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Tfac News Letter 07

  1. 1. NEWSLETTER October 2009 Vo l u m e 7 TAINAN F OR E IG N E R A S S I S TANCE CENTER TAINAN - CONTENT - 1. Tainan H o l l a n d D a y 2. Tainan C i t y A b o r i g i n a l D a y 2 0 0 9 Tainan City Government http://
  2. 2. T FAC Ta i n a n H o l l a n d Day S i raya H a n d i n Hand Hey, everyone! Don’t forget – this year’s Tainan Holland Day events are still ongoing and will last until 25/10 at Fort Provintia and Anping Tree House. You are warmly invited to attend this grand occasion, as it is suitable for family, friends or just for hanging out over the weekend. Since 2006, the annual Tainan Holland Day events have at- tracted many local residents from Tainan – as well as visitors from all over Taiwan – with its delica- cies, entertainment, music, cycling, rich cultural content and other fun derstanding of Tainan’s history. along the route. But if you missed it, activities. Tainan Holland Day is don’t be too disappointed, as car- not only fun but also educational. The Tainan Holland Day events nival fairs will still be held at An- Through this series of activities, began with a mass bike tour on ping Tree House for two consecutive the public is given an opportu- 17/10 & 18/10, which left from days on 24th and 25th October. nity to experience the culture and Fort Provintia and ended at Anping customs of Holland without hav- Tree House. Various historic sites ing to travel abroad, and at the such as Beijidian, Fort Anping, and same time, to gain a good un- Four Grass Temple were passed October 2009, Volume 7
  3. 3. T FAC For centuries Holland and Tainan have shared strong historical and cultural ties. Netherlands Trade and Investment Office representa- tive, Menno Goedhart, pointed out that when the Dutch first arrived in Taiwan, they had very close in- teraction with the local aborigines – resulting in some cases even in intermarriage. As a result, de- scendants of these Dutch foreign- ers can still be found in the Pinpu, Siraya, Rukai and Tsou tribes. With this in mind, this year’s Tainan Hol- land Day has specially included the Siraya National Scenic Area Ad- ministration for joint participation Aborigines (Siraya), the organiz- There will also be tons of fun and in the Tainan Holland Day, Siraya ers of this year’s event are deter- exciting activities at the carnival fair Hand in Hand Aborigine Night at mined to make this annual occasion on October 24th and 25th, as the Fort Provintia on 24th October. This especially impressive. The Siraya organizers have spared no effort to will be a fresh and exciting expe- Onini band is invited to perform ensure the success of the event. The rience for both first-timers and re- at the venue while another 99 lo- site has been carefully planned and turning visitors as one can experi- cal musicians will provide a mixture the venue will be filled with Dutch at- ence Holland’s culture and customs, of rock ‘n’ roll, jazz and easy-lis- mosphere with delicacies and tradi- while at the same time, enjoy pas- tening music to complement the tional entertainment from Holland. sionate music performances from traditional Siraya performances. Dutch windmills, tulips and Dutch Taiwan’s unique, local aborigines. Heineken will also be sold on site! clogs will be there for all to see. This is the third year Tainan Hol- How can you possibly enjoy mu- land Day has taken place and with sic with no beer? Impossible? So the debut addition of Taiwanese do come round and check it out! October 2009, Volume 7
  4. 4. T FAC Tainan City Aboriginal Day 2009 In memory of the victims of the 08/08 typhoon disaster, a traditional evening prayer event will be held at Cha Ha Mu Aboriginal Park in the Anping District (No.472, Anyi Road) and is set to last from 6pm~9pm on 31/10/2009 (Saturday). This event will consist of several different examples of abo- The general public can also borrow tradition- riginal performing arts. Visitors will be able to experience al Dutch costumes, sit in huge wooden clogs aboriginal praise-poetry and a thanksgiving blessing ceremo- or walk the Miffy. And don’t miss the live ny, aboriginal music and dance introducing the 14 tribes, and demonstration by craft master, Martin Dijk- a prayer musical for the 08/08/2009 flood victims. In addi- man. He will show visitors how he creates tra- tion there will be traditional musical performances from each ditional Dutch wooden clogs. His handicraft tribe, creative singing and dancing performances as well as a will be available for sale on the day. There special story exhibition of ‘aborigines and shells’. Everyone is will also be lottery draws at the carnival invited. fair. Prizes include a plane ticket from Tai- pei to Bangkok – sponsored by Royal Dutch Airlines— an MP4 player, a luxury Dutch coffee gift box, Miffy gifts, and a French- top hair care gift set. What’s more, the first 100 admitted guests (24th & 25th October) will receive a pair of Dutch clogs as a gift from the organizers. So, get there early! October 2009, Volume 7