and through photos and documentary tation of materials. The kiln has very thick sides which films, one can learn about the procedures employed to make consist of six vertical walls. Wooden boards are inserted oyster shell ash. This is a wonderful way to preserve our rich horizontally in the door space in order to close the kiln. history and culture. Inside - and on the opposite side of the door - is a wind In recent times the making of oyster shell ash has been vent with a blast furnace. In the ground there are ten stopped due to increasing air pollution. But at the Anping more ditch vents for the air required while burning the Kiln, one can still view the equipment and the application of oyster shell. The mottled wall speaks of its long history. oyster shell ash. On the top of this cement kiln is a walkway which work- ers used to remove oyster and coal ash. Surrounding the kiln and the walkway there is also a 2 m high brick wall with a door in the front and rear section for workers to pass in and out of. Opening Hours: Every day from 9:30am to 5:00pm (Closed on Mondays) Address: 110-1 Bei-an Road, Anping District, Tainan City Tel: 06-2286836 Please call for free guidance
  3. 3. Urban Oasis – NCKU campus ecology A special exhibition under the title Urban Oasis – NCKU Campus Ecology is currently on display on the first floor of the NCKU Museum and is set to last until the end of this year. This exhibition has been organized by the Depart- ment of Life Science of NCKU and uses the idea of an oasis to demonstrate the campus’s ecological resources as well as other roles it may play in urban ecology. This special exhibition is primarily designed around interactive navigation where visitors can look, listen and play, as if immersed in a real environment. The organizers hope to about the ecology of NCKU campus. This in turn will send a clear message about the ideology behind the urban serve to safeguard the campus ecological environment. oasis and that through this event people will learn more Furthermore, the organizers hope the different points of view conveyed by the environmental designs of the ex- hibition, will stimulate cross-sectoral discussions that will bring future campus planning even more in line with the living requirements of people and natural fauna and flora. Further details about this event are indicated below, and as usual; should you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Opening hours: Everyday from 23rd April 2009 ~ 31st December 2009, 10:00 ~ 17:00 (Closed on Mondays) Address: No.1, University Road, Tainan City (NCKU Mu- seum, 2nd floor, west display room) Website:
  4. 4. Tainan Holiday Tour- ist Agricultural & Fish Market Exhibition Hosted by Tainan City Government and coordinated by Tainan Fishermen’s Association and Tainan Farmers’ As- sociation, the Tainan Holiday Tourist Agricultural & Fish Market Exhibition is to be held in the Anping Harbor Tour- ist Fish Market (No.2, Chengping Rd., Anping Dist. - across from National Tainan Marine & Fishery Vocational School) on December 5, 6, and 12, from 10am to 5pm. Anping Harbor Tourist Fish Market is located in the Anping Harbor National Historical Zone. The Tainan City Gov- ernment has devoted much time and effort to the nearby tourism constructions which include Anping Image Shop- ping Circle, Anping Fisherman’s Wharf, Blue Highway, Lin Mo-Niang Historic Park, Anping Harbor Tourist Fish Mar- ket, and An-yi Bridge. This area has become a popular tourist destination integrating both modern and traditional cultures. The organizers of this event state that the Tainan Holi- a fishing game and win prizes. day Tourist Agricultural & Fish Market Exhibition is just The organizers have also specially arranged seafood tast- a warm-up, and that they intend to continue to invite ing on December 5-6. Three hundred portions of free purveyors of traditional Tainan delicacies and souvenirs fresh seafood congee will be on offer. So come and taste to station themselves in the Anping Harbor Tourist Fish the fresh seafood! And enjoy the weekend in Tainan City! Market, thus creating a beautiful ‘Anping Star’. During the Tainan Holiday Tourist Agricultural & Fish Market Exhibi- Address: Anping Harbor Tourist Fish Market (No.2, tion, there will be a series of additional activities, including Chengping Rd., Anping Dist.) family fish drawing and music performances. Participants Website: of the family fish drawing also have the opportunity to join
  5. 5. Contact us Services Monday ~ Friday Address: - Travel 08:00 ~ 12:00 Tainan City Hall, 2F, 6 - Business & Investment 13:30 ~ 17:30 Sec 2, Younghua Rd, - Residence Tel: (06)298-1000 Tainan City 70801 - Healthcare - Transportation Out of hours 地址: - Government Services Tel: 0800-024-111 臺南市永華路 二 段 6 號 - Culture & Education Website: e-mail: