Serious Game Design June 2011


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Serious Game Design June 2011

  1. 1. M A S T E R C L A S S S E R I E S F In irs M tT al im ay e sia NON - DIGITAL EXERCISES FOR SERIOUS GAME DESIGNERS JW MARRIOTT, KUALA LUMPUR - HIGHLY INTERACTIVE - 25 PARTICIPANTS ONLY LIMITED TOSTRATEGIES FOR SERIOUS GAME DESIGN (Workshop 1)13th (Mon) & 14th (Tue) June, 2011APPLIED SERIOUS GAME DESIGN (Workshop 2)15th (Wed) & 16th (Thu) June, 2011 Moderated by Ian Schreiber Co-author of Challenges For Games Designers, rated 5 stars on Presented at over 20 major conferences in USA Co-founder of Global Game Jam, largest event of its kind across 40 countries A Programmer and a Game Designer since 2000 Taught online Game Design courses to over 6,000 students For details contact:FIK Tel: (603) - 9206 9000 Fax: (603) - 9281 1176 or email: I N T E R N AT I O N A L
  2. 2. 13 (Mon) to 16 (Thu) June, 2011 JW MARRIOTT, KUALA LUMPUR Designing, Prototyping and Playtesting Serious Games IAN SCHREIBER - WORKSHOP MODERATOR Ian Schreiber has a varied career background that includes video game programming, game design, teaching, and instructional design. He has worked on five published entertainment game titles at THQ, Cyberlore Studios and 1st Playable, as well as two training and education game simulations at Minerva Software for two Fortune 500 companies. He has taught game design and development courses (in person and online) at Ohio University, Columbus State Community College, and Savannah College of Art and Design, and developed online courses for Savannah College of Art and Design and Riverside Community College. Ian has also created two online courses in game design, taught worldwide; the first of these had over 6000 students during the first offering. Ian has spoken at over 20 conferences and workshops throughout the United States, and is co-author of the book Challenges for Game Designers. Ian is co-founder of Global Game Jam, the largest event of its kind with participants from over 40 countries. Client List / Companies Consulted Ian Schreiber has worked for or consulted with the following companies and universities/colleges: THQ, Cyberlore Studios, 1st Playable, Lolapps, Loot Drop, Minerva Software, Best Buy, Verizon Ohio University, Columbus State Community College, Riverside Community College and Savannah College of Art & Design He has also spoken at the following professional game conferences: Game Developers Conference (GDC) Game Developers Exchange (GDX) Southern Interactive Entertainment and Game Expo (SIEGE) Game Education Summit (GES) ACM Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques (SIGGRAPH) Serious Games Designers actively designing and playtesting their Game. These workshops are packed with activities and practical application. By end of the session you would have gained essential skills to undertake a project.REMARKS GIVEN BY SERIOUS GAME DESIGNERS ON CHALLENGES FOR GAME DESINGERS BOOK I really thought I knew something about designing games. Then I read Challenges for Game Designers. Boy, did it open my eyes! First, Challenges for Game Designers cover the foundations by giving a usefuldefinition of game design and explaining terms like "core dynamic", "prototype", "balance" and "playtesting". I liked this book very much. Its full of tons of great ideas to spur game designers on, to come up with new ideas and more. This is my favorite of all the game design books Ive read.I found the book both informative and fun -- its made a difference in how Im approaching my current project.I think this book is great for teaching the novice/intermediate game designer how to go about it. The break- Rated 5 Stars in down of the elements of games and game design coupled with tons of exercises and challenges make it a Amazonperfect resource to push yourself as a designer. Anyone who wants to design games should get this and try every one of the challenges! This is possibly the best intro/intermediate design book Ive read to date and cant recommend it highly enough to anyone interested at all in game design. 1 2 3 4 5
