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Mandolin clinic 4 t's


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Mandolin 4 T's

Published in: Education
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Mandolin clinic 4 t's

  1. 1. The four “T’s” overview by Frank Solivan ! 1) Technique: Explore pick grip; alternate picking exercises - inside picking/outside picking; wrist should be loose; warmup stretches and relax stretches; planting vs not planting; slow motion first; Learn a new scale everyday incorporating good technique. ! 2) Tone: Slow motion left hand three note scale exercise; finding “the sweet spot”; pick grip pressure for finesse, volume and speed; soft and slow attack using tremolo. 3) Timing: Practicing in time; how do YOU feel the timing; Use of metronome; the “chop” vs “rhythm shuffle”; syncopated strum; open chords vs closed chords. Subdivide the beat - chop, tremolo and triplets. ! 4) Tempo: Build speed with use of scales, picking exercises and techniques; Bringing the right and left hands together at the right time; speeding up vs slowing down; playing “on top” of the beat vs playing “behind the beat” vs “playing” with time in meter. What is “stretching time”?