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Journey between the centuries sha tin


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Journey between the centuries sha tin

  1. 1. JOURNEY BETWEEN Sha Tin THE CENTURIES SHA TIN Settlement of the Sha Tin Valley began more than 500 years ago, but it was only in the 1950’s that it developed into more than a community of rice-subsistence farmers. The real transformation of Sha Tin began in 1973 with the construction of the New Town with its plethora of high-rise residential blocks on partly reclaimed land from the river estuary. Today, walking around Sha Tin is akin to walking through a time tunnel! You can find vestiges of bygone days here and there interspersed with the modern urban development. Experience a century-old temple (Che Kung Temple) dedicated to a warrior general imbued with mystical powers! Visit an old village (Tsang Tai Uk) built in the 19th century featuring an amazing one-of-a- kind architectural style. Stroll around a modern-day shopping centre (New Town Plaza) built in the 20th century that serves as a lightening rod for many of the 750,000 people that call this bustling New Town home.32 33
  2. 2. Tai Wai 36 Che Kung Temple Tsang Tai Uk 37 38 The Hong Kong Heritage Museum Lo Wu Lok Ma Chau Sheung Shui Fanling Long Yuen Ping Long Tin Shui Wai Central Sha Tin Kam Sheung Road Tai Wo Tai Po Market 39 Sha Tin Park Wu Kai Sha University Ma On Shan Siu Hong Heng On Racecourse Tuen Mun Tai Shui Hang Fo Tan City Art Square 39 Sha Tin Shek Mun City One Tai Wai Sha Tin Wai Tsuen Wan West Che Kung Temple 40 New Town Plaza East Rail Line West Rail Line Mei Foo Kowloon Tong Ma On Shan Line Mong Kok East Nam Cheong Light Rail Austin Hung Hom Interchange East Tsim Sha Tsui The Lady of Amah Rock On the summit of a hill on the southern flank of Sha Tin valley is a large rock, which viewed from some directions looks like a woman carrying a child on her back! The story goes that after a fisherman failed to return from a fishing trip, his wife with their child on her back would climb the hill every day to look out to sea, looking for his boat. Alas, he had been caught in a storm and never came back. Day after day, she climbed the hill until, in sympathy and admiring her constancy, the spirit of the mountain turned her into stone, so that she could stand and look out to sea forever.34 35
  3. 3. Tai Wai1. Che Kung TempleFirst established centuries ago, the Che Kung Temple was built at the junction of three streams because thegod was credited with controlling floods – and reputedly saved the area from a plague. Considered one ofthe Gods of Good Fortune, his birthday is celebrated on the Second Day of Chinese New Year when as manyas 100,000 devotees come to the temple and turn brass windmills. It is believed turning the blades brings good luck. 2. Tsang Tai Uk Translated as the Big House of the Tsangs, this is a unique village in the New Territories, built to a Hakka design rather than the traditional Opening hours: 7am – 6pm daily. local style. Entry is through gatehouses in the front courtyard, with Directions: MTR Che Kung Temple Station Exit B, go wells on either side. The Ancestral Hall is in the centre of the building. through the pedestrian All around are houses for visitors. The village was built in the mid-19th tunnel and turn right century by Tsang Koon-man, a Hakka who made his fortune as a into Che Kung Temple. stonemason. Locals called his village ‘The Big House of the Tsangs’. Note: Tsang Tai Uk is private property and not formally open to the public. It is usually accessible but care should be taken not to offend the residents or pry too intrusively into the private areas of the village. Directions: Exit Che Kung Temple and retrace your steps to Che Kung Miu Road and walk to the right along the road. At the pedestrian tunnels, follow the directional signs to Tsang Tai Uk. When you exit the tunnel, keep walking past a tennis court on your left to reach Tsang Tai Uk.36 Sha Tin 37
