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UK and FRANCE on Same-Sex Marriage


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UK and FRANCE on Same-Sex Marriage

  1. 1. Synthesis, Conclusion and analysis
  2. 2. United Kingdom • It has become a surprise that for a country gearing towards pragmatism to easily pass a legislation such as Same Sex Marriage. • The key debate issues are : the meaning of matrimony in civil and church marriages
  3. 3. United Kingdom • Cameron claim “progress” as the freedom of individuals to have ‘life choice’ that is free from societal constraints, that same sex marriage is a part of that history and based on that narrative, it stems out from the rights civil partnerships usually enjoy in British law
  4. 4. • The statement caused turmoil in the Conservative party – Decreasing membership "Conference is now populated by lobbyists, not members. It offers no freedom and no democratic rights to a membership who barely recognise or connect with what the Party has now become."
  5. 5. France • Ideologism generally represents a preference for abstraction and looking perfect utopian solutions to problems over compromise and experimentation • The preference for abstract and perfect solution then resulted to a weak, ineffective and passive state thus leading to individualism.
  6. 6. France • Despite its Catholic roots, French people are generally laid back in issues regarding family affairs. – Abortion (1975) – contraceptive pill free to all 15-18 years old • Key debate issue: children (adoption), family, same-sex marriage
  7. 7. France • Excuse to mobilize not only those against same sex marriage but also those who are fed up with the Hollande administration.
  8. 8. In short • Technically, UK (Cameron) is still adhering to the pragmatic political culture that is UK. • Besides the issue of same sex marriage, there are other issue hidden behind the mass movement that is occurring in France.