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Google docs, forms, and labs


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online workshop by UNCG Libraries.
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Google docs, forms, and labs

  1. 1. Google Docs, Forms, and Labs Mimi Beth Amy Smith- Filar Harris DeCoster Williams January 24, 2012
  2. 2. TECHNICAL STUFF Sometime 1) set up your AUDIO first: video is used file – audio – audio set up wizard - but you can adjust volume here . CHAT: Feel free to offer comments or ask questions. Note icons to show emotion, leave room, raise hand or answer a POLL (green check/red x):View PARTICIPANTS.Icons will appear next to theirname if they are using mic,chatting, etc.
  3. 3. Google DocsQuick poll: A: Google Docs are really new to me B: I’m slightly or somewhat familiar with Google Docs C: I’m comfortable using Google Docs
  4. 4. Where to start
  5. 5. Creating a new document
  6. 6. Uploading a document
  7. 7. Collaboration
  8. 8. If someone else withaccess to that document is looking at it, you canclick on “1 other viewer” and chat with them about it. Very handy!
  9. 9. What it’s good for• Google Docs is great for: – Documents you want to access via your email, from anywhere with internet – Sharing documents and collaborating with classmates and coworkers
  10. 10. What it’s not so good for• Not so great for: – Complicated formatting (Recommendation: draft a collaborative paper in GDocs, then do final edit for format in Word)• Dealing with large numbers of documents (for that, come to Dropbox workshop on February 21st at 3 p.m.)
  11. 11. Google FormsQuick poll: A: Google Forms are new to me B: I’m slightly or somewhat familiar with Google Forms C: I’m comfortable using Google Forms
  12. 12. Where to start
  13. 13. Creating a new document
  14. 14. 3) Add more questions Form Template 4) 1) Fill out title and description 2) Fill out question stuff & hit done
  15. 15. Sample Questions
  16. 16. Other Options
  17. 17. Various Templates
  18. 18. Edit Confirmation Response
  19. 19. Where responses appear
  20. 20. Uses of Forms • RSVPs for workshops • Signups to bring something • Feedback/surveys • Collect/Share data or observations • Collect Desk Statistics • Online pop quiz • Assess student learningDrawbacks - Not good for high end tabulation; other?
  21. 21. Embed form
  22. 22. Google LabsQuick poll: A: Google Labs are new to me B: I’m slightly or somewhat familiar with Google Labs C: I’m comfortable using Google Labs
  23. 23. About Labs• Different labs for different areas (mail, calendar, etc.)• Some help with efficiency• Some are just fun!• Be aware: they might just go away
  24. 24. Where are the Mail Labs?
  25. 25. Canned response
  26. 26. Mail Goggles
  27. 27. Calendar Gadget
  28. 28. Calendar Labs
  29. 29. One-on-OneDisplays attendee’s name
  30. 30. Smart Rescheduler
  31. 31. Q & A?
  32. 32. Upcoming Workshops• Google for Research: Google Scholar & Advanced Searching Feb 7 @noon• Dropbox in 30 minutes (toolkit tools series) Feb 21 @3:15