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FileCatalyst Introduction


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An introduction to FileCatalyst technology and products by the company's co-founder and President.

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FileCatalyst Introduction

  1. 1. Introduction to FileCatalyst FTP Replacement and its Benefits May 7th , 2015 Webinar at 11:00AM ET
  2. 2. © Copyright FileCatalyst, 2015 Presenter John Tkaczewski, President and Co-Founder FileCatalyst / Unlimi-Tech
  3. 3. © Copyright FileCatalyst, 2015 Agenda • What is FileCatalyst • File Transfer Issues with TCP • Acceleration with FileCatalyst • Speed Improvements with FileCatalyst • FileCatalyst Direct • FileCatalyst Workflow • FileCatalyst Central • Demo • Questions
  4. 4. © Copyright FileCatalyst, 2015 What is FileCatalyst? FileCatalyst transfers files at full link speed: UDP with proprietary retransmission and congestion control Patented algorithm built from the ground up in-house Transfer rates up to 10 Gbps (with encryption) using commodity hardware Not affected by latency and speed degrades, linearly with packet loss Ability to fully leverage multi-core CPU architecture Integration with leading Cloud Storage like Amazon S3
  5. 5. © Copyright FileCatalyst, 2015 File transfer Issues with TCP •Flow control limits transmission window, causes dead air with high latency •Very aggressive in response to network congestion, cannot tune in application layer •Result is less than ideal performance on wireless, satellite, or long haul links •Can be tuned but still not ideal for many-one, one-many TCP is a very serial process. Each packet of data must be received before a new packet is sent = Decreased transfer speed Source File Destination File Acknowledgments Data Packet
  6. 6. © Copyright FileCatalyst, 2015 Acceleration with FileCatalyst • Ideal for bulk file transfer • Predictable - Can send at a perfect rate • Not affected by latency or packet loss • Congestion Control implemented in application layer • Tunable congestion control aggression • Instantly detect link capacity Source File Destination File Acknowledgments FileCatalyst completely saturates the pipe by sending multiple blocks of data = Increased transfer speed
  7. 7. © Copyright FileCatalyst, 2015 Speed improvement with FileCatalyst
  8. 8. © Copyright FileCatalyst, 2015 FileCatalyst Direct A client-server application providing speeds up to 10 Gbps. Connection options include HotFolder for automation, and an easy to use 2-pane Express application. Easily integrated into existing applications using web components or APIs.
  9. 9. © Copyright FileCatalyst, 2015 FileCatalyst Direct FileCatalyst be used to transfer large files both domestically and globally.
  10. 10. © Copyright FileCatalyst, 2015 FileCatalyst Direct FileCatalyst HotFolder and Server can be deployed to replicate content from one site to many others.
  11. 11. © Copyright FileCatalyst, 2015 FileCatalyst Direct – Growing Files
  12. 12. © Copyright FileCatalyst, 2015 FileCatalyst Workflow Web-based file transfer File Submission • Sending Files to Email Address • Web accessible folders
  13. 13. © Copyright FileCatalyst, 2015 FileCatalyst Central A web application providing an overview of a user’s entire FileCatalyst deployment View ongoing transfers in real- time, dig into transaction histories, and check or clear alarms Inspect connected nodes and remotely control FileCatalyst Server and FileCatalyst HotFolder instances from one central management console
  14. 14. © Copyright FileCatalyst, 2015 Demo HotFolder – Direct Server
  15. 15. © Copyright FileCatalyst, 2015 Questions?