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Wearable Applications for the Enterprise: Google Glass and Beyond


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While Google Glass has yet to land on the heads of everyday consumers, it is already making inroads in the enterprise. For new and emerging technologies, there are infrastructure, security and deployment challenges. The intimate and highly personal nature of wearable computing also brings with it new demands for developers, designers and business managers.

Join BrickSimple as they share their experiences developing, deploying and managing wearable applications in corporate environments including:

- State of wearable computing
- WiFi, Bluetooth Smart (BLE), Sensors and context
- Designing good wearable technology experiences
- Google Glass as an enterprise-capable platform
- Wear-Tec case study: the development of the LENS OS platform on Google Glass

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Wearable Applications for the Enterprise: Google Glass and Beyond

  1. 1. Wearable Applications for the Enterprise Google Glass and Beyond Det Ansinn | Mike Eisenberg | Frank Schloendorn
  2. 2. Housekeeping Items  Duration – 60 minutes  Submit your questions to all panelists in the Q&A box located in the bottom right corner of your screen  Recording and slides will be emailed to you tomorrow 2
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  4. 4. Introductions 4 Det Ansinn President BrickSimple LLC Mike Eisenberg President Wear-Tec Frank Schloendorn Director of Quality Assurance Fiberlink, an IBM company #MaaS360Win
  5. 5. State of Wearable Computing Det Ansinn, BrickSimple 5
  6. 6. Poll question Which wearable do you personally own? Select all that apply. a) Glass b) Smart watch c) Fitness wearable d) Planning to purchase a wearable in next 6 months e) Don’t own yet and not planning to purchase in the next 6 months 6#MaaS360Win
  7. 7. March 2014 results 7 4% 12% 39% 41% 31% 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 45% Glass Smart watch Fitness wearable Planning to purchase a wearable in the… Don't own yet and not planning to… Which wearables do you personally own? Select all that apply.
  8. 8. Smartwatches 8#MaaS360Win
  9. 9. Smartwatches • Android Wear devices have arrived • Smartwatch as a notification device • Role in security/authentication • Available now – LG – Samsung 9#MaaS360Win
  10. 10. Smartwatches • Pre-Android Wear players are now a question mark – Pebble – Toq – Samsung (pre-Android Wear) • Android Wear is Android – Devices managed through the smartphone – Development skills easy to leverage • Developer mindshare weighs heavily in Android Wear’s favor 10#MaaS360Win
  11. 11. SmartGlasses 11#MaaS360Win
  12. 12. Smartglasses • Google Glass was the first mainstream offering • Epson Moverio BT-200 for 3D Augmented Reality • New Entrants – Optinvent – Lumus – Vuzix • More devices coming 12#MaaS360Win
  13. 13. Where are Smartglasses headed? • Google Glass did not make the I/O 2014 Keynote • Consumers have been slow to embrace – Privacy concerns – Cultural issues – Societal norms • Business does not have these barriers • Smartglasses are finding traction in the Enterprise 13#MaaS360Win
  14. 14. Beyond Smartglasses and Watches • Fitness is driving a lot of consumer use cases – Fitness trackers – Wearable Sensors – Smart garments – Wearable cameras • Accelerometers, heart-rate trackers, and other bio feedback • Bluetooth Smart (BLE) devices • Internet of Things has landed 14#MaaS360Win
  15. 15. Context and the Internet of Things 15
  16. 16. Context • QR Codes were a first step • NFC tags • Context can be – Mode of travel – Location – Activity-based • Wireless technologies increasingly have a role in identifying context and that is an opportunity for wearable computing 16#MaaS360Win
  17. 17. Micro-Location • Wi-Fi Based Location – Retail settings – Commercial – Movement and people counting • iBeacons/Bluetooth Smart Proximity Tags – Provide inexpensive location information – Broad platform support • BluetoothSmart (BLE) is a key enabling technology 17#MaaS360Win
  18. 18. Designing for Wearables 18
  19. 19. Design Challenges • Physical Limitations – No keyboard – No mouse – No touch screen – Limited usable screen real estate • Performance Limitations – Battery life – CPU performance 19#MaaS360Win
