Green slime


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powerpoint for making green slime

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  • ‘Regular’ Mix: using the measurements as the experiment calls for.‘Custom’ Mix: 1 tablespoon of Water, Glue, and Borax.
  • Green slime

    1. 1. John Castillo & Jordan Yrastorza
    2. 2. The definition of slime is ‘thin, glutinous mud orany ropy/viscous liquid matter’. Despite of howgross the characteristics of slime and how it isdefined– Oh did I mention that it is also known as aviscous secretion of animal or vegetable origin?Yeah, real gross. It is still cool though becauseapparently, we are curious about it and we actuallythink its pretty cool. It is unique polymer because itpossesses the qualities of being a sold and a liquidAT THE SAME TIME (Wowserz!). This is possiblebecause there are chains between polymers sothen can stretch and bend. Pretty cool.
    3. 3.  Question: ‘How can we use simple chemicals to create a polymer that’s flexible?’
    4. 4.  To find a way to make a substance that is a SOLID and a LIQUID. (Flexible Polymer) Also, which type of glue can be best suited in making slime.
    5. 5.  If more borax is added, the slime will have a much thicker consistency.
    6. 6.  Basically mix Food coloring and water; then mix in glue (in one container) Mix in borax powder and water in another container Mix both solutions and watch the slime!
    7. 7. BTWWood Glue Slime isshown here.
    8. 8. Regular Mix (Measurements from the Experiment)Type of Glue Did we get slime?Wood Yes. Was more liquid than solid.White Yes. Very flexible, had the “flexible polymer” look and feel.Custom Mix (2 Tablespoons of Water, 1 Tablespoon of Glue and Borax)Type of Glue Did we get slime?Wood Yes. Very slimy. (same as with reg. mix)White Yes. Thicker consistency. Not as flexible (by a little).
    9. 9.  Well, wood glue seems to be much more “liquidy” than the slime created using white glue. Basically, wood glue looked like gooey slimy alien blood looking sticky liquid while white glue slime looked like Silly Putty.
    11. 11. Now this is the part where we ACTUALLY get the audience’s attention.Now let’s make some Slime!
    12. 12.  Yes you can make slime or “flexible polymer” with simple ingredients. It seems that the best type of glue to use to get more of a ‘solid’ feel, is the white glue. The wood glue had more of a liquid characteristic and got stuck to places more often. There is a chemical reaction going on when the borax and glue solutions are mixed together, the polymer found in the glue, polyvinyl acetate undergoes a change. The bonds are cross-linked, therefore makes the glue stick to itself more than on any other surface. The borax acts like the crosslinking agent for the glue. The flexibility of the polymer is possible because the molecules are not fixed in place (stretchy stretchy).
    13. 13.  More borax was used (custom mix) and it did make a change. The white glue slime was a bit more stiff. There were possible sources of error in this experiment. One could be not using the right amount, either not using sufficient or way too much of one ingredient. But most of the time this experiment works well. A small improvement can be using other tyoes of glue or adhesive liquids to see which would create the ‘better’ slime.
    14. 14.  tDetail.aspx?ProjectID=145 878680114.Ch.html ymer.php ab/a/slimeproject.htm