Lean - Vision Statement


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Lean - Vision Statement

  1. 1. LEAN LEAN Vision Statement
  2. 2. LEAN HEY BANKS, WHAT'S UP WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS? The idea for LEAN was born out of the troubled relationship between banks and their customers. We've looked at why people are frustrated at best - and ignorant at worst and we're coming up with a proposal. LEAN INTRO
  3. 3. LEAN THE POWER OF EMPOWERING We believe in the smartness of the customer. Given the right context and technology they'll regain control and confidence in handling their finances in a sustainable and self-determined way. LEAN INTRO
  4. 4. LEAN INTRO Our mission statement "LEAN is an effortless and engaging way for growing confidence in handling financial health, -wealth and -happiness."
  5. 5. LEAN OPPORTUNITIES Setting the Scene: Windows of Opportunity
  6. 6. LEAN MIND THE GAP Since traditional banking services are only relevant to customers on a hand full of occasions, the customer relationship can at best be called patchy. There lies a grand opportunity to bridge between these patches and provide true value across the entire lifetime of a customer. LEAN OPPORTUNITIES
  7. 7. LEAN Traditional business models, ridged structures and regulation on banks are limiting their innovation potential. A rapidly growing marketplace which is free of these constraints is providing people with financial services with superior customer experience and value. HELLO! IS IT ME YOU'RE LOOKING FOR? LEAN OPPORTUNITIES
  8. 8. LEAN THE WHOLE IS MORE THAN THE SUM OF ITS PARTS As customers move towards either no- or multiple financial relationships, they are challenged to keep oversight and develop a perspective. We believe in one centre of gravity for financial decision-making, that works as one holistic experience and that plays along with others. LEAN OPPORTUNITIES
  9. 9. LEAN REDUCTION CLARIFIES Technology has enriched our lives, yet at the same time we've become uncomfortably "full". Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious, and adding the meaningful and the beautiful. LEAN OPPORTUNITIES
  10. 10. LEAN WE START, WHERE BANKS STOP The products, services and the customer engagement that LEAN brings to the market is an extension of what banks are offering today. As such we are striving towards bringing together traditional banking services with the next generation of financial services. LEAN OPPORTUNITIES
  11. 11. LEAN PRODUCT The Product Model
  12. 12. LEAN We're creating a frontend that ties in customers' existing bank relationship and thoughtfully extends it with meaning and value. LEAN PRODUCT
  13. 13. LEAN PROPOSITION The Proposition
  14. 14. LEAN Are you ready to LEAN back? Ready to run Freedom of choice Always there LEAN connects to your existing bank account. Customers will be up and running within a minute. You may want to choose to open a savings account that takes advantage of the great features that LEAN is offering. Alternatively you can continue using an existing savings account. LEAN is available for all devices and screen sizes and it adapts to your context whether you're at home or on the go. PROPOSITION
  15. 15. LEAN What customers truly value Being competent Peace of mind Adapting to changes Feeling in control is our central theme through all aspects of finances: when handling money on a daily basis, while saving or planning future events in life. Peace of mind is not only a value that relates to a long term perspective, but also to trusting the product to avoid bad decision- making As customers progress through life their set of needs and expectations change dramatically. Adapting to these changes and removing uncertainty creates very sticky customer relationships. PROPOSITION
  16. 16. LEAN Superior usability Contextual content Clarity over the complex Quick money transfers, checking this months' leisure expenses or saving for the next big toy has never been so simple and cool. Sleek features & tools are only the one side of empowering customers; engaging them with answers and inspiration to real-world questions is part of our holistic approach. We're hiding complexity and elevating what is meaningful. The view on spending habits, leakages and saving progress is opening up a whole new perspective. The soft skills of personal finance PROPOSITION
  17. 17. LEAN First 'social', then 'media': First we look at the customers' social life, then we look at how social media ties in Accounts for partners, friends, family Send and receive via mail, FB, ... Crowd-sourced smartness built-in Banked accounts are often held in a grouped constellation. Whether it's a partner account that helps develop a joint financial perspective or a teenage account under parental stewardship - this is where 'social' starts for us. Linking LEAN to the customers' existing communication channels such as email/FB messaging etc. is the first step to lowering barriers to tie in a customers social ecosystem without compromising privacy. LEAN is using the 'crowds' intelligence to refine the spending analysis and offer peer comparisons is only the beginning of taking advantage of the crowds smartness. PROPOSITION
