The impact of k pop wave towards students lifestyle


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The impact of k pop wave towards students lifestyle

  1. 1. The Impact of K-Pop WaveTowards Students Lifestyle
  2. 2. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDYGrowing popularity of Korean dramas(K-Drama), pop stars and cuisine as withmost Asian countries which have begun toembrace KoreaAn increase in Korean language studiesYoung generation dressing like KoreanKorean restaurantsThe rush of Korean dramas and KoreanPop
  3. 3. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEMMalaysian has experienced a dramatic growthin K-Pop fans recentlyThe fandom of K-Pop has made more andmore students followed the K-Pop culture.Affected the originality way of life in countrywhere many outsiders keep coming andbrainwash their mind
  4. 4. PURPOSE OF THE STUDYAccess the impact of K-Pop wave towardstudents’ life style and to explore thefactors affected the K-pop wave accordingto different institution
  5. 5. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDYObjectives 1To measure the consumption of the students through theirfrequency of Consuming Korean popular entertainment.Objectives 2To analyze the factors that influence K-Pop wave amongstudent.Objectives 3To determine whether Korean fashion influence the way students
  6. 6. Objectives 4To identify either students prefer to learn Korean language ornot.Objectives 5To know whether the Korean culture affected student’s lifestyle.Objectives 6To find out if there are student choose Korean cuisine as theirside meal.
  7. 7. RESEARCH QUESTIONQuestion 1:What is the consumption of the students through their frequencyof Consuming Korean popular entertainment?Question 2:What are the factors that lead to K-Pop wave among student?Question 3:What is the impact Korean fashion to the way of studentsdressing?
  8. 8. Question 4: What are the possible students will prefer to learn Korean language? Question 5:What is the relation between the Korean culture and student’s life style? Question 6:What are the student choose whether Korean cuisine as their side meal or not?
  9. 9. SIGNIFICANCE OF STUDYMain Reason:To identify and determine the impact of k-pop’s wavetoward student lifestyle based on 3 different institutionsfrom the various types of entertainment, fashion, food,language and cultureThe result:The people to know how many students are mostfanatics with k-pop’s wave or culture in the communityThe Information:Identify the impact and the demographic profile of k-pop’s fans
  10. 10. SCOPE OF STUDYThe study about the impact of K-pop’s wave toward student’s lifestyle: Different institutions Questionnaire and 60 respondents
  11. 11. Findings • Comparison between UiTM, UniKL and UTEM • EntertainmentInstitution UiTM UniKL UTEMAgree 11 9 4Disagree 9 11 16
  12. 12. • FashionInstitution UiTM UniKL UTEMAgree 18 14 11Disagree 2 6 9
  13. 13. • FoodInstitution UiTM UniKL UTEMAgree 10 17 5Disagree 10 3 15
  14. 14. • LanguageInstitution UiTM UniKL UTEMAgree 14 15 11Disagree 6 5 9
  15. 15. • CultureInstitution UiTM UniKL UTEMAgree 19 13 13Disagree 1 7 7
  16. 16. Comparison Open Ended Question Between UiTM, UniKL and UTEM Interesting Dislike37% 33% Undecided No answer given 10% 20%
  17. 17. Discussion• Why Malaysian students can accept K-Pop Wave?• The contrast of why Malaysians student not intend with K-pop wave
  18. 18. Recommendation• Government should make more local traditional event to student• Universities should make Malay languages as one of the main subject in syllabus.• Parent should teach their children’s about local culture• Government should encourage the tourism in Malaysia• Program for cherish Malaysia’s traditional cuisine• Advertisement in mass media for traditional outfit wear