Seduction secrets of Anna Hazare


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How Anna Hazare Seduced the masses and the secret laws he pursued to make mass follow him.

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Seduction secrets of Anna Hazare

  1. 1. SEDUCTION ofAbhinna Suresh Khare
  2. 2. SEDUCTIONThe Mass PERSUASION Secrets of Anna Hazare This ebook is free and you are welcome to copy it, print it out, post it and share it with friends. Please don’t sell it or alter it. The links in this PDF file work... just click on one to go to the web. For more information on or Abhinna Suresh Khare or his blog, feel free to click on one of the icons below: THE MASS SEDUCTION SECRETS OF ANNA HAZARE
  3. 3. SEDUCTION The Mass PERSUASION Secrets of Anna Hazareintroduction All of us have read, heard talked about “Anna Hazare” This small presentation is Not about who he is, what he has done, and what he wants. This Handy booklet is about the HOW and WHY HOW- he has done what he has done, WHY- the whole Republic of India is ready to fight for Anna Hazare. The presentation Highlights the strategies & ways utilized and executed by Team Anna to Position him as the Greatest of Brand Manager of our times and one among the greatest Persuader. IN FACT, HE IS A MASS SEDUCER THE MASS SEDUCTION SECRETS OF ANNA HAZARE
  4. 4. Secret 5SEPERATION & REQUESTSELF INTEREST & DESIRE “This is the time to rise for your Nation. Youth must stand up for the country.” “The corrupt ministers are taking your money, Let’s Bring Back the “ Black Money” and Punish the false doers.” SELF INTEREST & DESIRE SEPERATION AND REQUEST THE MASS SEDUCTION SECRETS OF ANNA HAZARE
  5. 5. Secret 5SEPERATION SELF INTEREST & DESIRE www.fifthangle.comPeople are occupied in their own world , with their daily concerns, daily fights and issues. Thefirst step to Mass Seduce is to Separate the mass from their own world. This is done by ignitingthe Self Interest, sharing facts which will evoke emotions of personal benefit. A desire for selfbenefit enhances the participation THE MASS SEDUCTION SECRETS OF ANNA HAZARE
  6. 6. Secret 4SEND MIXED SIGNALS Two statements by Anna Hazare at Jantar Manata ”Today we will not just be like Gandhiji, but if the government doesn’t accept the peoples demands, we will become like Chhatrapati Shivaji!”- ”I would like to thank the people of India for their immense support. I request everyone to stay peaceful as long as this Fast Unto Death continues, and take it forward non-violently.” SECOND SIGNAL- TAKE IT FORWARD NON-VIOLENTLY FIRST SIGNAL- WE ( PEOPLE) WILL BECOME VIOLENT ( CHHATRAPATI SHIVAJI) THE MASS SEDUCTION SECRETS OF ANNA HAZARE
  7. 7. SEND MIXED SIGNALS Secret 4Mass comprise of people of different types, and different words evoke different feelings. In order to ensurethat everyone is involved, different set of words must be used. For doing so, mixed signals must be sent toSeduce the mass.For example in one statement Anna hazare uses the name , Chhatrapati Shivaji, which evokes a feeling ofpower ( subtle Violence) and in other statement uses , “ Nonviolence” as a strategic term.
  8. 8. Secret 3CREATE A NEED-STIR ANXIETY & DISCOMFORT And then tell How it can be Filled “Why the price Rise is not being controlled, why the cost is ever rising of basic products like petrol, its because public’s money is put in Swiss bank. Imagine what if your money, the money of the public worth Rs. 285 lac crore Rs. will come back.? Will you let your hard earned money be put in these cheater’s bank account. Anxiety- So Much of Your Money, Discomfort- The message Public will say to themselves “My Money not used by Me” The Need- Controlled Price Rise. THE MASS SEDUCTION SECRETS OF ANNA HAZARE
  9. 9. CREATE A NEED- Secret 3STIR ANXIETY & DISCOMFORT And then tell How it can be FilledAs in Strategy 5 we discussed, the Public is busy with the its own problems, but the extension to it is: peoplecontinue to live their lives and wait for the moment when their anger arise, the emotions evoked, Anxietystirred. Once someone stir the anxiety, and strikes the cord of discomfort the need is created. And as the airrushes to fill the vaccum, people work together and rush to support.
