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Exquisite fleece and yarns for hand knitting from the Andes of Northern Chile

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  1. 2. Exquisite fleece and yarns for hand knitting made of ultrafine llama, guanaco, vicuña and alpaca fibers from Northern Chile.
  2. 3. We envision a day when Fibras Andinas Chile will become the leader supplier of the finest camelid fibres in the world, while facilitating the rapid generation of successful and lasting solutions to the social problems affecting the Andean region of our continent. Founders Jorge and Isabel del Carpio
  3. 4. Vicuña, silk, angora, cashmere and other luxury fibres revolutionized world fashion. South American camelid exotic fibres are the next trend. Fibras Andinas Chile is an innovative business concept introducing exquisite yarns for hand knitting made of ultrafine llama, alpaca, guanaco and vicuña fibres, to a high end market of hand knitters around the world. Our yarns create the feel and warmth desired by a discerning market looking for a unique comfort. Marketing Director Isabel Paz Sheer pleasure, stress relieving, gift giving, and creativity rate among the reasons why people choose hand knitting and crocheting with exotic yarns. An increasing younger group in a market of millions of needle artists, is eager to discover this luscious new feel.
  4. 5. The finest materials and traditional craftsmanship skills come together at our plant and headquarters located in Arica, in the northern region of Chile, known for the mystical life force of the Atacama Desert Commercial Consultant Mercedes van Bladel At Fibras Andinas Chile we strive for perfection in everything we do, redefining the luxury knitting yarn market. Our exclusive exotic yarns are intended to turn every knitting project into a majestic piece of needlework. Hence we are sensitive and responsive to the wants and needs of our discerning customers in the development and manufacture of our products We are advocates of Fair Trade and the protection of the environment. We support the International Child Labour Free Movement.
  5. 6. Simply awsome….
  6. 7. The sweet sound of our carding, dehairing and spinning machines brings new hopes for better quality of life and pay to thousands of impoverished Andean llama and alpaca, growers. Technical Manager Alejandro López
  7. 8. With an installed capacity of nearly 30 tonnes per year, Fibras Andinas Chile demands over sixty tonnes of raw fibre at our 900 m2 (9.700 sq.ft) plant.
  8. 9. There is plenty of room for rapid expansion in our 4.500 m2 (1,1 acres) lot.
  9. 10. Secure Supply of Raw Wool Through Fair Trade Practices We are located near the world’s largest llama and alpaca breeding region of Chile, Peru and Bolivia. Llama, alpaca, vicuña and guanaco byproducts are critical for the subsistence of small producers, living in one of the most isolated regions, the grasslands of the Andean plateau, at altitudes above 3.500 meters above sea level.
  10. 11. These regions are the dominant producers of 4000 tons of alpaca in Peru, and 600 tons of llama in Bolivia. Yet, only a fraction of the sizeable income resulting from exports of these beautiful fibers benefits the breeders, who are the first link of a long value chain, where intermediaries capture an excessive proportion of the value of the product, before it reaches the international market. Fibras Andinas secures its supply of raw fiber by purchasing directly from the producers, breaking a historical hold of intermediaries.
  11. 12. Our inclusive Enduring Social Impact program, allows herders to participate in the the productive and commercial chains. This encourages growers to produce fibers of higher worth, while increasing their income. Meanwhile, the Government of Chile is active at sponsoring programs aimed at improving production, processing and other camelid related activities that involve the Aymara communities of the northern region.
  12. 13. Our home is Chile, where solidarity, perseverance and enormous faith were sufficient to pull 33 miners alive from the center of the earth . Executive Director Jorge A. del Carpio
  13. 14. Come, join us and be part of this awesome experience.