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LimeWire to DVD, Burn LimeWire movie videos to DVD with DVD Creator


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DVD Creator is a brilliant program for you to effortlessly burn or put downloaded movies videos from LimeWire to DVD. Free download it and have a try!

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LimeWire to DVD, Burn LimeWire movie videos to DVD with DVD Creator

  1. 1. LimeWire to DVD, Burn LimeWire movie videos to DVD with DVD Creator Quote 1: I have download a full-length movie through LimeWire. But when I use the Windows DVD Maker, it works. However, 5 minutes later, it crashed and it says the DVD can not be burned. Why it happened? Quote 2: How do I download a movie off LimeWire and burn it to a DVD using Windows Movie Maker? Except for improper operation, the problem should be caused by the incompatible formats between downloaded files and Windows DVD Maker or Windows Movie Maker. In fact, both of them can only understand some common file formats, such as AVI, WMV, MPEG, MPG. Compared with each of them, DVD Creator-a professional and affordable DVD burning program, which is capable of burning DVD from much more formats, such as YouTube FLV, HD formats and so forth. Moreover, it is customer-oriented and easy- to-use software for it is convenient and simple for you to optimize and personalize videos. Know more about DVD Creator. Free Download Size: 31.8MB How to burn the downloaded videos from LimeWire to DVD
  2. 2. Step 1: After download DVD Creator, click "Add video file(s)" to load LimeWire videos. Step 2: Click the drop-down list of "Destination" to select your favorable output format. Input the output folder or DVD name in the textbox. Step 3: Press "Edit" button on the Menu Panel. Select one of the provided templates as the DVD Menu. Embed background music, images or title to the menu. Step 4: Click "Burn" to begin to burning LimeWire to DVD. If you would like to personalize videos, the following tips help you to make a unique video file or DVD. 1. Add subtitles and audio track Click "Subtitles" button in the toolbar. You can import subtitles formatted as .srt. And you can add up to 8 subtitles at most. Adjust "Subtitle Language" and "Font Style" are
  3. 3. supported. Press "Audio" in the same interface to add audio tracks to the video and alter "Audio Language', etc. 2. Adjust the effects of the input video
  4. 4. Press "Effects" in the toolbar. There are three general editing options: "Effect", "Crop" and "Watermark", which facilitates you customizing the video as you wish.