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NCKU IIMBA Newsletter Fall 2008


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NCKU IIMBA Newsletter Fall 2008

Published in: Education, Business
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NCKU IIMBA Newsletter Fall 2008

  1. 1. IIMBA NEWSLETTER Fall 2008
  2. 2.         Table of Contents                                                                                                                                                                                               Message from the Chair 1       IIMBA Student Council   2     IIMBA Class Breakdown 4     VISION:     New Professors &   Globalization, Professionalism,   Office Staff 5   Communication, Integrity     Class 2009 Welcomes MISSION: Class 2010 6   Cultivate future business leaders with professional knowledge, communication and leadership skills IIMBA Office Details 9 while enhancing their ethical global vision in a multicultural environment. IIMBA Year ‘07-’08 10 Reminders for Juniors 12 Christine Cacnio Editor
  3. 3.   Message from the Chair On behalf of the College of Management and the Institute of International Management and Business Administration (IIMBA) family, I would like to warmly welcome all the new students to our program. It has been a joy to witness the development of the program since its birth in 2004. We have made strides in improving the quality of the program, as well as the facilities that support effective learning and knowledge transfer. The IIMBA program is happy to welcome students from countries that will be represented in the program for the first time this coming Fall semester. It is also with great honor that I welcome the new faculty members, whose decision to join the program will definitely further our mission of cultivating future business leaders with “professional knowledge, communication and leadership skills while enhancing their ethical global vision in a multicultural environment”. We are more international than in years past, and I am personally anticipating the greater cultural exchange between faculty members, office staff and all the students. We will do our best to provide you with all the knowledge and opportunities that will better equip you in facing the new challenges of the modern business world. Our program is known for its international learning environment, within a campus that offers a remarkably wide-ranging experiences, cultures and opportunities. All we ask of you is to take advantage of the next two years, learning and gaining as much experience as you can. To all the current students, I congratulate you for successfully making it through thus far, including the demanding summer classes. I am happy to see the close camaraderie that has developed within your class, while helping improve the program with your proactive and united efforts. I have no doubt that you will set a good example to the new juniors and extend help whenever needed, in the same way your seniors helped you before. Our goal is to become one of the most recognized International Management programs in the world, and it is my sincere hope that we can all work together in making this a reality. Thank you and enjoy the experience. Dr. Wann-Yih Wu Chairman International Institute of Management and Business Administration 1
  4. 4.                                                                                        We are elected representatives that volunteer our time to serve the students and community on multiple levels. Our organization has weekly meetings designed to promote and discuss various projects that help to fulfill our vision. These meetings are open to all students and involvement is encouraged for anyone interested in the happenings of the IIM Programs. To be an active If you are interested in being a part of the student council organization please student attend one of our upcoming meetings and you can play an active role in the organization that planning of any number of our current projects that are aligned with your interests. encourages involvement, strengthens our Philip McAndrew – Student Council President global perspective, I see you have taken the leap to try and understand what it is that you are getting yourself into by joining the IIMBA at NCKU. Although this provides task may seem easy, you will probably find yourself frustrated or organization, confused about what is going on. I assure you that it will be much enhances the clearer upon your arrival and involvement with this wonderful program. value of our degree, and The first thing I would like to say is that you should be aware you are headed for an adventure that might not be like anything you have experienced before. Depending on bridges the gap your country of origin you may be used to the systems and methods of communication and between information dissemination in Asia. It is however likely that these methods will come as a students, surprise to you. Remember throughout this journey that you are in a rapidly developing alumni, and program that is relatively new. Although this is an exciting time to be involved, it can also ultimately, the be difficult to get crystal clear answers to all of your questions. There may be rapid changes that catch you off-guard, or policies that outwardly appear to make no sense, but after a world… and have semester or two things will become clear. fun! Hopefully, you will quickly adapt to life in Taiwan and ideally come to appreciate the unique atmosphere you have chosen as your place of study. Should you have any further inquiries or need assistance of whatever nature, feel free to approach me or any other member of the council. Thanks for reading and take care! Adrian M. Bleiler – Student Council Vice-President I would like to express a warm welcome to the new students. For those of you who have decided to leave you home countries and travel here for this program and for those of you who have live in Taiwan occupying yourself with something else, you have made a good decision in taking advantage of this great opportunity to study at the IIMBA in NCKU. With any new experience comes trials and tribulations. You will find that these experiences will allow you to grow and become a competent international business student. I further encourage you to participate in the activities offered by your fellow students. You can even take an active roll in the IIMBA Student Council, which provides vast experiences and change for the future of our program. Take care and enjoy your new experiences. 2