  3. 3. 13th (Mon) & 14th (Tue) June, 2011 JW MARRIOTT, KUALA LUMPUR Workshop 1WHY YOU SHOULD ATTEND eLEARNING- STRATEGIES FOR SERIOUS GAME DESIGNBesides achieving the learning objective the other challenge eLearning expert encounter is creating eLearning courses that willcapture and retain the interest of their audience. Valuable time and substantial financial investment is wasted when the usershows lack of interest venturing this learning platform. Game-based training has proved to enhance teaching and training forbetter employee or student engagement, understanding and retention. In this workshop, participants will learn how, why andwhat makes games engaging, and how to apply that within a learning context to improve a new or existing training program.Too often the technology gets blamed when something goes wrong but the focus should have been on the preparatory andStrategy. Throughout this 2-day many carefully selected case studies and exercises have been incorporated to reinforce theimportant concepts. You will also gain experience in creating games that teach, and will be able to take the lessons learnedback to their existing and future work projects. In this session you will go through every step and mind set you need to be inorder to comprehend all the stages of game design. You will require no programming knowledge to attend this workshop.DAY ONE - 13th June, 20119:00am – 10:30am: INTRODUCTION Road map on our two days Serious Game Design journey Critical Update of eLearning and Serious Games Understanding the building blocks of Serious Game Design10:45am – 12:45pm: GAME DESIGN IN THEORY Diving in to the core concepts of field of game design: what makes games fun and compelling, and how do we create and find the moments of joy that a player experience? Discovering the important concepts of: - Game Mechanics and Dynamics - MDA Framework - Flow Theory - Player Agency - Core Game Loop1:45pm – 3:30pm: GAME DESIGN IN PRACTICE In this hands-on segment, we will put the theory into practice by going through a series of simple game design exercises created to reinforce the concepts learned in the morning session.3:45pm – 5:00pm: DESIGN PROCESS AND PLAYTESTING “Waterfall” (Design, Build, Test and Release): is this a workable approach? How do we successfully identify ‘Fun’ in creating a design? What are the risks associated with Game Design? What plans and processes should be in place to mitigate Serious Game Design Risk? How to take Creative Risks into unknown territory?DAY TWO - 14th June, 20119:00am – 10:30am: CORE GAMEPLAY FOR SERIOUS GAMES Revisiting and refreshing Day One learning. Applying the concepts of game design to serious games and create core gameplay and game concepts for training Analysis of case studies from three training games from high-profile companies.10:45am – 12:45pm: TEACHING, TRAINING, AND ASSESSMENT How people learn through engaging with games How games can be used in three ways: instruction, practice, and assessment How to integrate these into the core gameplay1:45pm – 3:30pm: SERIOUS GAME DESIGN IN PRACTICE Practice, Practice, Practice – A series of mini projects will be given for the delegates to put into practice the theory and concepts covered so far. Here the delegate will work in a group and share their findings with other group members to determine how they approached the mini projects.3:45pm – 4:15pm: LIMITATIONS OF SERIOUS GAMES What are the limitation of games, and what other aspects should be considered when planning a Serious Game project.4:15pm – 5:00pm: HOW TO GET STARTED Getting started once back in the office: How to get started with your first Serious Game project? What are the ingredients should be in place before getting started? 1 2 3 4 5
  4. 4. 15th (Wed) & 16th (Thu) June, 2011 JW MARRIOTT, KUALA LUMPUR Workshop 2WHY YOU SHOULD ATTEND eLEARNING – APPLIED SERIOUS GAME DESIGNFor those who have taken the previous workshop or are already familiar with the design of games for learning, this hands-onworkshop allows you to explore solutions to their existing projects. This highly interactive workshop will challenge you,improve your brainstorming abilities, and sharpen your game design!. The case studies and exercises are taken fromactual industry experience and will be extensively dealt with in this workshop so that you will take back actualpractical approaches and solutions to the frequently encountered challenges.Making great games takes practice and that is what you will be doing at this workshop, practice, practice and more practice.You will work alone and in groups to design, build, playtest and iterate on a game to teach content of their choosing. Allparticipants will emerge with a playable prototype as well as a set of future directions for their game-based training projects.None of the challenges require any programming or a computer but can be made into fully functioning games.DAY ONE - 15th June, 20119:00am – 10:30am: INTRODUCTIONS Current common challenges faced in Serious Game Outlining the