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Flash SWF to AVI Converter, how to convert SWF to AVI files


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SWF to AVI Converter, Flash SWF to AVI tutorials, how to batch convert Flash SWF files to AVI videos or other popular multimedia formats.

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Flash SWF to AVI Converter, how to convert SWF to AVI files

  1. 1. How to Convert SWF to AVI on Mac and Windows?“I have some flash swf files. I want to edit them and share via web.So I need to change them to avi format, and then import to windowsmovie maker to edit. How can I import them to movie maker? Anyhelp?”When we get some swf video from online or Adobe flash programs,we find it could not be import to WMM. The conversion from SWF toAVI etc popular video format will be required.The article mainly shows you how to convert SWF to AVI on bothWindows and Mac OS, including Snow Leopard, Lion, MountainLion and Mavericks. Previously, you need to download the specialSWF to AVI for Mac Converter. For the consideration that the hugedifference of operating habits between Windows and Mac users,SWF Converter and SWF Converter for Mac would berecommended. They have the same functions and features expectof the control panel and user experience.Step by Step to SWF Video Files to AVI on MacFirstly, you need to download SWF to AVI Converter Free Trial
  2. 2. Version (Mac or Windows), and then install it by defaultstep-by-step instructions. Taking the Mac version for example, theuser guide will show you 3 simple steps to convert SWF to AVI. Andthe operating procedure is the same as Windows version program.So, this is also available for Windows usersStep1: Add FilesClick "Select Files" to add SWF video from your Mac Book.Step2: Click the drop-down list of “Profiles” to set the output videoas AVI or HD AVI format. Hit "Setting" button to set the outputformats parameter.Step3: Press "OK" at the bottom right. Then click "Start" button to
  3. 3. begin convert SWF to AVI. You can stop at anytime to view theconverted video.Now, you have converted the SWF to AVI success, just enjoy yourFlash SWF video files on your device or application freely!Windows Version:Copyright by