Gift Hamper catalog


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Gift Hamper catalog

  1. 1. Picket Fences RM65 2 types of cookies @ 300g each Mini muffins 200g Decorated wood casing Raga RM65 150g cookies 150g mini popia 400g dodol in traditional woven casing Decorated traditional basket
  2. 2. Al-Rayyan RM220 2 types of cookies @ 500g each 200g mini popia 300g batang burok 300g kek lapis sarawak Tableware gift Decorated Basket
  3. 3. Qaish RM280 Decorative basket 9 pcs cup cake casserole with rack 2 types of cookies 100g dodol cubes 100g wajik sirat 300g kuih batang burok
  4. 4. Kanzi RM240 Decorated PU Tray Tableware Gift 200g assorted mini muffins 300g kuih batang burok 2 types of cookies Malacca Dodol in woven pouch
  5. 5. Raudah RM85 Decorated PU Book case 1 type of cookie 100g assorted apricot candy
  6. 6. Tameen RM200 Decorated PU drawer case Tableware Gift Malacca Dodol in woven pouch 2 types of cookies 100g mini popiah 100g assorted apricot candy
  7. 7. Jewel RM100 2-tier Jewellery Case 4 types of cookies Decorative Ribbons Simply Sweet RM40 Patterned Wood Box With Handle 2 types of cookies Elegant Tray RM140 Wooden tray with exclusive flower design 4 types of cookies/festive food Pandan/chocolate Surabaya layer cake Dodol Melaka
  8. 8. Treasure RM100 Leather and pandan woven treasure chest 4 types of cookies/festive food Decorative ribbons Humairah RM120 Wooden Chest with beautiful flower design 3 types of cookies 1 piece kain batik/kain pelikat/mini sejadah
  9. 9. Rosewood Series - Exclusive medium size wood box Raya (RM180) - 4 types of premium cookies Rosewood Rosewood Cookies
  10. 10. Cleopatra Series - Authentic Ceramic Bowl with Cover Option 1: Raya (RM300) - Patchi chocolates, Premium Cookie, Imported Almond Dragee, Dates delights, Hand-made decorated chocolate Option 2: Raya (RM350) - Patchi chocolates OR 1 type of cookies with dates delights and very exclusive imported brocade table runner Cleopatra Cleopatra Cookies Cleopatra Exclusive