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Intro to FileCatalyst Direct v3.7


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With the latest release of FileCatalyst Direct 3.7, we've packed in new features that will add to the efficiency of your accelerated file transfer workflow. President and Co-founder, John Tkaczewski takes you through the latest version of our award winning file transfer solution.

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Intro to FileCatalyst Direct v3.7

  1. 1. Webinar March 22, 2017 Introducing FileCatalyst Direct 3.7
  2. 2. John Tkaczewski, President of FileCatalyst Blog: Past Webinars:
  3. 3. • Last stable release of 3.6 (build 37) released on September 15, 2016 • Work on 3.7 started in the Spring 2016 and ended on Feb 27th 2017 (over 9 months of active development) • Over 30 new features and over 400 issues fixed (roughly 3 times the scope of 3.6)
  4. 4. What’s new at a glance: • Complete Revamp of Central • Next Generation of TransferAgent • OpenStack Swift and SMB/CIFS drivers • MD5-on-the-fly always on for improved reliability • Reverse Proxy (Beta) • Performance improvements for growth (dynamic) file transfers
  5. 5. • A web-based monitoring tool that acts as a united gateway to your entire FileCatalyst deployment. • From a single map view, you can inspect connected nodes and remotely control them. • Node-to-node file transfers via web interface or via command line script
  6. 6. Key Features • View and prioritize ongoing transfers in real time • Create custom file transfer reports • Monitor the health of your deployment with alarms • Remotely configure individual nodes • Remotely initiate node to node transfers • Create SNMP traps or email alarms
  7. 7. Key Security Features • The node administrator must have a username and password to attach a node to central • The node administrator must deliberately connect a node to Central (no auto-discovery and attachment) • In TransferAgent, node administrator can limit the root paths available to Central • All traffic between nodes is encrypted with SSL • Central acts as a reverse proxy (no additional ports need to be open from the node side)
  8. 8. Key Features (continued) • Custom map views for easy monitroing • Connectivity to devices across different networks (firewall traversal and proxy) • Consolidated file transfer reports both as a searchable list and graph • Consolidated Historical data and records of all file transfers • Full users and read only users • Available over 20 Alarms with varying severity levels • REST API with JSON • Node-to-Node transfers via web interface, command line or REST API • Avid Delivery Plugin • HTML5 interface for remote administration (no Java Applets) • Active Directory/LDAP Integration
  9. 9. Central Demo
  10. 10. TransferAgent Key new features: • 2-way functionality (similar to Express) • Simplified in-line installer (no-admin required) • Secure Connectivity with Central • Run as Service (Win, Mac, Linux) • Web deployment ready • REST / JavaScript API
  11. 11. TransferAgent Demo
  12. 12. Upcoming Events April 23-27 Booth SL10716
  13. 13. Questions?