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FREE REPORT Global Bottled Water

  2. 2. AMATI& Associates2Blurring Boundaries: the bottled water category is building on insights andstrategies from soft drinks, leveraging typical rituals from cocktails,borrowing codes from Ready-to-Serve and Ready-to-Drink beverages
  3. 3. AMATI& Associates2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012Volume Size (Liter Billions)Market Trends32007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012Value Size (EUR Billions)Market still positively moving both in volume and value termsSANITIZED SANITIZED
  4. 4. AMATI& AssociatesStillUnflavoredSparklingUnflavoredSparklingFlavoredStillFlavoredGlobal Sales by Category (Value; 2011)Market Trends4Traditional Still Water represents largest piece of the category, with Europe being traditionally an exceptionSANITIZEDSANITIZEDAsia PacificEuropeSouth AmericaNorth America
  5. 5. AMATI Associates5US, China and Mexico are the biggest markets, with the most interesting growth prospects coming fromThailand, China and IndonesiaSANITIZEDHighest potential MarketCountry Sizes VolumeUSChinaMexicoBrazilIndonesiaThailandItalyGermanyFranceSpainROWCAGR 2008-2011
  6. 6. AMATI AssociatesMexicoItalyThailandUAEBeluxFranceGermanyLebanonSpainSwitzerlandUSGlobal AveragePro-capita consumption (liters; 2012)6Mexico and then Italy rank at the top of the pro-capita consumption world listSANITIZEDHighest potential Market
  7. 7. AMATI AssociatesSuper/HyperOn-tradeIndependentRetailersConvenienceothersGlobal Sales by Channel (Value; 2012)ChannelsWhile globally the on-premise is the second most important channel, it comes with different weights in US andEuropeSANITIZEDSuper/HyperOn-tradeIndependentRetailersConvenienceothersUS Sales by Channel (Value; 2012)Super/HyperOn-tradeIndependentRetailersConvenienceEurope Sales by Channel (Value;2012)
  8. 8. AMATI Associates8Focus United Stated ILLUSTRATIVE
  9. 9. AMATI AssociatesAverage Price Structure in US9Marketing and Selling expenses count for a big chunk of the retail price, with distributors margins beingmultiples of the producers’ILLUSTRATIVECost of Goods Marketing Trade Allowances EBITA Retail Margin Retail PriceSANITIZEDSGA
  10. 10. AMATI AssociatesUS Market Positioning10The top three distributors of Bottled Waters in the US have found for their brands ownable territories inconsumers’ hearts and mindsWell-beingILLUSTRATIVEMeUsWellnessPleasureEpicureSustainable LifestyleFit look good12311121Bright
  11. 11. AMATI Associates11Focus Innovation ILLUSTRATIVE
  12. 12. AMATI AssociatesNew Products and Line Extensions12MiO Water Enhancer was launched by Kraft in 2011, with Energy and Light extension reaching market in ‘12and ‘13ILLUSTRATIVE
  13. 13. AMATI AssociatesNew Products and Line Extensions13Coca-Cola owned Dasani’s has launched a brand extension in the liquid flavoring additives (Oct ‘12)ILLUSTRATIVE
  14. 14. AMATI AssociatesNew Products and Line Extensions14Fruitwater from Coca-Cola’s Glaceau, sparkling fruit-flavored water with no calories launched in 2013ILLUSTRATIVE
  15. 15. AMATI AssociatesNew Products and Line Extensions15Evian Limited Edition bottle in collaboration with DVF, launched in Dec ‘12ILLUSTRATIVE
  16. 16. AMATI AssociatesNew Products and Line Extensions16Vichy Catalan – the sodium rich Catalan water – just recently launched a brand extension in tonic waters bypositioning as the perfect cocktail mixer (May 2013)ILLUSTRATIVE
  17. 17. AMATI AssociatesNew Products and Line Extensions17Nestle also launched a Limited Edition bottle, alongside a campaign celebrating Luciano Pavarotti’s heritageand legacyILLUSTRATIVE
  18. 18. AMATI AssociatesNew Products and Line Extensions18Ethical brand ONE enters the booming flavored waters segment (2013)ILLUSTRATIVE
  19. 19. AMATI AssociatesNew Products and Line Extensions19Chi Coconut Water, extends into flavored waters and flavored milk (2013)ILLUSTRATIVE
  20. 20. AMATI AssociatesAMATI AssociatesRegistered address:ul. Pułku Baszta 4A lok. 26,02-649 Warszawa, polskanip: pl 5213627346url: www.filibertoamati.com20