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Emerging Tech in Libraries


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Presentation for LIS630, spring 2014
Most information is from the Horizon Report 2014 for Higher Ed:

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Emerging Tech in Libraries

  1. 1. 2/12/2014 Emerging Tech in Libraries for LIS630 Beth Filar Williams Coordinator of Library Services for Distance Learning & Interim Head of the Digital Media Commons
  2. 2. What do you think is the next trend in libraries and technology?
  3. 3. Horizon Report  International team of experts, fall 2013  Consensus on 6 trends , 6 challenges , 6 developments in educational technology  Used the Creative Classrooms Research model to ID implications of these 18 topics  Criteria - potential relevance to teaching, learning, and creative inquiry in HE Read the Horizon Report:
  4. 4. From European Commission Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPT
  5. 5. Trends (Fast, 1-2 years) > Growing Ubiquity of Social Media > Integration of Online, Hybrid, and Collaborative Learning Google Hangouts for group work Swank Digital Campus- embed lesson plans Our 10 module, multimedia, info lit, research tutorial Great for sharing student… or instructor's videos Jing for screensharing
  6. 6. Trends (mid-range, 3-5 years) >Rise of Data-Driven Learning and Assessment >Shift from Students as Consumers to Students as Creators Google Analytics data on website usage Concept Codify for online card sorting For navigation menu testing online Libguides stats
  7. 7. “Shift from Students as Consumers to Students as Creators” UNCG Libraries Digital Media Commons
  8. 8. UNCG’s DMC/Makerspace Just Ideas ….  MakerSpace Curriculum with LIS dept  Maker Exhibits – in DMC & online  Software + instruction on use  Visiting Lecturers  Makerspace campus group (interdisciplinary)  Video production room – w/Chroma key options  A media conversion lab  Closed in rooms where groups can work on media projects  An electronic display like Microtile of student work  Training Room with computers  Robotics area (raspberry Pi, arduinos… )  Kiln for making glass work (w/o ventilation?)  Sewing machines….
  9. 9. Trends (Long, 5+ years) >Agile Approaches to Change >Evolution of Online Learning UNCG + WFU Libraries Conference How Librarians assist MOOCs article by Beth Filar Williams
  10. 10. Challenges (Solvable) > Low Digital Fluency of Faculty > Relative Lack of Rewards for Teaching
  11. 11. Challenges (Difficult) > Competition from New Models of Education > Scaling Teaching Innovations Infographic by C. Cross, DMC
  12. 12. Challenges (Wicked) > Expanding Access > Keeping Education Relevant
  13. 13. Developments (which will influence these trends & challenges) Time-to-Adoption Horizon: < Year > Flipped Classroom > Learning Analytics Time-to-Adoption Horizon: 2-3 Years > 3D Printing > Games and Gamification Time-to-Adoption Horizon: 4-5 Years > Quantified Self (like fitbits) > Virtual Assistants (think SIRI)
  14. 14. References & Useful Sites  UNCG Libraries Makerspace guide:  Sloan Consortium (online learning)  EDUCAUSE (Higher Ed & IT)  Brian Mathews’ Think Like a Start Up  Beth’s notes from Global Learning Technology Conference  UNCG Libraries Instructional Technology Toolkit