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Elementary particles


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Elementary particles

  1. 1. BOSON – particles associated with fundamental forces - have integer spin FERMIONS – particles normally associate with matter - have half integer spin - divided into twelve flavors
  2. 2. Photon - a particle in which an electron sends to another electron -Not seen -Messenger photons Gluon - mediators of the strong interaction and carry both colour and anticolours - Resonsible for “gluing” the quarks together - Particles which commute between the quarks, sticking them together in pairs or threes - Strong force W and Z bosons – mediate the weak force Graviton – when two particles exert a gravitational influence on each other, gravitons are exchanged between them, - carry two units of spin; all particles attract Higgs boson - hypothetical massive scalar elementary particle predicted to exist by the standard model
  3. 3. -carry fractional charges of the electrons, either 2/3 or -1/3 -Do not exist alone -They are always bound up together (in threes or in quark- antiquark combinations - Every quark carries one of three color charges of the strong interaction; antiquarks similarly carry anticolor - Unlike the electromagnetic force which di5minishes as charged particles separate, color charged particles feel increasing force -Color charged particles may combine to form color neutral composite particles called hadrons -three quarks can exist together, one quark being "red", another "blue", another "green". These three colored quarks together form a color- neutral baryon -symmetrically, three antiquarks with the colors "antired", "antiblue" and antigreen" can form a color-neutral antibaryon - come with and without an electric charge - All have a spin of ½ - best known lepton is an electron-
  4. 4. Elementary ParticlesElementary Particles Bosons Fermions Gauge Bosons Other Bosons Gluon W and Z bosons Photon Graviton Higgs Boson LeptonsQuarks Bottom Top Strange Charm Down Up Electron Tau Particle Muon Neutrino