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International Librarianship Experiences


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Presentation to UNCG Library staff December 2014 on my experiences working with international program called DILL -

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International Librarianship Experiences

  1. 1. Content from Annabelle Koester, Iskander Rakhmatullaev, Sara Valla
  2. 2. Connecting with DILL
  3. 3. Erasmus Mundus Master program 2 years, with internship and thesis international group three universities, one semester each: - Oslo and Akershus University College - Tallinn University -University of Parma DILL 5 group, photo by Leonéia Evangelista
  4. 4. Oslo, Norway Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus Inside HiOA, Photo HiOA Campus, Photo by Malgorzata Szynkielewska by Malgorzata Szynkielewska
  5. 5. Photos by: Sonia Theodoridou; Marcin Szala; Annabelle Koester; Sonia Theodoridou
  6. 6. Tallinn, Estonia Tallinna Ülikool Photo by Annabelle Koester; Mare Photo by Annabelle Koester, The front of the building of the University of Tallinn building of the Tallinn University
  7. 7. Photos by: Sonia Theodoridou, Annabelle Koester, Sonia Theodoridou, Annabelle Koester
  8. 8. Parma, Italy Università degli Studi di Parma Photo by: annabelle koester; Pisa downtown, Pisa downtown,; DILL 5 group and staff, Università degli Studi di Parma
  9. 9. Photos by Annabelle Koester
  10. 10. 1st virtual student: Iskander Rakhmatullaev, Uzbekistan Republic
  11. 11. China Russia Afghanistan
  12. 12. Photo by Iskander Rakhmatullaev
  13. 13. Toolkit - from website to a libguide
  14. 14. Parma, Italy
  15. 15. Photo courtesy of Anna Maria Tammaro
  16. 16. 2nd virtual student: (but we met first in person!) Annabelle Koester, Hamburg Germany
  17. 17. Hamburg city, by Annabelle Koester
  18. 18. Tutorials! • 6 weeks | Oct/Nov 2012 • Tested a few web conference tools • Created tutorials on Mendeley, Mindomo and how Google can be used for academic research – used Adobe Captivate
  19. 19. 3nd virtual student: (but we met first in person!) Sara Valla, Parma Italy
  20. 20. University of Parma (Italy) 32,050 students 1882 scholars (including visiting scholars) Photos courtesy of sara valla
  21. 21. Photos courtesy of sara valla
  22. 22. OER research, guide + testing!
  23. 23. Online Learning Myths & Engaging Distance Learners Presented by Sara Valla virtual intern at UNCG Libraries Digital Library Learning (DILL) Master’s student Instructional Design & E-learning Consultant at UniPR Co-Lab Research Center, University of Parma, Italy UNCG Libraries, 17th December 2013
  24. 24. blog as a diary
  25. 25. 4th virtual student: Gulchekhra Rakhmatullaeva, from Uzbekistan, living in TX October/November 2014 Updates, additions, and deletions for the UNCG Libraries Instructional Technology Toolkit
  26. 26. Resources • DILL • Blog post on Parma trip and slides: italy.html • Iskander’s presentation: nship.html • Annabelle’s presentation: and.html • Sara’s presentation: learning-myths-engaging-distance-learners • Kohler Funding info: