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Tfac News Letter 06


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Tainan Foreigner Assistance Center


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Tfac News Letter 06

  1. 1. TFAC NEWS LETTER-06 Tainan Foreigner Assistance Center Cycling Go-Go-Go on the riverbank 18th October 2009 To further promote Tainan river bank’s cycling lane, and to hope the general public can see the beautiful scenery of Tainan’s river and ocean, the city government had planned an cycling event named “2009 eye Tainan – Cycling Go-Go-Go on the river bank!” on Sunday morning, 18th of October, 2009. This event will take everyone from Lakeside Water Bird Park, Sihcao Wildlife Preserve to Salt Field Eco-Culture Village, hoping the general public will enjoy cycling, through this event, slowing down your life pace as well as lowering the carbon emission while living a healthier life. Routes Pass by Scenic Spots Family Route Sunset Platform Sunset Platform – Fish Market –Old Tait & Co. Merchant House (16 kilometers) – Sihcao Bridge Fisherman’s Wharf – Lin Mo- – Anping Tree House – Old Julius Niang Park – Jiankang Rd. – Mannich Merchant House – Jianping Rd. – Qingping Rd. – Anping Old Street – Anping Fort Anping Rd. – Anbei Rd. – Oyster– Oyster Shell Cement Kiln Shell Cement Kiln Museum – Museum – Eternal Golden Castle Water Bird Park – Stage – Ch-Ha-Mu Aboriginal Park – Canal Museum Challenge Route Sunset platform Sunset Platform – Fish Market – Sihcao Fort – Sihcao Dajhong (36 kilometers) – Sihcao Bridge Fisherman’s Wharf – Lin Mo- Temple – Dutch Zeeberg – Sihcao – Niang Park – Jiankang Rd. – Remains – Salt Transport Ancient Sunset Platform Jianping Rd. – Qingping Rd. – Canal – Sihcao Water Forest Anping Rd. – Anbei Rd. – Oyster Shell Cement Kiln Museum – Water Bird Park – Sihcao Bridge – Sihcao Coastline – Luermen Matsu Temple – Beishanwei 3rd Rd. – Anming Rd. – Bentian Rd. – Salt Field Eco-Culture Village – Sihcao Dajhong Temple – Sihcao Bridge – Gathering point Tainan City Government http://
  2. 2. TFAC NEWS LETTER 05 Last year’s Gold Coast clean-up event showing Far East University’s students and staffs in action with their cleaning tools. Gold Coast Beach clean up, everyone is invited! 10th September 2009 On 10th October, this Saturday, Tainan’s We hope anyone, locals or foreigners, who are Department of Environmental Protection has interested and/or cares about our environment, arranged an autumn event next to the will enthusiastically attend this meaningful event, boathouse’s car park at Gold Coast. This event as this event will not only help to sustain the will mainly focus on cleaning up our beautiful environment of our beaches, but to also bring the beach, and everyone is invited! citizens of Tainan closer together. Those who are interested can sign-up at the Environmental Protection Bureau (Tel: 06-2693095, Fax: 06-2882102) before the 6th of October or just show up on the day and pick up cleaning tools at the information desk. Other activities such as “2009 award ceremony to enthusiastic social service organizations”, “removal of violated advertisements” and “protect the Earth, recycle” will soon be held too. Participants will get the chance to exchange presents such as the exquisite hand-made cotton prints manual, regeneration soap, environmental friendly dishwashing liquid (800mL), cake-prints towels and many more other goodies provided by the Environmental Protection Bureau. For more information, please visit the event announcement section under the website of the Environmental Protection Bureau. (website not in English yet) The clean-up operation will be along the Gold Coast, covering the coastline between the north car park entrance to the south car park exit of the boathouse. For the safety of our participants, the fire station has kindly offered their lifeguards Keeping it Clean, we need your help! and paramedics and will be there to look over our safety throughout the event. Tainan City Government http://
  3. 3. TFAC NEWS LETTER 05 Tainan Foreigner Assistance Center “I wouldn’t know where where SOS is to go and what to do with picked up problems I am facing, if there wasn’t the TFAC” Today, many foreigners travel to Taiwan Dalila for several reasons, be it for tourism, education, or work. However, the majority of you all share a common p r o b l e m , l a n g u a g e b a r r i e r. Furthermore, many of you may have arrived to Taiwan on your own, and when you face problems in a totally unfamiliar foreign country, what do you do? But there’s no need to worry, if you know where to go. As Tainan acknowledges your inconveniences and had placed a Foreigner Assistance Center right on the second floor in our City Government in case you still do not know. The Foreigner Assistance Center in Tainan is designed to help foreigners with translations and other assistances. We can deal with your Here’s a story about Emma, an English We hope to serve you in the near queries on site at the counter desk if lady from the UK, whose visit to our future and should there be any queries, the issues are simple, or we can direct Assistance Center had her leaving here please do not hesitate to come to us, and/or accompany you to other deeply impressed and full of praise. for we will be there for as long as you departments in the building to get Emma decided to start a design need us. specialized personnel to assist you. company here in Tainan due to her fond Depending on the raised issue, there of Far Eastern cultures, traditions and P.S. Foreigners are also welcome to may be problems that can’t be solved in deep human touch. However, like many work as volunteers at our Foreigner the City Government, but suggestions foreigners, she was unfamiliar with Assistance Center. In addition, free and directions to other locations will Taiwan’s entrepreneur laws and other E n g l i s h b ro c h u re s o n t o u r i s m , still be provided with pleasure. relevant government regulations. Later restaurants, transportation and other in her visit, a foreign-language information are available everyday. According to statistics, those who have substitute civilian serviceman, who visited Tainan Foreigner Assistance works at the Assistance Center, Tainan Foreigner Assistance Center Center mostly sought help on patiently provided her detailed investments; VISA related applications explanation, and in addition, directed Contacts: and industrial disputes, while the and assisted Emma to the Industrial and (06) 298 1000 # 8244 attitude and enthusiasm of our Commercial Registration Section Tainan City Hall employees working at the Foreigner where she completed her business 2F, 6, Sec 2, Yonghua Rd. Assistance Center have also been registration. As a result, Emma left our Tainan City 70801 highly approved by those who have Foreigner Assistance Center feeling visited us. deeply grateful and impressed. New Traffic Sign & Zhonghua North Road, Datong Maintenance in 2009 Road, Wanli Road,Yong-an Street, Changhe Road, Fu-an Road, Kaishan Road, Bao-an Road, Hai-an Road, The periodic review by Tainan’s and several other branch roads, Transportation Department on its junctions and road sections. current traffic signs establishments Citizens are welcomed to use has led to new engineering works, Tainan City Government’s website which aims to improve road at or dial function, driving safety and traffic 0800-693-168 for queries or to conditions. report traffic signs, markings and If improvements are required, please dial This September’s maintenance and signals if improvements are 0800 693 168 or visit Tainan City new establishments of traffic signs required, we will instruct our Government’s website at totaled up to 864 cases. Works Department of Transportation to were carried out at Minde Road, deal with your issues in the next Tainan City Government http://