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Brazil and Europe unite forces and testbeds for the Internet of the future


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FIBRE poster presented at Tridentcom 2012

Published in: Technology
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Brazil and Europe unite forces and testbeds for the Internet of the future

  1. 1. @FIBRE_project Brazil and Europe unite forces and testbeds for the Internet of the futureSebastia Sallent1, Antonio Abelém2, Iara Machado3, Leonardo Bergesio1, Serge Fdida4, José Rezende5, Dimitra Simeonidou6, Marcos Salvador7, Leandro Ciuffo3, Leandros Tassiulas8 and Carlos Bermudo1 1 {sebastia.sallent, leonardo.bergesio, carlos.bermudo} | 2 | 3 {iara, leandro.ciuffo} | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 leandros@uth.brOBJECTIVES INSTITUTIONS 1. Deploy a new experimental facility for BRAZIL EUROPE Future Internet research in Brazil. 2. Enhance the European testbeds OFELIA and UTHs NITOS 3. Federate the Brazilian and European experimental facilities, both at the physical connectivity and AUSTRALIA control framework level, to support the provisioning of slices using resources from both testbeds. Experimental islands planned to be federated 4. Implement pilot applications of public utility to showcase the shared Europe-Brazil experimental facility. CORE COMPONENTS R&E Networks Super-high-definition content delivery Seamless mobility testbedFederated autonomous islands provide a single infrastructure view for the users Isolated islands FIBRE proposal • Physical resources are shared between federated islands. • Different existing Control Frameworks are enhanced. All of them are federated through a federation control plane. • Experiments configurations and resources are backed up for future reuse. • I&M Framework integrating data from the different islands and CFs. This work makes use of results produced by the FIBRE project, co-funded by the Brazilian Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) and by the European Commission within its Seventh Framework Programme.