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PDF to eBook Converter on Mac and Windows


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eBook Maker, converting encrypted PDF files/ebook to ePub eBook with cover for all kinds of android device, iPod, iPhone, iPad etc.

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PDF to eBook Converter on Mac and Windows

  1. 1. to Make eBook from PDF Files?"I have my personal website about my teaching just for mystudents. I also provide link to them to download all my notes(in pdf format). Instead of link i give to them, I think convertmy PDF notes to a ebook will be better. Any help?"The eBook Maker allows you to easily make eBook from PDF filesby converting PDF or PDF with copying and printing restrictionsto eBooks with cover. If your PDF is password-protected, youneed to enter the password first.This eBook Maker can create, built and make ePub eBook from PDFfiles and then playback on iPod, iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire,Android Tablets and Mobile Phone etc with ease.StepStepStepStep bybybyby StepStepStepStep MakeMakeMakeMake ePubePubePubePub eBookeBookeBookeBook fromfromfromfrom PDFPDFPDFPDF1: Free Download and install eBook Maker. This is WindowsVersion, If you are a Mac user, please go to eBook Maker forMac.2: Launch eBook Maker for Making eBook from PDF. Fill in theBook info, set the Layout, Output setting and click ok. Here,
  2. 2. you can double click the left cover area to add a local imageas your new book cover.
  3. 3. 3: Click the "Add contents" button to import PDF files and thencustomize the tables of the contents.4: Click the Build button to convert PDF to EPUB eBook in seconds.After the conversion, you can play your eBook on all e-Readersfreely.About PDF:Apple upgraded its eBook reader iBooks to support PDF fileformat. However, to enhance reading experience, people stillconvert PDF to EPUB format for reading on iPad. After all, EPUBis the default eBook format for iPad. If you have some
  4. 4. interesting PDF eBooks, you can also convert PDF to EPUB foryour iPad with eBook Maker.Get eBook Maker Tools Please Click: Donload eBook MakerFrom: