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What Every CMO Needs to Know About Content Strategy


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A must read for all CMO's - What is Content Strategy and how do I build content that drives leads and revenue? How do I make it social and why does it matter?

The 10 Step Framework for Social Content

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What Every CMO Needs to Know About Content Strategy

  1. What Every CMO Needs to Know About Content Strategy The 10 Step Framework for Social Content By Mark Fidelman
  2. WHY Strategic Content?
  3. every company
  4. has CONTENT Which includes…
  5. Documentation Video & Graphics, etc. for PRODUCTS
  6. and SERVICES
  7. but most content are an afterthought
  8. and NOT strategic
  9. or SOCIAL
  10. So, they post PDF files Static HTML or worse
  11. And as a result… their visitors tune out and leave.
  12. OR… never arrive on their site
  13. But there is so much more they can do
  14. to create living content
  15. that is developed and maintained by the COMPANY & COMMUNITY
  16. that reduces support costs
  17. increases and revenue
  18. while providing insights
  19. that make your content intelligent.
  20. learn more? to READY READY TO LEARN MORE? Image by Tim Forbes
  21. So how do I create a STRATEGIC social content site?
  23. Let’s EXPLORE the elements…
  25. CONTENT CURATION DESCRIPTION The process of assembling, summarizing, categorizing and interpreting information from multiple sources in a context that is relevant to your customers BENEFITS Improve the quality and quantity of your content EXAMPLE Present your best content to new website visitors in order to maximize sales potential
  26. curate digital content to provide more relevant audience experience Tagging Search Contextualizing Commenting Brand Website Rating editing Curated Content Content Content Brand Curators Audience
  27. LEARNING COMMUNITIES DESCRIPTION Create communities of customers that are helping other customers with your product or service BENEFITS Customer service cost reduction, increase leads and sales, more satisfied customers, R&D info EXAMPLE Intuit’s TurboTax community site
  28. Ask questions, submit answers…
  29. …and the Intuit site organizes it for everyone else.
  30. Reviews & Ratings
  31. SOCIAL SELLING DESCRIPTION Company and community developing a one-to-one relationship around content BENEFITS Direct relationship with prospective and current customers EXAMPLE Sales and Marketing tracking prospect interaction with content to identify sales opportunities
  32. create engaging content HomePage That attracts prospects to your site…
  33. participate And keep them coming back by encouraging them to join your community + engage contribute
  34. Offer something of value 70% Study: of people become a fan of your brand because they want a deal
  35. Then monitor their online activity Understand potential sales opportunities or prospects doing due diligence on your product or service
  36. In short, a social media-acquired prospect has A GREATER VALUE than a prospect acquired via traditional media Study: Customer’s Social Network Value • Annual Value: $100 • Network: 100 Followers • % of Social Network with Similar Behavior: 5 (5 x $100) Network Value: $500
  37. Reviews & Ratings
  38. REVIEWS & RATINGS DESCRIPTION Site visitors rate content and provide instant reviews of content that does not meet their needs BENEFITS Quickly discover what content is effective or not EXAMPLE Microsoft’s Technical Documentation Community
  39. COMMUNITY ratings and feedback help users…
  40. …quickly decide what is most relevant to them
  41. Reviews & Ratings
  42. SOCIAL CURRENCY DESCRIPTION Reward programs that encourage users to contribute to content and product documentation BENEFITS Better content & documentation through crowdsourcing & reduced support costs EXAMPLE Microsoft MVP program, Cisco Support Community, MindTouch “Pay to Doc” program
  43. REPUTATION that drives social recognition…
  44. Pay the community to CREATE QUALITY CONTENT
  45. And REWARD them with badges
  46. Reviews & Ratings
  47. SMART SEARCH DESCRIPTION Contextual & adaptive search that learns to present the best content based on the search query BENEFITS Customers find the best content quicker. Contextual Cross selling opportunities EXAMPLE Highest rated content bubbles to the top of search results
  48. Adaptive search that gets SMARTER OVER TIME
  49. CONTEXTUAL Cross selling from search results…
  50. Reviews & Ratings
  51. SOCIAL SHARING DESCRIPTION Sharing content on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. BENEFITS Connect with your customer’s social network EXAMPLE Facebook-like
  52. Encourage site visitors to SHARE CONTENT with their network
  54. Reviews & Ratings
  55. SOCIAL LOGINS DESCRIPTION Log in to website with Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. BENEFITS Less friction for customers. Company receives higher quality info about site visitors. EXAMPLE Facebook Connect
  56. Social fast access Logins enable
  57. And the company receives quality info About their site visitors No need for form fills. One click logins
  58. Reviews & Ratings
  59. CROWD SOURCING DESCRIPTION Enable the crowd to contribute content, documentation, videos, tutorials, how-to guides BENEFITS The crowd helps build your content/documentation and supports your community EXAMPLE Who Runs Gov (Washington Post)
  60. Crowd sourced content that is CREATED & EDITED BY THE CROWD
  61. EDIT DIRECTLY within the browser in real time…
  62. THE POWER OF CROWDSOURCING Huge Web Traffic Text Video Some Images Minimal 1X 10X 100X Content
  63. Reviews & Ratings
  64. CONTENT ANALYTICS DESCRIPTION Content-specific analytics BENEFITS Derive intelligence and meaning from how content is being consumed EXAMPLE Answers the question “Why are 1000 people a week searching our documentation for XYZ?”
  65. How do you know what’s RELEVANT to your site visitors?
  66. Content Analytics allows site admin to quickly understand the ACCURACY, QUALITY, AND AGING of the site’s content. Best of all, it watches CUSTOMER BEHAVIOR through search patterns.
  68. Remember content is like theater for your audience
  69. But don’t forget about the strategy…
  70. or the Content Strategist
  71. THESE COMPANIES CAN HELP CONTENT CURATION SMART SEARCH • MindTouch 2010 • MindTouch 2010 • HiveFive Curata • Google Enterprise Search LEARNING COMMUNITIES • Mzinga OmniSocial • MindTouch 2010 SOCIAL SELLING • Community Sites • Marketo (tracking tool) REVIEWS AND RATINGS • MindTouch 2010 • GetSatisfaction SOCIAL CURRENCY SOCIAL SHARING • Jive Software • Facebook Like • Lithium • OpenID • MindTouch 2010 SOCIAL LOGINS CONTENT ANALYTICS • MindTouch 2010 • Facebook Connect • Mzinga Analytics • PassPack
  72. DID I MISS ANYTHING? Mark Fidelman t. @markfidelman TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK
  73. CREDITS Slide Sources Notes ALL Jessica Roeckel Design and Editing Help 8 Flickr Image 33 Images courtesy of Old Spice 36 Marketo is a marketing automation company 45 Image courtesy of Kelly Abott at MindTouch 53 Image courtesy of Adobe TV 61, 62 WhoRunsGov is a MindTouch Powered site Washington Post owns the site 66, 67 Content analytics from MindTouch 69 Flickr Image Photographer: Soumit 72 Flickr Image