Law Enforcement 2.0 - The Next Generation


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Come see what law enforcement is starting to use today.

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  • Law Enforcement 2.0 - The Next Generation

    1. MindTouch Collaborative Network<br />For Law Enforcement<br /><br />
    2. So What’s the Problem?<br />I need to find the right information to do my job<br />
    3. But currently you don’t have a way to share and retrieve Information easily…<br />
    4. Because it’s stored<br />HERE<br />HERE<br />HERE<br />HERE<br />Brad<br />Jim<br />& HERE<br />
    5. And not available to<br />or HIM<br />HIM<br />HIM<br />Collaborative Networks for Law Enforcement<br />
    6. Or at the station for the<br />Dispatcher<br />Investigator<br />Crime Analyst<br />Investigator<br />And Supervisor<br />
    7. So your job is much more difficult than it needs to be<br />
    8. Like when you need to testify about Johnny the Gangster<br />
    9. But your gang sheet is 4 years old<br />Collaborative Networks for Law Enforcement<br />
    10. And Johnny’s updated information is spread out across the department<br />HERE<br />& HERE<br />HERE<br />HERE<br />and you can’t find it…<br />
    11. So you’re not prepared to prove Johnny’s a gang member <br />
    12. And he gets 6 months instead of 3 years for robbery, because you didn’t have direct access to the right information<br />
    13. Now there is an alternative<br />
    14. Because now you can have a complete history of the Johnny’s gang here in one place<br />HERE<br />& HERE<br />HERE<br />HERE<br />WIKIPD<br />
    15. And it’s easy to update with text, pictures and forms– Really!<br />It’s like using Microsoft Word but easier<br />WIKIPD<br />
    16. And it can be updated by<br />Analysts<br />Detectives<br />Dispatchers<br />Your existing systems<br />Patrol Officers<br />WIKIPD<br />Collaborative Networks for Law Enforcement<br />
    17. And it’s available 24/7 on all shifts<br />No need to track down information<br />
    18. And it’s easy to add and retrieve information<br />
    19. So next time you’re prepared and get the right result – 3 years!<br />
    20. And there’s much more!<br />
    21. We can connect to almost ANY CAD system<br />
    22. Which means you can have real time dashboards and alerts from your current CAD system<br />Collaborative Networks for Law Enforcement<br />TYPE<br />Crime Dashboard<br />Vandalism<br />Car theft<br />Assault<br />Robbery<br />Daily Call Activity<br />Weekly Call Activity<br />Monthly Call Activity<br />
    23. And more intelligence because not only can we provide dots on a map, we can also…<br />
    24. Automatically translate the dots into actionable intelligence<br />Car Thefts<br />Last 5 stolen cars<br />
    25. This data can even be collectedfrom legacy CAD systems<br />
    26. And turned into this <br />
    27. So when there’s a rise in Car Thefts<br />TYPE<br />Vandalism<br />Car Theft<br />Assault<br />Robbery<br />
    28. Collaborative Networks for Law Enforcement<br />You’re armed with the latest actionable intelligence <br />Car Thefts<br />Last 5 stolen cars<br />
    29. And you can act more strategically to reduce it<br />TYPE<br />Vandalism<br />Car Theft<br />Assault<br />Robbery<br />
    30. Institutional knowledge is available 24/7<br />
    31. But they don’t have a way to share criminal activity…<br />Collaborative Networks for Law Enforcement<br />We make it easier to work together quickly<br />
    32. And break down walls <br />j m s<br />Organizational walls<br />detectives<br />Technological <br />walls<br />traffic<br />c a d<br />Economic walls <br />(need lower cost) <br />patrol<br />rms<br />
    33. We give you the tools<br />
    34. And instant access to information<br />
    35. And it can be accessed<br />At the station<br />In your vehicles<br />
    36. Introducing a revolutionary Collaborative System for Law Enforcement<br />
    37. WikiPDis the very affordable Content Management System (CMS)<br />A WIKI based Content Management System<br />
    38. Add our Tactical Information Portal (TIP) to WIKIPD make your CAD system more strategic and usable<br />Connects to most CAD Systems<br />
    39. Collaborative Networks for Law Enforcement<br />MindTouch’s<br />Tactical Information Portal (TIP)<br />Look at CAD data in a fresh new way!<br />CAD activity Feeds<br />Heat Maps<br />Call Activity Volume <br />Dashboards and alerts<br />
    40. And it’s completely customizable<br />Straight from your CAD system LIVE!<br />Customize it to fit YOUR organization. It’s up to you.<br />
    41. MindTouch’s<br />Tactical Information Portal (TIP)<br />Activity Dashboards to monitor law enforcement activity<br />
    42. Collaborative Networks for Law Enforcement<br />MindTouch’s<br />Tactical Information Portal (TIP)<br />Fast Template Driven content creation<br />
    43. And many FREE applications from the MindTouch community <br />Law Enforcement <br />Applications<br />
    44. Remember it works here<br />
    45. And in the field<br />
    46. And even here…<br />
    47. And it can be shared over yourexisting secure network<br />
    48. How it Works<br />
    49. WikiPD is a content management system (CMS) that’s much easier to use<br />Analyst<br />Department Personnel <br />A robust Wiki-based content and document management system <br />WIKI PD<br />Forms<br />Documents<br />Officer<br />Content<br />Internal Wiki Website<br />Send and receive <br />Vehicle<br />
    50. Easily upgrade WikiPD to Include TIP<br />Data from CAD<br />CMS<br />T I P<br />Department Personnel <br />WIKI PD<br />Dashboards<br />Management<br />Internal Wiki Website<br />Tactical Information Portal (TIP)<br />
    51. “How will this benefit different members of your organization?” <br />
    52. Gives me easy access to in-house experts and information<br />The Patrol Officer<br />Quick access to reference materials, policies and procedures<br />And allows me to collaborate with people in other shifts or divisions<br />
    53. The Detective<br />Provides an avenue to collaborate with fieldpersonnel <br />Helps them recognize overall <br />Trends and focus efforts <br />
    54. The Manager<br />To view high level activity dashboards (e.g. calls for service) <br />Quick access to on the ground reality <br />Recognition for the agency as being innovative and smarter <br />
    55. The Crime Analyst<br />Provides a place to publish work product so that it’s easily located and usable<br />Get graphical representations of data. (e.g. what cars are being stolen?) <br />Create dashboards and share with the department<br />
    56. Which makes solving crimes easier<br />Arrested<br />
    57. Because everyone is working from the same page<br />Department Personnel <br />
    58. Getting Started<br />
    59. For the price of two portable radios<br />
    60. You get a powerful Content Management System & Dashboard <br />
    61. Expanding the system is easy<br />100’s of free add-ons and applications<br />WIKI Content Management Site<br />TIP Portal <br />
    62. In Summary<br />Today’s Content <br />MindTouch WikiPD and TIP<br />MindTouch WikiPD with Tactical Information portal (TIP)…<br /><ul><li> Gives you instant access to training, bulletins, documents, etc.
    63. Supersizes your current CAD system
    64. Share and collaborate across the department and shifts </li></li></ul><li>Contact us <br />Collaborative Networks for Law Enforcement<br />Global Headquarters<br />MindTouch, (866) 646.3868 US Toll Free (619) 795.3948 Fax+1 (619) 795-8459 International<br />401 West 'A' Street, Suite 250San Diego, CA 92101<br />International Headquarters<br />MindTouch, Inc.+44 1708-616413<br />Adelaide HouseNumber 1, Perth Trading EstateSlough SL1 4XXUnited Kingdom<br />