Open house 2012-2013


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Open house 2012-2013

  1. 1. The Rainbow Riders Open House 2012 Welcome!
  2. 2. Outline for TonightIntroductions- Introduction to Kindergarten- Daily Schedule- Curriculum- What we want a kindergarten Child to Be- Communication- Parent Volunteers- Housekeeping Items- Questions?
  3. 3. Introductions
  4. 4. the kindergarten team Jacky Zehra LauraMaite Jacky Joanne Rosie Maite Jenny Phebe Phebe Patrice Snow Krista
  5. 5. Our Specialists and Support Teachers CMC with ESL Ms. Pat Ms. Anissa P.E. withI.T. with Steve Art with Ms. Liz Coach Bill McCallum
  6. 6. Specialist Videos
  7. 7. Every Child is Unique
  8. 8. Our CurriculumHow to Learn vs. What to Learn
  9. 9. dispositions transdisciplinary skills-caring -research-creative -personal management-self-directed and reflection -critical thinking-balanced and problem solving-responsible -connection and-ethical/fair collaboration -communication
  10. 10. Our Units11. 1. 1. CommunitiesUnit 1. Communities Unit 2. MaterialsWe all need to understand where we belong. Children are naturally curious about objects in theStudents will inquire into the communities they belong world around them. Students will explore the differentto, identifying similarities and differences along the properties of man-made and natural objects that areway. The concept of uniqueness will be discussed present in their everyday lives. They will participate inand how this enriches our classroom community will experiments and explorations into how the propertiesbe explored. Students will discuss, role play, and of different materials affect their uses. They will workpractice being responsible caring, and cooperative in both independently and in small groups to constructtheir own classroom community. meaningful knowledge about objects in their world.  Unit 3. Our Bodies Unit 4. StoriesOur bodies are a big part of who we are and we all Stories are a universal way of communicating.share a common cycle of life. Students will participate Through listening to, reading, telling, writing, andin projects that will help them learn different and body acting out stories, students will develop ansystems and how they work. They will also learn understanding that stories are told all over the worldabout how to keep their body parts and systems in different ways and for different purposes.functioning well by living a healthy lifestyle. They will  inquire into the different stages of life we all gothrough and how different cultures celebrate and
  11. 11. We want our children to be: Inquirers
  12. 12. Team Players
  13. 13. Speakers & Listeners
  14. 14. Readers
  15. 15. Writers
  16. 16. Mathematicians
  17. 17. Scientists
  18. 18. Artists
  19. 19. GlobalCitizens
  20. 20. What your child needs to bring each day: • Water Bottle • Hat • Healthy Snack & lunch • Black Folder • Change of Clothes • Backpack – not too big please • LABEL EVERYTHINGNG!
  21. 21. House Keeping• Absent or Late• Leaving School Early• Birthdays and Invitations• Food (restrictions & allergies)• Class Mascot• Poetry and Song Books
  22. 22. House Keeping Cont.• Costumes (International Day /Filipiniana / Character Day)• Telephone Tree• Junk Materials• After School Activities• ID Tags• Uniforms• Library Books
  23. 23. Communication• Report Cards (Dec and June )• Parent Conferences (Oct)• Student Led Conferences (Mar)• Blogs• Black Folders• E-mail (• In Person
  24. 24. Parent Volunteers• Room Mom• How can you help?• Wednesday Reading Mornings (8:30 - 8:50)• Special Projects• Field Trips