Meydan is a new age                    money. Our obsession is to
         accelerator     focused    on          create v...
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Day 1                          Day 2                         Day 3                       Day 4                       Day 5...
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     Define your st...
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1.   We will invite Angel          2.   Pioneers will pitch to   3.   Pioneers will also pitch to   4.   Meydan will assis...
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Meydan Brochure- Pioneers Only


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Meydan Brochure

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  • Pioneers and entrepreneurs are usually 'push-market' driven inside out, i.e. they are more focused on their 'products/service' offerings and what these offerings do, how they are different from competitive offerings and what excellence areas exist within these offerings ,,,, !!!

    It is more of a 'solution' seeking a 'problem' to fix or deal with. It gets proposed in this 'push' sale mode 'inside-out' without even knowing what the customer 'pain and gain issues' are and what 'priorities/mandates/pressures' the customer/market is facing and trying to deal with !

    I don't blame the pioneers/entrepreneurs for being this way, it is what they are expected to be anyway, so no big surprise really. I would suggest instead that the 'incubator/mentor/coach' to fill in the gap and look at things outside-in as the target customers/markets would d when presented with such proposals. They can be of great help to the pioneers/entrepreneurs by making sure effort/energy/creativity/money is being spent on 'things which matter most' to the target customers / markets, and this will ensure financial success once the offerings are made ready without much hassle trying to convince the customers/markets of the value of these offerings.
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Meydan Brochure- Pioneers Only

  1. 1. Meydan is a new age money. Our obsession is to accelerator focused on create value@speed using reducing the time from idea to packaged knowledge , proven revenue (I2R). We offer more tools, smart and hard work , than money. The value we and above all passion to make create is 80% from wisdom a difference. and knowhow, and 20% from 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. As a pioneer you will Develop your startup We will seed your Build your offering Pitch your startup Grow the business Graduate from go through a rigorous business model & idea with up to at speed with 9 during Angel Week to from the core and Meydan and relocate selection process blue print. Shape a $10,000 to cover weeks of smart hard potential angels and from adjacency and business outside including interviews high level financial costs up to Angel work. You have 9 conduct one on one get more funding at premises. and a full week of 12 model and detail Week. weeks to be ready discussion with the right time if hours/day to select your next 9 weeks with enough interested angels. needed. only the best. action plan. progress to convince The aim is to get the the angel to invest. right funding and demonstrate that value can be created.
  2. 2. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Pioneers go through in Ideas need to be expressed Demonstrate passion to Packaged knowledge based There is no fee for entering batches 2- 3 times per clearly , we have no time for their idea. on years of experience. this program. year based on capacity. jargon !! 24 by 7 commitment to this Proven tools . Meydan will invest seed No formal business plan is idea. capital to a limit of Mentorship. required. US$10,000 per idea for a Can and will put the effort Subject matter experts. 15% equity in the business. We value ideas that address needed to make it happen. a clear problem or a need. Embedded learning . We will take also an Demonstrated resilience to Legal services. additional 15% for all other We value ideas that withstand the startup services provided. standout and different. challenges ahead of them. Finance & administration. A clear explanation on how Inspiring productive work will you make money. environment.
  3. 3. Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Become familiar with the Pioneers will present In groups, Pioneers Outdoor activities to Become familiar with Meydan Management 9 building blocks of their business model. must build structure take pioneers to their Video production will select the best business models. using Lego blocks. limits!!! techniques. pioneers based on Be ready for a rough & their performance Work with your tough round of Be ready to showcase Are you ready? Produce a 10 minute during the week. co-founders to develop questioning. and brief the group on short movie telling the a quick business model your structure. story of your idea in the Only selected Based on the feedback for your startup. market . Pioneers will move you will work again into into Shape Week. Expect to work late into late night to fine tune Attend a gala dinner and the early morning hours your business model. compete for the Meydan to be ready to present Oscars. your business model on Day 2.
  4. 4. 1. 2. 3. 4. Define your startup Identify critical elements Estimate revenue streams. Develop a 9 week business Model using a from the business model, plan(weeks 2-10) to build Estimate associated direct Meydan specially designed define and detail each one the offering and be ready to and indirect costs. workbook. in depth. present during Angel Week. Estimate cash flows. Define seed capital needed.
  5. 5. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Compress time from idea Startups have three generic Each Master Capability is Each core capability is Develop a compelling pitch to revenue (I2R). master capabilities: further divided into core divided into work packages and rehearse for Angel Plan & Manage [PM]. capabilities: to be executed in a week. Week. Leverage packaged knowledge and tools to Generate Demand [GD]. Organization & Build your startup capabilities reduce effort and increase Governance [PM]. using these work packages productivity. Fulfill Demand [FD]. leveraging our knowledge Finance & /tools to ensure we are Divide work into strict Administration [PM]. ready for your pitch during weekly milestones adopting IT [PM]. Angel Week. a zero or 100 % complete principle and nothing in Offering [GD]. Each work package will be between. Sales [GD]. assigned a credit value as you complete each work Marketing [GD]. package an equivalent credit Deliver offering [FD]. value will be earned. We will measure progress of planned Customer care [FD]. credit against actual.
  6. 6. 1. We will invite Angel 2. Pioneers will pitch to 3. Pioneers will also pitch to 4. Meydan will assist 5. Meydan will handle all investors to participate in investors as a group. investors on one-on-one pioneers in studying paperwork and legal our Angel Week. basis. offers and advise them documents between the on best options to investor and the Pioneers. proceed with.
  7. 7. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Advise on practical Assist in building a Assist in identifying, Assist in identifying, Assist in generating Assist in identifying, Assist in identifying growth strategies useful network of evaluating and evaluating and leads. evaluating and potential new and action plans. people and forming alliances appointing channel defining entry offerings from the organizations. that strengthen partners. strategies into new core and from growth potential and geographic markets. adjacencies. capability.
  8. 8.