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Poland fast fashion- FREE Market Snapshot


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Poland fast fashion- FREE Market Snapshot

  2. 2. AMATI& AssociatesPoland: Fast Fashion22008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013(F)Market Size (EUR Billions)WomenMenBabyPoland Fast Fashion by Segment(2012; %; Σ=xxx B EUR)Fast fashion is soaring year after year, with Women’s clothing and shoes being almost half of the marketSANITIZED SANITIZED
  3. 3. AMATI& Associates3RetailRetail in Poland has been resilient vis-a-vis the European benchmark, during these last years of crisisJan-2008Feb-2008Mar-2008Apr-2008May-2008Jun-2008Jul-2008Aug-2008Sep-2008Oct-2008Nov-2008Dec-2008Jan-2009Feb-2009Mar-2009Apr-2009May-2009Jun-2009Jul-2009Aug-2009Sep-2009Oct-2009Nov-2009Dec-2009Jan-2010Feb-2010Mar-2010Apr-2010May-2010Jun-2010Jul-2010Aug-2010Sep-2010Oct-2010Nov-2010Dec-2010Jan-2011Feb-2011Mar-2011Apr-2011May-2011Jun-2011Jul-2011Aug-2011Sep-2011Oct-2011Nov-2011Dec-2011Jan-2012Feb-2012Mar-2012Apr-2012May-2012Jun-2012Jul-2012Aug-2012Sep-2012Oct-2012Retail Volumes(Base 100 = 1/2008)Poland Euro area (17 countries)EXAMPLESANITIZED
  4. 4. AMATI& Associates4Fast Fashion: ImportsImports in fast fashion are taking the lion’s share of growth: women’s imports grew 150% in 4 years while men75% in the same period2007 2008 2009 2010 2011Women Fast Fashion Imports Poland(‘000 USD)2007 2008 2009 2010 2011Men Fast Fashion Imports Poland(‘000 USD)150%! 75%!EXAMPLESANITIZED SANITIZED
  5. 5. AMATI& Associates5LuxuryWhile the Polish luxury market is not very big, it is among the fastest growingLuxury Market Rank by Country(Billions USD)Luxury Market Y-o-y Growth by Country(Billions di USD)26esimoBENCHMARKSANITIZED
  6. 6. AMATI& Associates6Luxury Fashion In PolandLuxury Fashion is 3rd fastest growing in segment and it represents almost a fifth of the marketFashionPoland: Luxury Market by Segment(2011;%)Jewels/WatchesTravelAccessoriesFashionWines,Champagne andSpiritsAccessoriesGrowth Rate of Luxury Market Segments in Poland(2011; %)BENCHMARKSANITIZED
  7. 7. AMATI& Associates7Route-to-marketDistribution can be achieved through combination of several models and channelsSANITIZEDProducerMasterFranchiseDirect ChainImporterMono-brandChainsMulti-BrandChainsMulti-BrandStoresOutlets/Other POSWholesalersE.g.,
  8. 8. AMATI& Associates8Route-to-marketMargin structure depends on the model: consignment vs. outrightProducer( Agent( Final(Price( Producer( Master-Franchisor( Final(Price(Consignment OutrightSANITIZED SANITIZED
  9. 9. AMATI& Associates9International Players42 Shops!EXAMPLE
  10. 10. AMATI& Associates1080 Shops!International Players EXAMPLE
  11. 11. AMATI& Associates1161 Shops!International Players EXAMPLE
  12. 12. AMATI& Associates12Local Players71 Shops!EXAMPLE
  13. 13. AMATI& Associates13Local Players72 Shops!EXAMPLE
  14. 14. AMATI& Associates14Real Estate Players4 Malls!11 Malls!EXAMPLE
  15. 15. AMATI& AssociatesAMATI& AssociatesRegistered address:ul. Pułku Baszta 4A lok. 26,02-649 Warszawa, polskanip: pl 5213627346url: www.filibertoamati.com15