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Gender role


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Published in: Technology
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Gender role

  2. 2. What is Gender role?  a set of social and behavioural norms that determine how males and females should think, speak, dress and interact in society.  When followed sends signals of being a member of a given gender (Bornstein)  Stereotyping of roles
  3. 3. “Perfect woman”  Feminity  Beauty  Respectful  In shape  Nurturing  Motherly  Housewife  Dependent  Caretaker  loving
  4. 4. “Perfect man”  Masculine  Strong  Provider  In shape  Strong  independent
  5. 5. Social issues with gender  not following gender roles can lead to discrimination and not being accepted socially  Thus, confidence will decrease leading to problems like eating disorders, depression or suicide  Third party gender (e.g.Transgender, lesbians, etc.,) do not receive recognition on not having their own marked box on applications (job application)
  6. 6. Economic issues with gender  Women have trouble finding jobs because of their gender  Men has higher salary than women usually despite them having similar occupation