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Fienen's Totally Topical, Terrific Tutorial to Tag Manager Guide


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Google Analytics is an everyday part of most people's lives now in the web world. And it's just one of many third-party tools you might be using to manage your website. However, with large sites and disparate groups, it's common place to do little more beyond implementing basic tracking. It turns out, Tag Manager can vastly simplify how you enable people to track their websites without needing to intervene with extra coding, as well as enabling additional tools, features, and embeds for a site. Everything from analytics to live chat, from form tracking to social media conversions can all be tied together with this simple tool - all without adding any extra code to your side (besides the Tag Manager code, obviously). Let's make your life a little bit easier, and a lot cooler, by digging into Google complementary tool, Tag Manager, and look at ways you can streamline your site tracking process (and much, much more). We'll look at some real-world use cases, and maybe take some audience questions to do live demos, because that's just how we do, right?

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Fienen's Totally Topical, Terrific Tutorial to Tag Manager Guide

  2. 2. Prelude Why on earth should we trust anything you’re about to tell us? 0#heweb16 #aim3
  3. 3. ¡DONDE ESTA EL BAÑO! I am Fienen I have a beard. I’m going to take you to church on Google Tag Manager. You can find me at @fienen (or all the places via
  4. 4. “A presentation! Listen, the sound of Fienen They pay attention
  5. 5. Seriously Though Why are we here? Like, here, in this room, right now. 1#heweb16 #aim3
  6. 6. DAREDEVILS #heweb16 #aim3
  7. 7. SMARTER #heweb16 #aim3
  8. 8. NOT HARDER #heweb16 #aim3
  9. 9. 22.6%That’s how many of you told me you’re using Tag Manager. Why do the rest of you insist on making your lives harder? #heweb16 #aim3
  10. 10. <19%That’s how many you you who HAVE used it consider yourself at least average with it. Let’s fix that, shall we? #heweb16 #aim3
  11. 11. What is Tag Manager? It’s Google’s next step in its plan for global domination, duh. 2#heweb16 #aim3
  12. 12. “Describe what it is in one, easy sentence. (helpful when explaining to HIPPOs) (And SO many variations on this question.)
  13. 13. OKAY #heweb16 #aim3
  14. 14. It’s a free tool that makes it easy for marketers to add and update website tags - including conversion tracking, site analytics, remarketing, and more - with just a few clicks, and without needing to edit your website code.
  15. 15. CLINICAL #heweb16 #aim3
  16. 16. TAG MANAGERA tool that lets you do stuff on your site without having to write a ton of stupid code every time, because that’s stupid.
  19. 19. SO, JUST WHO IS TAG MANAGER FOR? Marketers Developers (mostly)
  20. 20. DEVELOPERS #heweb16 #aim3
  21. 21. Less Code Many includes, interactions, and behaviors can be created in a simpler interface rather than having to edit and deploy code for every little request. IT MAKES DEVELOPERS’ LIVES EASIER IN TWO WAYS Delegate If you’re ready for it, you can enable marketers to take over a lot of analytics and remarketing initiatives without eating up developer time.
  22. 22. 100%The number of you that said you’re using 3rd party JavaScript on your websites. #heweb16 #aim3
  23. 23. The Quick Start Rules Here’s how to get rolling really fast so you can get yourself into some easy trouble. 3#heweb16 #aim3
  24. 24. THREE STEPS THAT EXPLAIN NOTHING install snippet set up tags you’re a wizard, harry
  25. 25. A PLUS B EQUALS C Variables Some are built in, like a page’s path. Some you can define. Some… well, you can get pretty crazy. Triggers When things should happen. Usually based on a variable, or can be simpler, like just a single page URL. Tags This is the thing that happens based on a trigger. Usually firing some kind of JavaScript.
  26. 26. Built-In Variables
  27. 27. A Variable That’s Not Really Variable But Is A Variable
  28. 28. “five hundred websites analytics on them all holy f*#&ing s%&#
  29. 29. A More Complex Version of the Same Variable
  30. 30. The Wonderful Thing About Triggers, Is Triggers Are Wonderful Things
  31. 31. “Can you explain the differences of Fire On and what works best in most cases?
  32. 32. A Trigger By Any Other Type Would Fire As Well
  33. 33. Tag, You’re It
  34. 34. Closing the Circle
  35. 35. SIMPLE! #heweb16 #aim3
  36. 36. In Practice Damn it feels good to be a gangsta. 4#heweb16 #aim3
  37. 37. “ What can I track with it, and why should I do so?
  38. 38. YES #heweb16 #aim3
  39. 39. EVENT TRACKING #heweb16 #aim3
  41. 41. INTERACTIONS #heweb16 #aim3
  42. 42. NON-LIVE DEMO!Yeah, okay, I know I said Tag Manager isn’t just an analytics tool. But let’s face it, this is an easy place to start.
  43. 43. Getting Advanced AKA things I’m gonna tell you about but not actually show you how to do, because the clock’s ticking here. 5#heweb16 #aim3
  44. 44. “How might Tag Manager be more useful than just reading analytics, both on a broad, site-wide scale, or focused on specific sub-sites?
  45. 45. TESTING #heweb16 #aim3
  46. 46. VERSIONING #heweb16 #aim3
  47. 47. SOME POWERFUL WAYS TO USE TAG MANAGER Data Layer This is how GTM talks to your page. You can talk to it too. Use it to be a Tag Manager Whisperer. Form Abandonment Something hard becomes easier with a bit of JavaScript in Tag Manager. Know where people leave forms. Environments Test different container versions in different places before you go live with them like a friggin’ boss. 3rd Party Tags GTM natively supports a bunch of pre-configured tags from other companies like LinkedIn, CrazyEgg, Salesforce, and more. Scroll Depth A couple tags and some JavaScript and suddenly you can see how far down any page people scroll, automagically, site-wide. Variables There’s so much more to variables than just constants and lookup tables. SO MUCH.
  48. 48. Go Learn More What, you expected to become an expert in this in just 45 minutes? 6#heweb16 #aim3
  49. 49. “What should I read first to become knowledgeable about Tag Manager before your presentation?
  50. 50. TOO LATE #heweb16 #aim3
  51. 51. ANALYTICS ACADEMY (Google is good, Google is wise)
  52. 52. LunaMetrics
  53. 53. SIMO AHAVA @SimoAhava
  54. 54. A PROMISE #heweb16 #aim3
  55. 55. ¡LO SIENTO! Any questions? You can find me at @fienen / - #heweb16 #aim3
  56. 56. CREDITS Special thanks to all the people who made and released these awesome resources for free: ◉ Presentation template by SlidesCarnival