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How to configure advanced order forms in FileCatalyst Workflow


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An overview of how to configure advanced order forms in FileCatalyst Workflow, including demos

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How to configure advanced order forms in FileCatalyst Workflow

  1. 1. April Webinar: Advanced Configuration of Order Forms in Workflow Presenter: John Tkaczewski Duration: 45 minutes
  2. 2. Presenter Introduction John Tkaczewski • Co-Founder and President of Unlimi-Tech Software • Oversees creative and technical vision for FileCatalyst Webmail and FileCatalyst Workflow • Blog: 2 | © Copyright FileCatalyst, 2013
  3. 3. Agenda • FileCatalyst Workflow 101 • Order form DEMOS: – Basic Submission Form – Basic Distribution Form (sending files to email) – Assigning Order Forms to Groups – Job Wide HTML Headers – Default Values in Order Form Fields – Allowing the user to select FTP/FC site via order form • Workflow Demos: – Going straight into an order form or upload step – Going straight into a file area • Deployment and Licensing Options • 30 day free trial • Questions (please type them in as we go) 3 | © Copyright FileCatalyst, 2013
  4. 4. FileCatalyst Workflow 101
  5. 5. FileCatalyst Workflow 101 Core Components List Secure Transport Java Applets, Form Upload (if no Java plugin), HotFolder, Mobile and SDK Intelligence Fields, Order Forms, Sites, Groups, Jobs, Status, File Areas, Users 5 | © Copyright FileCatalyst, 2012 WiFi:7q568sk4
  6. 6. Secure Transport Components Applets • Upload, download, file area • Protocol detection (UDP, TCP, HTTP) , retry and resume • Checksum and deltas HotFolder • Uploads to either a new job or file area • Automation • Pre and post task • Folder synchronization (XATTR + ACLs) • Bandwidth Schedule Native Browser (W3C) • Form upload • HTTP links • When Java Plugin is not detected • 2GB max file size • No retry and no resume 6 | © Copyright FileCatalyst, 2012 Mobile • Uploads into file area • Job Submission into any order form • iOS and Android Future Development • HotFolder job downloads • Mobile downloads and job submission WiFi:7q568sk4
  7. 7. Intelligence Components Field • Meta data you wish to capture during the job submission process; Input types: Text, Text Area, Drop Down (Select), Date, Quantity (Number) • Workflow Modifiers (Smart fields): Recipient Email, Recipient Email CC (Notification List), Site Selector, Email list, Job Expiry, Download Password or automatically generated PIN Order Form • Main Workflow logic • Collection of fields (meta data) defined by the system admin • Job Fields or per file fields • Multiple order forms per user, a user can execute multiple workflows Sites • Any FileCatalyst Direct Server or 3rd party FTP(s) site • Target storage location of files (media) • Could be same server but different target path Or a separate geographical location • Dynamic path assignment based on the form data • Script execution (Command line OR URL calls) • Storage of job artifacts in XML and PDF 7 | © Copyright FileCatalyst, 2012 WiFi:7q568sk4
  8. 8. Intelligence Components (continued) Group • Extends default user properties • Order form assignment (multiple order forms per user) • Shared Folders – file area – shared media storage • Shared transactions (Jobs) • Permissions Job • Entity that combines files (media) and order form information (meta data) • Transactional information (job history log) Status • Automatic status triggers. Incomplete -> Sent, Sent -> Shipped, Incomplete -> Error • Coming Soon: User defined triggers based on the outcome of the script execution or status template 8 | © Copyright FileCatalyst, 2012 WiFi:7q568sk4
  9. 9. Intelligence Components (continued) User • Authentication (LDAP, Active Directory, SSO, Internal Database) • Assigned functionality – submission, distribution, file area, admin or full access • Assigned to one or multiple groups File Area • Web accessible file share • Submission of files from file share into Workflow • Automated uploads and downloads via HotFolder 9 | © Copyright FileCatalyst, 2012 WiFi:7q568sk4
  10. 10. Building Blocks for any File Transfer Workflow Administration View User View Create Job View Job File Area Upload / Downloads (Java Applets, HTTP (Form Uploads), HotFolder , Mobile, API) 10 | © Copyright FileCatalyst, 2012 User Authentication Security Order Forms Groups Jobs Fields Users Status FileCatalyst / FTP Sites FileCatalyst Workflow WiFi:7q568sk4
  11. 11. Workflow Diagram User Group Order Form 11 | © Copyright FileCatalyst, 2012 Job Sites Status File Area WiFi:7q568sk4
  12. 12. DEMOS DEMOS 12 | © Copyright FileCatalyst, 2013
  13. 13. 30 day free trial and licensing cost To request free trial of FileCatalyst Direct visit Licensing Options for FileCatalyst Workflow • Perpetual on-site license is $12,500 USD (one-time fee) • Leased on-site license is about $500/month • Hosted (Cloud) License on a shared server is about $500 per month • UDP Acceleration add-on starts from $5,000. 13 | © Copyright FileCatalyst, 2013
  14. 14. Upcoming Events: - FileCatalyst User Forum, Los Angeles, California (May 6) - Interop 2013, Las Vegas, Nevada (May 7-10) - CanSec 2013, Ottawa (May 29-30) - Broadcast Asia, Singapore (June 18-21) -IBC, Amsterdam (Sept 13-17) And of course don’t forget our monthly webinar....
  15. 15. Thank you for attending our April webinar! Questions? Please type in your questions.