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=71».   Shalun Painted Trains
 ,1-‘<2   Joining the Countdown Partjr
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  "(W1  “Dragon in Tainan”

The countdow...
Salt-carving Christmas Tree

To celebrate Christmas,  Southwest Comt National Scenic Area Administration (SCNSAA)
markets ...


In cooperation with Council of Agriculture ,  Executive ...
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Tainan foreigner assistance center newsletter v64


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Tainan foreigner assistance center newsletter v64

  1. 1. V
  2. 2. =71». Shalun Painted Trains ,1-‘<2 Joining the Countdown Partjr 1 r . , - ~ "(W1 “Dragon in Tainan” The countdown party “Dragon in Tainan" for 2012, held at HSR Tainan Station on December 31st, welcomes people from different places to the square of HSR Tainan Station by taking the safe and comfortable Shalun branch railroad. The first painted trains rolled into Shalun train station in December 15th afternoon through Shalun branch. With the Chief of Tainan's Department of Information and International Relations, Chen Zongyan, and the entertainers Siaojhong, Cao Yawun, Kao Cioucin in the painted trains departing from the station, the countdown activities in Tainan were started symbolically. There were entertainers serving as train attendants, asking the public to count down for 2012 together in Tainan. Chen said that 2012 would be the first year of executing the project of Tainan City’s low carbon dioxide emission. By arranging the countdown party at HSR station, citizens can take public transportations to the party safely and envir0nmcntal—friendly. He also said that there will be extra trains taking people who wish to join the countdown party to the square of HSR Tainan Station conveniently and sending them home safely, which makes the citizens of neighboring cities or counties to easily join the party in Tainan. Two large parking lots with shuttle service to the HSR station in Tainan will also be prepared, in order to make everyone enjoy the “Dragon in Tainan”. By uploading the pictures of the Shalun painted trains or the self—snap with the trains to the Facebook and winning most “Likes” from the public, one is able to get the coupons of hotels and amusement parks. In addition, the receipt of the countdown party's ticket can be exchanged into a fine gift at that day‘ Moreover, there will be stands of Tainan snacks, student creative market and traditional interactive entertainments in the party, while on the main stage, lots of invited bands, singers and actors / actresses will give numerous warrn—up performances for the new year countdown. Be sure you can join the party that nightl '2o12 fii: Z~¥£’.3Efi ! .l -;1=T-Efii-1: Join the “Dragon in Tainan” ' ' “ ‘ ‘ ' ‘ ‘dc-*‘*’°°‘: ' c in Facebook! ; t. p: :>»--2» -‘. -_p, : “'l" 1.7‘
  3. 3. Salt-carving Christmas Tree To celebrate Christmas, Southwest Comt National Scenic Area Administration (SCNSAA) markets the local specialty and builds up ‘White ‘/ unlin—Chiayi-Tainan" tourist attraction by famous salt mouitains and salt fields in Cigu and Beimen and will hold a series of ‘White Christmas" events. SCNSAA made an Lrpcrolleled sa| t—carving Christmas tree by 30 tons of salt and put the lights on it to make the atmosphere more romantic. Because of the famous salt mountain, salt fields and Black-faced Spoonbills along Tainan's coast are all white color, the administrator of SCNSAA J hang J heng-yuan indicated that creating the new tourism features in south-west coast of Taiwan and white imagery is the selling point. A few days ago, the viewing platform in J ingzihjiao, Beimen district, has been painted white. Working through collaboration among industries, government and academia, the Beimenyu church was also painted white. Furthermore, they build up the saltiest Christmas tree by salt. J hang said, although the 6 meters high salt-carving Christmas tree is not higher than average Christmas trees, salt can bring luck and avoid danger. Beimen district has 300 years of salt industry history; visitors can not only take beautiful pictures but pray for good fortune. Bom in Beimen, the medical doctor Wang King—Ho, the ‘Father of Blackfoot Disease", also attended the light ceremony. He said salt is the daily necessity which can bring people well being. . &§ fifih J $7 433" ~em2wazahmmmio The ‘White Christmm" event will be held on December 24th, 3 p. m., and there will be a great parade along Beimen Old Street; at 6 p. m., rock Christnm party will be held, totrists who join the party will receive gifts. mnamum# —, E&3#E3&fl§I‘f_;
