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Video Converter For Mac


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How to use video converter for Mac to convert between videos/audio, make videos/songs for portables and extract audio from video?

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Video Converter For Mac

  1. 1. How to use video converter for Mac? Do you want to... Convert video file from one format to another to meet your specific project needs? Make video for your portable video players and enjoy them on the go? Or extract best audio/music from the best movies? Congratulations, you come to the right place. The tutorial below is to show you the way out how to convert between video files. To make things easier, i am going to put [b] [url=]video converter for Mac[/url][/b] in the situation to exemplify what i am ready to talk here. Why's video converter for Mac? What’s that best at? [b][url=]video converter for Mac[/url][/b] enables you to convert almost any video formats at will, whether it is most popular ones like avi, wmv, 3gp, flv, 3g2, mov, vob, mpg, asf, swf, rm , rmvb, mp4, mkv, tod, mod, DivX, Xvid, H.264, or less commonly used ones like .Mod and .Tod, video converter for Mac just can handle everything for you. You will be surprised at what a real piece of work it is. Not only convert file fast and smoothly, but also the high quality of the output file kept from the original sources. [b][url=]video converter for Mac[/url][/b] has a strong video editing feature too, which allows you to crop out unnecessary part from frame, trim video to convert a specific length of video/audio from the clip. You can also capture beautiful views from frame and store them as jpg, bmp or png. [b][url=]video converter for Mac[/url][/b] is designed to be workable with almost any popular portable devices, which meets the demand of different digital gadget users, Blackberry, iPod, iPhone, Creative Zen, Sony PSP, iRiver, Zune, Mobile phone and Apple TV are all supported, it is really a good way to extend the ability of your portable, and you're going to like it more. Please follow the step by step below on how to use video converter for Mac, things will be easier than you imagine. Note: You are supposed to download a trial version of Video Converter for Mac here to evaluate the performance of this app. Trial version will have feature limits(Watermark) and time outs. There is no difference between trial version and standard version regarding the function and performance.
  2. 2. Step 1. Install and run Video converter for Mac After installation (the .app file should be installed in your Application Folder), please just feel free to test the app, you can add a video file or more ones to see if it works like what you expected. Step 2. Load video files Click Add File button to load video info, as the video converter for Mac supports many video files to convert, you can just load more than one video at a time. [img] os/convertvideofiles/load.jpg[/img] Step 3. Convert video After all the steps above, you are now going to start conversion. Please choose a destination path for the output video first, and then click start. The time varies with the file sizes and the parameters you set, the program will remind you the convert successfully after it is done. [img] os/convertvideofiles/conversion.jpg[/img] Optional steps: Step 1. Import a video to a portable media player if you got a mobile player, and want to make video for it, just click Profile...this will opens drop- down list of different video formats, choose one that understandable by your player. The video
  3. 3. will finally be converted as you defined. Step2. Trim/Effect/Crop If you need to edit the file (video and audio), these are three important tools you can use. a. trim Click Trim...button, you will be able to select a certain length of video/audio in the clip to convert, so that you can get whatever part you want and won't be limited to convert the whole clip. [img] os/convertvideofiles/trim.jpg[/img] b. crop If you find the black sides and subtitle in the frame annoying, you can remove them using Crop... c. Effecf You can set Brightness, Contrast and Saturation to tune the rendering effect. Or you can go to Special effect to choose Old Film, Horizontal, vertical, etc. simple fun and interesting [img] os/convertvideofiles/effect.jpg[/img]