  5. 5. Pablo Manuel Cardenas Sarmiento – Student Council Vice-President Marketing – Garret Clarke A team in charge of bringing life in everything we do. Never allowing something to be boring. Supporting all teams with creative products. Finance – Ngoc Nguyen The team in charge of keeping our association financially responsible and fiscally sound. Public Relations – Ottavia A team that informs and communicates with students and faculty to keep our effort united. Information Technology – Jay Gaddi The team that faces the uphill battle of keeping our program on the cutting edge. Social – Jason Lin The team that promotes fun, involvement, and social interaction between all IIMBA students Enhancing our Future – Graeme Bone The team in charge of taking on projects that will enhance our business future and the value of our degree      Capital Funding - Doris Hsu The team in charge of raising external funds for events and activities. More information about the IIMBA Student Council is found at 3
  6. 6. IIMBA Welcomes Four IIMBA Welcomes Four New Fulltime Professors New Fulltime Professors Name: Yau, Oliver (Professor) Email: Specialization: Service Marketing; Customer Satisfaction; Customer Relationship Management (Concept & Skills) Name: Chen, Jeng-Chung (Victor) (Associate Professor) Email: Specialization: Management Information System; Seminar in Business Administration Name: Yang, Ann Shawing (Assistant Professor) Email: Specialization: International Financial Management; Managerial Accountant Name: Jeng, Don Jyh-Fu (Assistant Professor) Email: Specialization: IT; Production and Operation Management And one new office staff!   Name: Hsu, Hsiao-Ting (Zilvia) Email: Specialization: Business Administration Education Background: NCKU BA ‘97 Hobbies: Travel.Music.Art.Photography Zilvia will be in charge of all senior students’ concerns so seniors, be nice. ☺ Tiffany will take care of the juniors and Mindy will continue working with the IIMBA credit program. 5
  7. 7.     IIMBA Class 2009…         Welcome! Your first year will zip by so quickly, but before you get plugged in, I would like to share “One of something that several of us were recently discussing in the Research Room (a home -away -from -home the best for many of us):  parts of For the next two years you have great the IMBA opportunity to not only get a great MBA education, but to learn about Taiwan, our warm and inviting program Taiwanese hosts, and expats from around the world. One of the best parts of the IMBA program at NCKU is that it really is a mini UN. Group projects and discussions are both at NCKU interesting and revealing. Keep an open mind and make this experience work for yourself and your classmates. It really is an opportunity of a lifetime. Use it well and enjoy. is that is Again, welcome. We look forward to getting to know you. really is a Mark Heller (USA) mini UN.” IIMBA NCKU is a very wonderful program for me, since I am learning many things here. First of all, I had to adapt as soon as possible when I came into the program. Initially, I had no idea about what kind of strategy I needed to apply in order to survive the learning program. But, I found out that learning is easier by getting involved with each other, rather than just having class participation. For me, it is all about how to enhance knowledge and gain experience while having a good time together with friends. Indeed, in IMBA NCKU you can find it! Azman Muammar (Indonesia) The first time I came here, I was excited because I heard that NCKU is a high-ranking university in Taiwan. What made it even better was the warm welcome and friendliness of the IIMBA officers from the beginning. I strongly encourage you to join as many activities as possible, as they provide opportunities to get to know IIMBA better and meet friends from other countries. FYI, you may wonder why IIMBA students like to stand and talk in front of 7-11 (opposite our campus). That area is called the “country club”. It is where we hang out, talk, and get to know people… but it can give you stiff legs for standing all night :p Lastly, I would like to say that I am so glad to be a part of the IIMBA family. I hope that everyone will have as good a time as I. Welcome to IIMBA. ^ ^ Sirion Lin ‘Best’ <z> (Thailand)     6
  8. 8. It's always been a dream for me to explore the world and learn about different culture; instead of having to go travel around, IMBA has brought people from all around the globe just next to my dorm room. Never have I imagined, that I will have great friends from places as far as Africa, Europe, other Asian countries, North America, to South America! Being part of IMBA is one of the most unique and rewarding experiences in my life. Ottavia (Indonesia) After completing one year, I would say studying in NCKU is one of my best decisions ever. I and my batch mates have experienced 6- hour classes, non-sleeping nights in the research room and lots of fun-filled days in IIMBA field trips and parties. I hope you will have even more enjoyable and useful time than we did in our program. Welcome to IIMBA community. Bach Hoang Van (Vietnam) I am much honored to represent all local students and extend our warm welcome to you. Local students may be shy and busy because most of us need to work at the same time, but we are absolutely friendly and easy going. Since you are going to “Don’t spend at least two years in this country, miss open your mind and heart to what this anyone’s country has to offer… what you will gain will birthday be much more than your imagination. party!” IIMBA is like a big family and the coolest thing is this is a global one. We take classes seriously, but we definitely know how to have fun as well. Although I am always caught by due date of paper or I need to study overnight for exams and also need to get up early for working, I never regret choosing this program. It provides me a chance and a space to expand my life with people from all over the world. I truly hope you can enjoy your life here in IIMBA. Some things may not be good, but they are also opportunities to learn, right? One important tip in surviving the IIMBA life: Don’t miss anyone’s birthday party! See you in mine! Doris Hsu (Taiwan)     Welcomes IIMBA Class 2010!