steps taken to overcome these challenges in the next two days10:45am – 12:45pm: CONSTRAINTS Identify the constraints that each participant is operating under, including budget and schedule, culture, scope, expertise, and learning goals and objectives. This will be something we will return to throughout the rest of the workshop.1:45pm – 3:30pm: IDENTIFYING CORE GAMEPLAY Constructing a starting point for game-based training and teaching solutions tailored to participants’ goals.3:45pm – 5:00pm: PROTOTYPING Using the core gameplay to build and test a playable version on paper (no software required) You will have the opportunity to execute the ground work on your own project. Ian will be going around assisting and ensuring that you are on the right track.DAY TWO - 16th June, 20119:00am – 10:30am: PLAYTESTING Revisiting the prototypes built on Day One Testing the games to identify fun moments Suggesting improvements to the core10:45am – 12:45pm: ITERATION Prototypes will be updated to incorporate the feedback from the morning’s playtest session, and then tested again.1:45pm – 3:30pm: INCORPORATING LEARNING AND ASSESSMENT How to know the core gameplay is established and will be successful The additional systems to check desired learning has taken place How to incorporate these systems to the prototype Play test the expanded game3:45pm – 5:00pm: WRAP-UP AND PRESENTATIONS Participants will present their project, along with lessons learned during the game creation process. WORKSHOP TIMING FOR BOTH DAYS: WHO SHOULD ATTEND Instructional Designer 08:00 AM Registration Chief Learning Architect 09:00 AM Workshop commences eLearning Managers 10:20 AM Morning Refreshments (15min) Chief Learning Officer 12:45 PM Networking Luncheon IT Heads and Managers 01:45 PM Workshop Resumes Heads of Learning and Development 03:30 PM Afternoon Refreshment (15min) Mobile Learning Managers 05:00 PM Workshop Ends Training Coordinators University Lecturers / Professors Director of Learning Development Instructors / Trainers Programmer 1 2 3 4 5
  5. 5. REGISTRATION CONTRACT Please complete this form immediately and fax it back to eLearning (603) 9281 1176 SERIOUS GAME DESIGN 13 (Mon) to 16 (Thu) June, 2011A. Delegate’s details JW MARRIOTT, KUALA LUMPUR1. Name :Position :Email :2. Name :Position :Email : Workshop Booked Booked Group3. Name : before after Registration 30th May 30th May 3 & abovePosition : (per delegate)Email :Organisation : Workshop 1 RM2990 RM3290 RM2790Address : Workshop 2 RM2990 RM3290 RM2790Town : Prime ValueState : Postcode : Workshop 1 & 2 (all 4 days) RM5680Nature of Business : METHOD OF PAYMENT :Tel: Fax: Payment is required within 5 working days from the invoice date. 1) Cheque : Made payable to Frontier In Knowledge Sdn BhdB. The Invoice should be directed to Mr/Ms (Dept): 2) Bank : Maybank, Desa Pandan Branch, Kuala LumpurName : Account Number : 564548102151 (Quoting your Company Name and our invoice no as reference)Dept :Tel: Fax: CANCELLATIONS & SUBSTITUTIONS : All cancellations of registration must be made in writing. If cancellation isEmail : received before 30th May, 2011 you will be entitled to a 50% refund. Regrettably, no refund will be made for cancellation after 30th May, 2011. However, a complete set of documentationC. Authorising Manager’s details will be sent to you. Substitutions are welcomed at anytime.Name : NOTE : It may be necessary for reasons beyond control, toPosition : change the content and timing of the event, speaker(s) or venue. Every effort will be made to inform the participants ofTel: Fax: the change. FIK International should not be held liable for any costs arising from this change without prejudice.Signature :Date : HOTEL ACCOMMODATION : Accommodation is not included in the conference fees. To reserve accommodation at the conference venue, please contact Nurain, JW Marriott at (603) 27198129 and inform that you are attending a FIK International This booking is invalid without a signature event. REGISTER NOW BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES : A limited amount of exhibition space is available at the workshop. Sponsorship opportunities covering the lunch and documentation also exist. For further details, Contact Vijay or Marina contact Mr Saravanan, Sponsorship Manager in Kuala Lumpur Frontier In Knowledge International office at (603) 9206 9000. 23-1, Jalan 2/76C, Desa Pandan, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA ℡ (603) 9200 8500 / 9206 9000 (603) 9281 1176 Singapore Mumbai Shanghai Hong Kong Jakarta 5 Bangkok Manila Kuala Lumpur