  10. 10. Secret 2 Insinuate is the art of planting ideas in peoples minds by dropping elusive hints that take root days later, even appearing to them as their own idea.INSINUATE ”Bliss does not come from outside, it comes from inside, from serving the people.”- Anna Hazare Are you ready to fight for the Bliss, are you serving your own nation, are you making the most by serving people. Are the Corrupt ministers really serving you.
  11. 11. INSINUATE Secret 2The world can fight you if you have power,they can rob you off from your power. Butin this world there is only one thing whichhas a very special quality.The more you give, the more you get, thelonger you give, you are assured to get itback from the person in same quantity.Its Silence. The Golden Silence.Anna Insinuated the idea of doing Silentprotest, No fights, just silent angst. No Oneknows whats next, every thing in theatmosphere is suggestive, everything soguessable and that’s what keeps theinterest running. THE MASS SEDUCTION SECRETS OF ANNA HAZARE
  12. 12. Secret 1CONFUSE- DESIRE & REALITY ”Yesterday my Blood Pressure was down, but today it is back in control because the strength of the nation is behind me.”Desire-To ensure that the rates of basic stuffs are reduced,Petrol 25 Rs., Milk 8 Rs., No Electricity Bill, 1500 Oxford like Universities,2000 Hospitals with all medicine and facilities free, 95 Crore people with theirOwn house. EtceteraReality-Bring LOKPAL Bill, which is 50% Government, 50% Public, who will represent PublicIf One Person or again a group- what is wrong with Ministers ( they also represent Public),Who will decide on how to Distribute the Crores of Black money if it will be brought back.Has ever anyone read basics of “Economics”, what will happen if such amount is infused in the Market?
  13. 13. Secret 1CONFUSE-DESIRE & REALITY www.fifthangle.comPeople are in difficulties, everyone,has some or the other, and in order tocompensate for them, they spend a lotof their time daydreaming, imagininga future full of adventure, success, andromance. In Order to Seduce the massone needs to create an illusionthrough you they can live out theirdreams their desires.What if so much money comes back,What if they save more, how about anice holiday , its these stuffs whichpeople yearn for.When someone empowers these mass benefit, the confusion begins, and its this confusion whicheventually leads one to get seduced. THE MASS SEDUCTION SECRETS OF ANNA HAZARE
  14. 14. Advantage annaTHE AGE:74 YEAR- old Fighting for Young IndiaSUPPORTERS:Youth, importantly educated and not bought unlike what ministersdoMEDIUMAll the New Media of Promotions and Reach, FacebookFacts about One Social Media ( Facebook)Total people Involved – Group 1 :113,661 Group 2 :108,829 Group 3 : 66275 etc etcSMS- Support AnnaWebsite- www.annahazare.orgPROFILEAn ex-army man. Fought 1965 Indo-Pak WarAwarded Padma BhushanSelf Sustainable Model for a Village THE MASS SEDUCTION SECRETS OF ANNA HAZARE
  15. 15. Advantage annaSUPPORTERS
  17. 17. Advantage www.fifthangle.comAnnaTHE NATIONALITY FEELING, CAUSE BIGGER THAN THE SELF.
  19. 19. AboutThe Presentation is neither against Anna Hazare nor against the Government or any person specific. Its purely based on trying tounderstanding the principle of Mass Persuasion. The Term Seduction is used in the context ofSeduction : to lead astray, as from the right action, to win over, attract, or lure. www.fifthangle.comThe idea suggested is purely based on Authors understanding of Strategies and ideas used in Mass Persuasion. This presentation is crafted by Abhinna Suresh Khare For If you like the presentation kindly like the Fifth Angle page of Facebook by clicking iconConnect with author Abhinna Suresh Khare THE MASS SEDUCTION SECRETS OF ANNA HAZARE