  9. 9. Taking on any kind of new challenge in life is never an easy endeavor. It involves new changes, new circumstances, and new opportunities. Yet life is always made better with new challenges. So, I'm excited that all of you have decided to take on the new challenge that is the IIMBA program at NCKU. I truly wish you all a great learning and growing experience, and may our collective efforts continuously improve this program. Welcome, Mike Todosichuk (Canada)     As vice-president of your student council and a fellow student in IIMBA, I would like to extend my congratulations to the new students and express my best wishes as you start the new stage of your lives in IIMBA NCKU. During these two years, you will learn a lot from your mastermates, increase your business knowledge, and experience a wonderful time getting familiar with different cultures inside Taiwan. Wish you all the best in your stay, and if you need any help, always feel free to ask, the seniors will be glad to help you all at any time. Pablo Cardenas Sarmiento (Bolivia)      Welcome Junior students! When I reflect upon my first year of the IIMBA program, my mind immediately is filled with fond memories of the friends I’ve made and what we’ve accomplished together. It still shocks me at times to sit in a classroom and be surrounded by so many great people from all over the world! Take advantage of every opportunity to discover Taiwan and get to know your classmates and their cultures. Most of all enjoy yourself and have fun! Sara Woods (Canada)   I still remember our orientation day, the ‘harvard’ room filled with people who looked and spoke differently, and I thought to myself that there’s no way I would be able to remember everyone. It was a bit intimidating but now I personally believe that it is the best thing about the program. In spite of, or maybe because of, all our diverse backgrounds, there's this unique sense of community between the professors and classmates that helps create a great learning environment. You are now part of this community and I hope you’ll find it as interesting as most (if not all of us) do. Christine Cacnio (Philippines)  Welcome to the IIMBA Family!
  10. 10. IIMBA OFFICE DETAILS Office Hours: Mon – Fri: 09:00 – 12:00 14:00 – 22:00 Sat – Sun: 18:30 – 22:00 Office Staff: MINDY WANG Institute of International Management Assistant Tel: 886-6-2369313 Fax: 886-6-2751175 Email: TIFFANY TSAI Institute of International Management Assistant Tel: 886-6-2369313 Fax: 886-6-2751175 Email: DONNA WANG Institute of International Management Taipei Assistant Tel: 886-2-22364597 Email: Tel: 886-6-2757575 Ext. 53011 Fax: 886-6-2751175 Email: IIMBA Website: Student Portal: Student Council Website:   9
  11. 11. Because a picture paints a thousand words...     
  12. 12.   Long nights in the research room. Cup after cup of tea. Dragonboat race. Country club hangouts. Cultural exchange. Not-so-surprising surprise birthday parties. Late night Carrefour runs before a typhoon. Weekend-less weeks. Dorm room- hopping. Powernaps during breaks of six-hour classes. Welcome/Farewell Parties. KTV KTV and more KTV. Study tours and field trips. ONE GROUP MEETING AFTER ANOTHER (PRODUCTIVE AND OTHERWISE).  
  13. 13. Welcome JUNIORS! Excited to begin your IIMBA life? Here’s just a reminder of some important information on things to do that you would not want to miss: Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) For JUNIORS: All students are required to apply for an ARC at the National Immigration Agency within 15 days after entering Taiwan. Prior to applying for an ARC, it is necessary that students have already obtained a Resident Visa, completed the registration procedures at NCKU, and have secured a Student ID or Certificate of Enrollment. For SENIORS: Please don’t forget to renew your ARC, at least one week from expiration date to avoid any problems and get your new card as soon as possible. Application Requirements: • Completed application form (available in the IIMBA office) • The original and one photocopy of the passport, including the resident visa • Two 1*1.5 photos • Student ID or Certificate of Enrollment • Fees:NTD 1,000 • National Immigration Agency: No. 370, Sec 2, Fuqian Rd. West Central District, Tainan City 700 Tel: 06-2937641 National Health Insurances (NHI) Foreign students who have been staying in Taiwan for at least 4 months are eligible for and should enroll in the NHI Program. To process enrolment, students should bring their Alien Residence Certificate to the Office of International Affairs, 8th floor, Yunping building. More information is available at or students can personally visit the southern branch of the Bureau of National Health Insurance at 96 Kungyuan Rd., Tainan 700 or call (06) 224-5678 ext. 1607 – 1611   Enjoy your life with the IIMBA family! 12
  14. 14.                                                 1 Dasyue Road  Tainan City 701, Taiwan (ROC)  Tel: 886‐6‐2757575 Ext. 53011