  4. 4. Central Sha Tin 4. Sha Tin Park Take a break from all the sightseeing and go for a stroll in this lush eight-hectare park on the banks of the Shing Mun River. There are six gardens featuring a wide variety of shrubs and trees. Enjoy an eight-metre- high waterfall and two banyan trees that provide a great backdrop for photos. Exit through the North Gate and you’ll see Sha Tin Town Hall. Opening hours: 6:30am – 11pm daily. Directions: Follow the directional signs to Sha Tin Park along Lion Rock Tunnel Road and through the pedestrian tunnel. When you exit the tunnel, turn right and continue walking until you reach the large red gates of the Sha Tin Park. Tel: +852 8695 92533. The Hong Kong Heritage Museum Homepage: en/index.phpOpened in 2000, the museum’s 12 galleries are built around traditional Chinese open courtyards. In addition tochanging thematic exhibitions, the permanent galleries showcase the history and culture of the New Territories,Cantonese opera*, Chinese culture, and contemporary Hong Kong art and design. A Children’s Discovery Galleryoffers a fun way for children to discover the mysteries of archaeology and to learn about the natural environment. 5. City Art Square The City Art Square is located at the Sha Tin Town Hall Plaza. With the aims to improve the public environment, Opening hours: 10am – 6pm Monday & Wednesday to Saturday; 10am – 7pm Sunday and most develop the arts and culture, and promote the Beijing public holidays. Closed on Tuesday. Olympic Games, world-class art displays were introduced Directions: Retrace your steps to the pedestrian tunnels in the City Art Square. These displays include original and follow the directional signs pointing to and uniquely-styled sculptures and public art installations the Hong Kong Heritage Museum. The path takes you over the Lion Bridge. designed and created by 19 world-renowned overseas, Tel: +852 2180 8188 mainland and local artists and designers. Homepage: Directions: Opposite the Lek Yuen Bridge, take the staircase *Join the Cantonese Opera Appreciation Class. up to the podium level, walk past the Sha Tin For details, see page 71. Town Hall, then walk down the staircase in front to reach City Art Square. Tel: +852 2694 2509 / 2694 2570 Homepage: city_art/eng/index.html38 Sha Tin 39
  5. 5. TAI WAI & SHA TIN Lek Yuen Estate N TI A SH 1 – AD MTR station RO Lung Wah PO ET Hotel I TA MTR entrance RE ST UN MTR East Rail Line SH G Sheung Wo Che W N O FU MTR Ma On Shan Line CH E ST RE Footbridge ET 2 Route . ST PAI TA U STR EN AD EET Pedestrian Tunnel YU RO K O LE CO SH W M I TI EN M N IT R YU TE UR Map not drawn to scale E A RO L TIN AD HA SHA TIN –S E T RE AD ST RO E TO FUNG SHA TR 3 O N 5 IP CE6. New Town Plaza TA N SA TI N N A TI D 6 SHTake time out at the sprawling New Town Plaza. It contains a City Art M A AR SH N TH Square TI N PA RA Ocomprehensive range of shops and a host of eateries offering a BR K New Town ID LO D HILL ROAD GE Plaza Kwide variety of cuisines to suit just about every taste and budget. PA PAKOne must-visit is Asia’s first outdoor Snoopy’s World, with more WAN HOKthan 60 Peanuts figures including the world’s largest outdoor LE E N K TUNG LO T IN G YU LA ENmodel of Snoopy atop his doghouse. New Town Plaza also G IN BR NE CH ID ST. 4 K LA GEfeatures entertainment facilities including mini-cinemas. YI G LO AI AI W SH A D -T O RO HAN IN G TAI P MU OAD 4 N TU RD L AM R NN CHUNG LING MAN Sha Tin Park Opening hours: 10am – 10pm daily. EL R D. 3 LION Directions: New Town Plaza is just opposite to the staircase of Sha . SHIN U EN RD SHING RO D Tin Town Hall. OA 5 W C G HO SH AI R Hong Kong KT AN . RD NL IN MA Heritage UN CH G ST. U SH Tel: +852 2684 9175 / 2691 6576 KI Museum RD. HI NE G IN I N G CHIK N LR G SH N G U SH H ET OA ST Homepage: L IC TRE . IN NE KS D FUK TA KO G . AN SHA Tai Wai RD H ST RC ST. . Village M E A NA RIV C EN N ST . TS U MU CHE KUNG TEMPLE K I NG Did you know… CH IK FU SH B D 2 EK SH ST Hong Kong, Asia’s world city has restaurants that NK 6 . SHA TIN FU D 1 ROA TIN cater to every conceivable culinary whim. Lung Wah A AI Tsang Tai Uk SHA D . IW TA ST Hotel(龍華酒店) Sha Tin specialises in roast pigeon, in TA B AD Che Kung TIN U RO RO U Temple N G MI HI AD which connoisseurs eat with their fingers! Their chicken UN G S CH Chee Hong F EK U Buddhist Nunnery congee is also famous. The hanging red lanterns and CH TIN AD STR the red-chequered tablecloths add a lovely East-West RO EET AU TIN T ambiance. There are other food outlets serving dishes HU 7 NG like these around Hong Kong. SHA MU IK UK RO AD A B C D E40 Sha Tin 41