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Sharing Superheroes - J.Boye Philadelphia 2012 Keynote


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At JBoye Philadelphia 2012 I presented one-third of the Thursday keynote, focused on the theme of sharing is caring and how it applies to superheroes of our industry. In this case, it's taking a fast look at bolstering user-centric design principles.

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Sharing Superheroes - J.Boye Philadelphia 2012 Keynote

  1. 1. hi, im michael @fienen
  2. 2. humans
  3. 3. technology
  4. 4. we made the buttons on the screen lookso good you’ll want to lick them steve jobs
  5. 5. create more value than you capture tim oreilly
  6. 6. deliverables
  7. 7. features
  8. 8. user-centric design
  9. 9. design
  10. 10. user
  11. 11. be the champion
  12. 12. thanks! @fienen