Embedded Librarianship & Information Literacy


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presentation spring 2012 for LIS688

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Embedded Librarianship & Information Literacy

  1. 1. Beth Filar WilliamsCoordinator of Library Services for Distance LearningERIT Department, UNCG Librarieshttp://library.uncg.edu/info/distance_education/efwilli3@uncg.edu January 26, 2012
  2. 2. A. AcademicB. SchoolC. PublicD. Government/corporateE. Archives
  3. 3.  Embed in online classes  Button/link/portal pushed into each class  a librarian in CMS – threaded disc, teaching sessions, giving actual graded assignments, etc. Embed physically in other locations  Located not in “main library”  go into classroom in school libraries Embed w/in Teaching/Learning Center on campus Embed by co-teaching a course or traveling w/ a class
  4. 4. From - Siess, J. (2010). Embedded librarianship: the next big thing?. Searcher, 18(1), 38-45.  Corporate: librarians are moving “into business units, working alongside other professionals to provide the information needed for informed decisions right at the point of the decision.”  Academic: Subject specialists “may work in the building where the majority of their clientele works, whether or not library materials reside at the same site” OR creating Info Commons w/ computers & librarians near where student gather like café or dorm  Public: the modern bookmobile, mini branches in shopping malls, downtown stores, schools w/o libraries, nursing homes…  Schools: central tech services & even collections for a district; librarian visits regularly classrooms and works w/ teacher on research projects etc. instead of students coming to library room.
  5. 5.  Sense of place? Collaborative, neutral, meet-up spot? Archives? Unique collections? Book w/ critical illustrations? Computer/internet access for some? Loss of our identity as a profession?*
  6. 6. • Is it our fiscally & ethical responsibility to save users time? [Ranganathans fourth law: Save the time of the Reader]  supplying them w/ electronic info.  being at their point of need.  teaching them to search effectively and evaluate info. But how do you get them to seek us for help? …perhaps embedded librarianship, physical or virtual!
  7. 7.  http://dlsplanning2012.pbworks.com - semi-annotated bibliography on embedded librarianship Ranganathan’s Laws of Library Science: http://www.jdcc.edu/library/RFL.pdf Shumaker, D. (2009). Who Let the Librarians Out? Embedded Librarianship and the Library Manager. Reference & User Services Quarterly, 48(3), 239-257. Siess, J. (2010). Embedded librarianship: the next big thing?. Searcher, 18(1), 38-45.