Sms, Mms & Short Codes


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Slides from my September 2009 Mobile Portland presentation covering some basic concepts on using SMS and MMS in your business.

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Sms, Mms & Short Codes

  1. 1. SMS, MMS, & Short Codes A beginners' guide to mobile messaging and wireless carriers
  2. 2. Why? SMS provides a 2-way messaging conduit to 90% of the cell phones on the planet. 285 M mobile handsets in USA   $100 Billion / year industry
  3. 3. Why? Deliver messages to millions of pockets   Use mobile carriers as your billing solution   Provide a simple, text-based interface to your app
  4. 4. Some Terminology Pricing Models Standard Premium Free-To-End-User   Directions MO: Mobile Originated MT: Mobile Terminated 2-Way: Both MO and MT
  5. 5. Short Message Service AKA SMS, Text Message, Text First implemented in 1993 140 byte size limit Bi-Directional
  6. 6. Multimedia Messaging Service AKA Picture Message, Ringtone, Video Text Message With Benefits   Initiated via SMS   Content delivered via Data Link
  7. 7. Long Codes and Short Codes Long Codes are Phone Numbers +1 503.233.8128 Short Codes are 5 or 6 digit Country-Specific SMS Numbers 40404 (In the USA) Long Codes are for People,  Short Codes for Machines
  8. 8. The Pieces Mobile Handset / User Cellular Carrier   CSC Administrator Aggregator, or       Mobile Messaging Service Provider   You
  9. 9. Information Delivery Pay Per Message for delivery of: Marketing / Promotions   Customer Service   Over The Air Applications
  10. 10. Premium Content One-Time Charge for: Ring Tones, Videos, Pics   Tickets Revenue share with carriers and provider
  11. 11. Subscriptions Recurring Monthly Charge for: Media   Alerts   Just About Anything   Revenue share with carriers and provider
  12. 12. Interactive Services (A2P) A2P: Application To Person   Pay Per Message for MO & MT: Tweets (40404)   Google Searches (466453)   ... anything you can imagine
  13. 13. What You Can't Do Access Handset Location   Guarantee Delivery / Read Receipt   Push / Pull Data Directly to Phone
  14. 14. Ways to Get Started Don't call your local wireless rep. Identify your need   Select service provider type   Interview providers
  15. 15. Mass Broadcast / Marketing One-Off Broadcasts   Subscription Management Solutions   Ticket & Coupon Delivery Platforms
  16. 16. Premium Content & Billing Turn Key Solutions Providers   Full Campaign Management Suites   Volume Commitments
  17. 17. Interactive Services Carrier Email Gateways   Shared Short Codes   Long Code Providers    Short Code Aggregators
  18. 18. Sticky Wickets Abuse of Mobile Users   Wireless Carriers   Premium Billing Problems   Short Code Setup Timeline   User Experience
  19. 19. Thank You Jonathan Karon NetJunky Research @fightingmonk