  18. 18. LEAN "An apple a day, keeps the doctor away." Towards a sustainable financial lifestyle Power is nothing without control Drive towards saving The big picture The simplified approach to spending budgets emphasises the aspect of conscious, active control over analytical complexity. We're turning saving from being passive and spontaneous into an engaging, yet still effort-less activity by 'objectifying' a saving ambition and motivating the customer to keep going. Where it all comes together: 1. the control over daily finances, 2. the development of a savings routine 3. and finally planning of what lies ahead in the planning module that allows to simulate the big events in life and their financial impact PROPOSITION
  19. 19. LEAN Revenue beyond selling loans and investments Referral models Partnerships Consultancy We will partner with financial institutions that will be able to offer the setup of new accounts via LEAN. Further info tba. For several embedded financial services we will partner with service providers on a revenue- share basis. Further info tba. LEAN offers an embedded communication channel that may be linked to financial advisory services. Further info tba. PROPOSITION
  20. 20. LEAN Meet the people that will be using LEAN PEOPLE
  21. 21. LEAN Tech & Biz Nerds Adoption curve Innovators Characterisation Feature centric Finance management as a sport Efficiency in financial processes LEAN will help them... • detect, categorise and monitor individual expenses • understand their current and future net value • automise the transfer of funds to more lucrative deposits • create budgets and saving goals on the fly to further rationalise monetary flow • identify saving potential by opting into expense comparison PEOPLE
  22. 22. LEAN Young Professionals Adoption curve Early Adopter Characterisation Excitement over first income Learning ones' spending potential Gadgetry appeal LEAN will help them... • anticipate the monthly expense dynamics with the Safe Cash function • easily setup new saving accounts • plan changes in lifestyle with the planning module PEOPLE
  23. 23. LEAN Fledging Teens Adoption curve Early Majority Characterisation Maturing financial competence Under loosening adolescent stewardship Beginning mobility What is hip? LEAN will help them... • keep a financial balance under parental supervision • learn the concept and effects of saving as well as the longterm value of money • handle and monitor money while on the go • show their parents how they are financially maturing in order to successively qualify for more independence . PEOPLE
  24. 24. LEAN Sustainers Adoption curve Early Majority Characterisation Moral & sustainable view on life Counter irresponsible capitalism Pursuit of moral values trumps cost LEAN will help them... • pursue a longterm approach to financial planning • select and setup an ethically responsible banking account. • evaluate costs of lifestyle, both: as investment for good living as well as identifying unnecessary spending PEOPLE
  25. 25. LEAN Micro Business Adoption curve Early Majority Characterisation Financial overview and order Requires multi-account management Recipient management LEAN will help them... • search for expenses & invoices in the account history and create instant views of reoccurring balances • create sub-accounts or integrate existing accounts in order to separate private- from business finances. • analyse his/her business performance by tagging expense types over time • setup and maintain his/her financial client relationship as well as an individual transaction history per client • file invoices with transactions for further financial processing • APIs & Import/Export to tie in further financial/accounting services PEOPLE
  26. 26. LEAN Couples Adoption curve Early Majority Characterisation Spending harmonisation Common goals Setting the future LEAN will help them... • to smartly handle individual finances within a common budget • plan a joint future by projecting spending goals or events on to a financial timeline • visualise expenses to consent spending behaviour PEOPLE
  27. 27. LEAN Parents Adoption curve Late Majority Characterisation Overview Expense rationalisation Captainship & elevation of mother-role LEAN will help them... • to rationalise family spending by using the effort-less categorisation & budgeting features. • maintain an address book for various money transfers that come along with running a household & family. • to easily oversee re-occurring expenses in order to intervene or adjust in time. • continuously put money on the side for larger expenses by using the auto- saving feature PEOPLE
  28. 28. LEAN Field Research Expert Interviews Competitor Analysis Trends 1 qualitative study 12 participants 60 contextual questions 700 minutes of recording Business, tech, regulatory opportunities & barriers PFMTs Banks Emerging financial services Payment USPs Enablers Ecosystems Partnerships relevant Banker Blogger CEOs & CTOs Professors Investors 95 core messages Key use-cases & behaviours Merchants Affiliate marketeers Price comp. MO's ING DiBa Reward programs fidor bank EthikBankNIBC PSD Bank Targo Bank Sparkasse Dwolla PayPal Google Wallet Mint Personal Capital Simple PayBack Finanzblick CortalConsors eToro Square Kontoblick moneyou Sustained lifestyles Occupy movements Emerging markets Financial fragmentation New forms of banks Aggregation Debt crisis Increasing financial illiteracy PROCESS How did we get here? Design & Prototype Expert Interviews Tech. feasibility Marketing framework Discovery Design Business planning
  29. 29. LEAN Thanks! contact@leanbank.com PEOPLE