  4. 4. TRA “Z 012 SUNRISE CRUISE TRAIN" STARTS BOOKING ON DECENIBER 22 In cooperation with Council of Agriculture , Executive Yuan, East Coast National Scenic Area Administration (ECNSAA) and Taitung County Government, Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) organized two “2012 Sunrise Cruise Trains” traveling from Tainan via Kaohsiung to Sansiantai Coast and the other route from northern Taiwan to Taimali. The telephone and internet booking system for the cruise trains will open at 9:00 a. m., December 22. The northern bound cruise train will depart at 22:40, December 31 from Shulin. On board the train there will be Taiwan indigenous dances performed by Hnalien Industrial Vocational Senior High School. After seeing the first sunrise of 2012 at the coast on the arrival at Taimali, the Council of Agriculture invites every passenger to enjoy the sea of flowers at Guanshan and the fam1er’s customs. What is more, all the participants can j oin the bird-watching of Beinan river valley from Luye plateau. On the other hand, the southem bound cruise train will depart at 23:20 from Tainan to Taitung via South-Link Line. Then the passengers will be brought to Sansiantai Coast by the shuttle buses and welcome the first shoot of sunlight in 2012. After the sunrise, another beautiful scenic sea of flowers at Chenggong and the farming experiences will be offered by the Council of Agriculture. For more information about the “Sunrise Cruise Trains" Please go to : http: / / wWw. railw.1y. gov. nv/
  5. 5. . -_. ... -4’- -- ‘ ‘ “ - 'V I fi7*]J“'¢= >oe -I“-°'*. .'-47 «~T f“““‘°"° ”‘v°'i' 1. ~o’ ‘.11 up »/ -- v . .r . .J av --____'. ,'- zu : / -_ . l yr. _- ‘ fig- IE‘ LIJ fl hnuoducfion: Wang Wei, one of the most talented poets in Tang Dynasty‘s vivid literature world, was also known by his paintings of natural scenes and his profession in Buddhism, especially in Zen study (Dhyana), just like his nickname, “Buddha of Poetry". Wang had a quite bitter life starting from a job in the govemment at around age 20. Soon he got a penalty since he was involved in violating a taboo that time. He worked in the govemment afterwards until a rebellion against Tang Dynasty rose when he was around 50. Vang Wei 701 _761 Being captured and understood as a useful person by the rebels, he was force to work for them for few years. Though he was not willing to serve for the rebels, the Tang Dynasty, which got its authority back in hand after wards, doubting his loyalty and wanted to execute him and his family. Fortunately, his poet “Ningbi Pool”, which was written during the rebellion telling how unwilling he was to serve for the opposing govemment, was found and been recognized as a proof of his loyalty to the emperor. He then realized that all he wanted was a peaceful heritage, though a far better position in the govemment was offered. Until his death, he focused only on arts, Zen study, and his relaxed life. ‘i: . . /5‘ 31? 2‘. Poem of Nmgbi Pool %P%mififi While Tens of thousands of people are suffering from the rebellions, '5 '2‘ M E! iii}! 7: And hundreds of loyal officials are wondering when they can serve the emperor again, frkiftié as § E’ #1’; Flowers of the Chinese scholar~trees fall into the empty palace holding by the rebels. newness Where they are having feasts and music aside the Ningbi pool.
  6. 6. _C . .;’ -, _ }}‘w_I I . . s_ = -7 'c-‘rt’-. *~. °*‘~%»‘-. - '49 : ~ av‘, - 1 , ~¢, -s . . - -4 *4 c, :4‘ L . L 4 . _., I. .‘ _ _ __ V . ‘ I‘ ‘-. ' 1' gm. - ~ ‘ ‘~_ ‘ g - _ . E ~ ; _, 7‘ : > ' . .v1‘ ‘ : ‘Vin. :‘ Jr P» re ‘—: ' 5» 4: . »tt C hrlslmas, all roads lead home. Marjorie Holmes : ‘f: “lY~. I . , I , ;7~"~z , , . ::ea'; ‘ . ala3Elt. Efai. e.ii§,1.a: ,:E! # vi" . _ .4?’ V 3;‘ ‘:55 L‘ ‘; —:_'. ~c— . _-— '_. I fit lg, '1"-"S , ‘ -- "; .‘ ~n5,J. ‘.--. .a , ~ --2)? l i ’ . w(I'| |lEfE| _iJfi {a‘. ?;', ~.; {:Q‘u, | 'r‘ . : F v: ».. .~e’"~~*= :*”-‘*' - *" t '~ , , _ . ..‘_, -n; ,,_J , -_v _, .. _ ’_ ‘ fiéag}