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LITA Instructional Technologies IG - Presentation at MW Philly 2014


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LITA Instructional Technologies IG - Presentation at MW Philly 2014

  1. 1. LITA Instructional Technologies IG Presentation – Discussion- Business Meeting ALA 2014 Midwinter Sunday 10:30-11:30 Presentation: Beth Filar Williams ( & Lilly Ramin ( ALA Connect Main page for Instructional Technologies IG:
  2. 2. Blackboard Collaborate collaborate/overview.aspx • Used for teaching classes, online office hours, orientations… • Pro: unlimited #s; can record; allows for audio/chat/video/screenshare/file share, ppt • Con: see tech issues • NOT free/but we have campus license • Tech issues: Java download; saves as .jnlp file
  3. 3. Google Hangouts • Used for small groups (<10) • Pros: user friendly; all can be “moderator” • Cons: small group only, tech issues; too many moderators; can’t record session • FREE • Tech issues: people randomly get kicked out of room; audio issues
  4. 4. Google Hangout s ON AIR • Used for webinar or broadcasting a panel of people to large group • Pros: allows to broadcast to many people on youTube channel; records automatically in YT • Cons: tech issues! • FREE • Tech issues: many!!! Still beta…
  5. 5. YouTube • Used for hosting students created videos or faculty for online/flipped instruction • Pro: Easy to use • Con: Not seen as edu tool/need private acount and Google friendly campus • FREE • Tech issues: auto closed captioning is poor
  6. 6. Movie Maker • • • • • Used for students or faculty to create videos Pro: Free and easy to use esp for beginners Con: low end movie software; PC based FREE Tech issues: not many
  7. 7. Poll Everywhere • Used for polling/assessment; embed in libguide; use in ppt presentation • Pros: FREE, embed app into ppt to easily add polls • Cons: limit # of responses; user learning curve & requires internet/phone to respond • FREE (for up to 40 responses) • Tech issues: doesn’t work well in ppt in Google Hangout or in BB collaborate
  8. 8. Prezi • Used: Presentations, teaching, & “prezumes” • Pro: Alternative to the linear format of PPT Easy to embed videos from YouTube, etc. • Con: Downloaded file not as dynamic. In design do not have too many transitions – makes you weezy • FREE version available - public Prezis only. • Tech issues: May not work as well with all browsers. Tutorials on the website.
  9. 9. Jing/Snag it • Used for quick images and videos • Pro: Great editing tools, user-friendly for macs and pcs. • Con: Less video editing features with free tool (Jing) • Free if Jing | Snag it costs $ • Tech: Must be installed on your computer Overview and tutorials on the website.
  10. 10. Snipping Tool • Used for basic screenshots as png, gif, jpeg. • Pro: Very simple. A good go to if someone just needs to take screenshots - drag and save • Cons: The editing tools are lackluster. Edit in paint or use another tool like Jing or Snag it. No arrow but includes “shaky pen = no!” • Not free – Microsoft Windows 7 product • Tech issue/tip: Can undo, must redo the snip
  11. 11. LibGuides • Used for subject or research guides and class pages for instruction • Pro: Each box type has features – videos, images, documents can be added directly to the guide. You can edit off campus. Friendly URL. • Con: Some editing may be better in updates but are not intuitive (see LibGuides community) • Not free: Price based on institution
  12. 12. Thanks for attending! What platforms or tools do you use that didn’t make the list? • Not sure where to start, try Jane Hart’s list • We will continue the conversation on our ITIG ALA Connect page thread “Tech Tools and Platforms for instruction Pros and Cons” • …and more at ALA Annual!