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Going Beyond UDP Acceleration - SLide Deck


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In this webinar, President and Co-Founder of FileCatalyst, John Tkaczewski illustrates additional features available within the FileCatalyst suite that can further optimize your file transfers beyond the UDP protocol.

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Going Beyond UDP Acceleration - SLide Deck

  1. 1. Webinar Feb 23, 2016 Going Beyond UDP Acceleration
  2. 2. John Tkaczewski, President of FileCatalyst Blog: Past Webinars:
  3. 3. © Copyright FileCatalyst, 2015 ? • FileCatalyst transfers files at full link speed: • UDP with proprietary retransmission and congestion control • Patented algorithm built from the ground up in-house • Transfer rates up to 10 Gbps (with encryption) using commodity hardware • Not affected by latency and speed degrades, linearly with packet loss • Ability to fully leverage multi-core CPU architecture • Integration with leading Cloud Storage like Amazon S3
  4. 4. © Copyright FileCatalyst, 2015 Issues with TCP • Flow control limits transmission window, causes dead air with high latency • Very aggressive in response to network congestion, cannot tune in application layer • Result is less than ideal performance on wireless, satellite, or long haul links • Can be tuned but still not ideal for many-one, one-many TCP is a very serial process. Each packet of data must be received before a new packet is sent = Decreased transfer speed Source File Destination File Acknowledgments Data Packet
  5. 5. © Copyright FileCatalyst, 2015 Why Faster? • Ideal for bulk file transfer • Predictable - Can send at a perfect rate • Not affected by latency or packet loss • Congestion Control implemented in application layer • Tunable congestion control aggression • Instantly detect link capacity Source File Destination File Acknowledgments FileCatalyst completely saturates the pipe by sending multiple blocks of data = Increased transfer speed
  6. 6. © Copyright FileCatalyst, 2015
  7. 7. Demo
  8. 8. Method Time FTP-Filezilla (no checksum) ~ 6 minutes Plain UDP (with checksum) ~ 24 sec Single File: compressed video - 600 MB Sample Link speed: 400Mbps, 160ms delay
  9. 9. Method Time ZIP, IZArc 4.1.6 ~ 45 sec RAR, WinRar 4.01 64 bit ~ 25 sec Dealing with multiple files. Benchmark Compression Speed: 137MB, 71 files in 10 folders Compression requires disk space and takes time.
  10. 10. Method Time FTP-Filezilla (no checksum) ~ 2min 10 sec Plain UDP (no checksum) ~ 1min 20 sec Plain UDP (with checksum) ~ 1min 40 sec Multi-Client (with checksum) ~42 sec Single Archive (with checksum, ) ~18 sec. Multi-Client (with checksum and zip compression) ~ 18 sec. Sample Data set: 47 files, 261 MB, file sizes 1MB-50MB (compressed) Sample Link speed: 400Mbps, 160ms delay Features Unique to FileCatalyst. No additional disk space required
  11. 11. Other Options: • Transferring File Deltas (rsync) Moving only changes detected in the file • Save bandwidth (Savings for cloud and Satellite links) • Increased Processing time • Directory Streaming (transferring n-files) • File System Events, no need to scan complex folders
  12. 12. Questions?