5 top money making tips for affiliate marketing


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5 top money making tips for affiliate marketing

  1. 1. 5 Top Money Making Tips for Affiliate Marketing
  2. 2. 1. Have a Website • This is very important when it comes to affiliate marketing. • Although you can still make money without a website, having one is a really great help in more ways than one. • Some people choose to write product reviews for items which they produce on their websites to get more traffic to their blog or to get more people to read or visit their sites. • Although you are not going to see results overnight, your website is like your backup. • Slowly your audience will build up and get more loyal followers cementing your credibility and your reputation.
  3. 3. 2. Build your Credibility • Just because you write really good reviews you will get money. • People are not going to believe a single thing you say or write unless you are credible. • Which do you trust more, a salesperson in a store or a close friend? Of course you trust your friend more. • There are more ways than one to slowly build up your credibility. • You can try giving your readers a lot of valuable tips, for instance. • If you are trusted then more people will take your word and will believe what you say and write.
  4. 4. 3. Only Promote Quality Products • Promote products that you believe in and have personally tested and proven to be really excellent. • Review writers often commit the mistake of writing good things about a product just because they are given large amounts of money as commission, even though they haven't even tried the product. • The credibility you labored over a long time to build will come crashing down quickly if you do this. • I believe people will agree with me when I say no amount of money is worth your reputation and credibility.
  5. 5. 4. Try to Only Promote Products You Have Used • If people trust you they will believe what you say. • If people trust you your sales will increase. • Only promote products which you have tested yourself and you have proven to be of excellent quality. • If you also personally use the product then it becomes a lot easier to write a review about it as opposed to just reading about the product.
  6. 6. 5. Build Your List • Building your credibility is important but do not forget one more thing, building your list of followers. You are more likely to get a repeat sale if you have a list of loyal followers. What you can do to is to give out freebies to your readers. You can try giving them helpful e-books which they can benefit from. • There are a myriad of ways to increase traffic to your website but I have personally proven that the best method is creating a subscription form on the website's sidebar which your followers can fill out and after they fill out and submit the form they will get updates every time you post something new on your website.
  7. 7. Important Tips • Earning money from affiliate marketing can't be done overnight but if you're armed with the 5 tips mentioned above then the more chances you have of becoming successful.
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