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Main Street Takoma Social Media Handout


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Social media tips and tricks for small business.

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Main Street Takoma Social Media Handout

  1. 1. Tips for Facebook Try to post on your page and check it every 1-2 days to see what’s getting attention and comments. You should A Facebook page is linked to always respond to comments, never one specific Facebook account, erase them (unless they’re offensive). but you can add additional administrators. Social media is best for two- way communication. When one Once you have 30 “Likes,” of your followers engages with Facebook provides feedback you, that’s an opportunity to called Insights about your acknowledge their input with a total weekly reach and who’s “Like” or start a discussion. talking about your posts. This is a good way to gauge the best time of day to post and the topics that are best received.Make sure writing isconversational and to-the-point.Buddy Media research showsthat Facebook posts with 80characters or less receive 66 Time-Saving Tip: Create apercent higher fan engagement, monthly schedule of posts.and posts that are less than 40characters in length receive 86percent higher engagement.* Tell your audience what to do.* Like this post if you’re excited for the weekend! If you want another Ask questions. People are organization or person to “Like” twice as likely to comment on you, then “Like” them to get a post that poses a question.* their attention and show your support. You can also share their content on your page. *Facts and tips found on
  2. 2. Tips for Twitter Some organization’s choose to link their Facebook and Twitter pages. I Check regularly to see if anyone recommend that everything you post to is talking to you or about you. Did Facebook goes to Twitter (but be careful someone tweet a photo of one of of character counts!) and posting your products with a testimonial? additional content directly to Twitter. retweet it!Follow pertinent peopleand organizations, likebusinesses similar toyours, reviews/reporters/publications that coveryour topic (especially Every tweet should have atblogs), or general TP/DC least one hashtag, handleinformation sources. or link (or all of them!) 140 characters or less! Many organizations choose to follow anyone who follows them, but that can mean a very crowded Create your own hashtags. If newsfeed. One way to manage that you have a holiday sale, use is through lists. You may want to #HolidaySale to talk about create a “Takoma Park Businesses” it. And to particpate in an list, a “Washington, DC” list, a existing conversation, use the “Friends” list for customers, etc. hashtags that already exist. Change your background by clicking on the icon next to the Retweet content from search bar, selecting Settings and your followers to show your then selecting the Design tab along support for their initiatives! the lefthand side. Upload an image of your logo, your best-selling product, or something else eye- catching that gives consumers a Quick Glossary feel for who you are. Hashtag: #, used to aggregate related tweets by a topic (ex. #TakomaPark) Handle: how an entity is identified on Twitter (@laurenrutha) RT: retweet Don’t have time to spend the whole MT: modified tweet day Tweeting? Use a management DM: direct message tool like HootSuite, which allows you .@ will go to all of your followers to schedule your Tweets, or Bufferapp, @ will go to the common followers you have with the entity which schedules them for you as you you’re tweeting at enter them. But, still keep an eye out for FF: Follow Friday (suggestions for who to follow) consumer respones at least once a day.
  3. 3. Tips for Pinterest Pinterest is most powerful when it comes to photos. Keep your text very light. Descriptions should be just a few words and Keep track of what your include key search terms. followers are repinning so you can know what’s most successful. If you link your Facebook account, Pinterest will find your Facebook friends who have their own Pinterest and Facebook accounts linked. You can pin photos directly from your website, so when a follower clicks on your pin, it takes them right to your site. Start developing your boards and pinning to Create boards that will them before you make a allow you to showcase your major push for followers. own products and interact with your followers.
  4. 4. Tips for Instagram • Like Pinterest, Instagram is a very visual platform. • Instagram can only be used through smartphone apps (iPhone and Android). • You can link an Instagram account to Twitter or Facebook, making it easy to share content on those platforms. • It’s a fun way to play with photo treatments and take on-the-go pictures that express the personality of your business.Tips for QR Codes • Stands for “Quick Response” Code. • Great for boosting traffic to your website, Facebook page, Twitter page, or anywhere else you want to direct consumers. • Can be included on printed materials (like advertisements or business cards) when there is more information to communicate. • Can be accessed by a smartphone scanner. • There are many easy-to-use websites that will help you build a QR code to link to your website.Tips for YelpFor local small businesses, Yelp isn’t just an option — it’s a neces-sity. People in urban centers use it to choose where to go to dinner,where to buy clothes, and where to be entertained. Users decidewhere and how to spend their money using Yelp, so if your busi-ness is local, you need to curate your Yelp page.— “Yelp for Business: 4 Steps for Success” on Mashable.comThis article suggests:1. Including all of the request information on your profile2. Monitoring and responding to customer reviews3. Making offers and announcements regularly4. Displaying “Yelp Badges” on your website, which can display yourcustomer ratings.And remember to “unlock” your business page on Yelp. You will haveaccess to the number of views your page is getting, how many peopleare clicking through to your site and getting directions to your business. Prepared by Lauren Anderson, Fifth Estate CI Phone: (202) 525-1945, E-mail: