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FileCatalyst July 23rd 2015 webinar: Introduction to C++ API


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FileCatalyst's president and Co-founder John Tkaczewski shows you how to leverage our new C++ API to add file transfer acceleration to your workflow.

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FileCatalyst July 23rd 2015 webinar: Introduction to C++ API

  1. 1. Introduction to FileCatalyst C++ API July 21st, 2015 Webinar at 11:00AM ET
  2. 2. © Copyright FileCatalyst, 2015 Presenter John Tkaczewski, President and Co-Founder FileCatalyst / Unlimi-Tech
  3. 3. © Copyright FileCatalyst, 2015 Agenda • Features • Requirements • Maximum Speed • Demo/Building a Visual C++ App • Review Documentation • Questions
  4. 4. © Copyright FileCatalyst, 2015 C++ API Features? Features • Accelerated Uploads and Downloads • UDP and TCP (including multi-threaded TCP) • MD5 Checksum • Bandwidth and Congestion Control • Secure communications via SSL and AES • Automatic Resume and Retry • Single/Multiple file transfers • Recursive Folder level transfers What is missing? (vs. the Java API) • Auto ZIP and UnZIP and Zip-Chunking • Multi-Client transfers • Deltas (Rsync) • Progressive Transfers (Tail FTP)
  5. 5. © Copyright FileCatalyst, 2015 Maximum Speed • Officially we support up-to 1Gbps regardless of the network conditions • Testing have shown much better speeds (up-to 10Gbps), in the upcoming releases we will be optimizing and certifying the top speed.
  6. 6. © Copyright FileCatalyst, 2015 C++ Requirements • Windows 32/64 or Linux32/64 or ARM32 or OSX64 • C++ version 2011 • Requires: Visual Studio 2013 or higher, gcc, clang • Boost 1.58 (not newer not older) if building on Windows • OpenSSL (included in the install) only on Windows • FileCatalyst Direct Server 3.2 or higher that accepts client connections from API
  7. 7. © Copyright FileCatalyst, 2015 Getting Started • Install FileCatalyst Direct Server with the API license under Advanced – Server License • Download and Install Boost: (make sure you download the executable not ZIP boost_1_58_0-msvc-12.0-64.exe for Windows Only) • Download and Install FC++ API from: (password required) -- When Installing You must select “Add FCPP to System Path”
  8. 8. © Copyright FileCatalyst, 2015 Demo Building a Visual C++ App
  9. 9. © Copyright FileCatalyst, 2015 Documentation • Review FC++ Documentation • Starting a C++ project in Visual Studio was taken from:
  10. 10. © Copyright FileCatalyst, 2015 Questions?