  20. 20. Design Opportunities • Hands-free operation • Speech for text input • Sensors – Accelerometer – Gyro – Camera • Gesture-based input • BluetoothSmart (BLE) 20#MaaS360Win
  21. 21. Good Wearable Design • Recognizes immediacy • Leverages context of the wearer • Display information relevant to the user • Limits physical user interaction and navigation • Recognizes the unique capabilities and strengths of the devices – Display – Performance – Battery Life 21#MaaS360Win
  22. 22. Next Generation Experiences • Developers and designers are struggling to adapt their skills to new user interface paradigms • Entry to smartphone and tablet was relatively easy – Web conventions translated well – Pointer to touch was a logical transition • Users are putting on these devices expecting wow-factor • It is challenging to develop good experiences on these devices 22#MaaS360Win
  23. 23. 23 “You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling”
  24. 24. Google Glass: Enterprise Platform 24
  25. 25. Poll question Is your company currently evaluating how wearable technology can be leveraged? a) Yes b) No 25#MaaS360Win
  26. 26. March 2014 Results 26 35% 65% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% Yes No Is your company currently evaluating how wearable technology can be leveraged?
  27. 27. Google Glass for the Enterprise 27#MaaS360Win
  28. 28. Google Glass for the Enterprise • Face-mounted computing is decades old • Glass is the first mainstream smartglass device • Glass is the first such device from a major company • Consumer barriers to Glass do not exist in the enterprise – Physical appearance aka Cyborg factor – Public use of a wearable camera/privacy – $1500 Pricepoint 28#MaaS360Win
  29. 29. Google Glass for the Enterprise • Based upon Android platform familiar to organizations • Mobile Development (smartphone and tablet) has laid the foundation necessary to support wearable experiences – Web Services – Security and Network access – Device management • Without this foundation, devices like Glass would have a much greater barrier to entry 29#MaaS360Win
  30. 30. Glass at Work • Google did not initially embrace the enterprise use cases of Glass • Focus on consumer applications – big picture Google interest • Despite Google’s disinterest, Glass was being put to work • Google is starting a “Glass at Work” program to promote enterprise use cases and applications that leverage the technology 30#MaaS360Win
  31. 31. Wear-Tec Case Study Mike Eisenberg, Wear-Tec 31
  32. 32. Wear-Tec LENS OS • Wear-Tec is a New York City-based startup that’s developed the first enterprise application to manage and deliver content via heads-up wearable technology to undesked workers. Linked Enterprise Network Systems (LENS) creates continuous connectivity between management and workers. – Personalized Training & Certification – Work instructions, procedures & checklists – Expert guidance – Quality Control & Risk Management 32#MaaS360Win
  33. 33. Wear-Tec LENS OS • Diverse Industry application • Launched on Google Glass • Coming soon – Android Wear – Epson Moverio (AR) • System is live at 1211 6th Ave 33#MaaS360Win
  34. 34. Wear-Tec Glassware Experience 34#MaaS360Win
  35. 35. Wear-Tec Glassware Experience 35#MaaS360Win
  36. 36. Wear-Tec Glassware Experience 36#MaaS360Win
  37. 37. Wear-Tec Deployment Experience • Technology – Google Glass Software Updates – Device provisioning • Understanding the Experience – Users best experience application through device – It is easiest to understand the application using a wearable – Demo mode to best illustrate features • Users embracing and adapting technology 37#MaaS360Win
  38. 38. Managing and Securing Wearables Frank Schloendorn, Fiberlink 38
  39. 39. Managing Wearables • No management solutions exist today • Diversity in OS types could make direct management troublesome • Manage the connected device, not the wearable • Containerized solutions • Be aware of what data can “leak” to a wearable device • Protect your corporate data 39#MaaS360Win
  40. 40. Wearable Device Security • Built in security very limited • Jailbroken/Rooted devices are at higher risk • Third party apps that increase out of box functionality • Biggest source of potential data leaks: notification and Email/Calendar contact • Open to hacking 40#MaaS360Win
  41. 41. Wearables Beware • Beware of new security options for mobile devices that are linked to wearables – Bypass lock screen with presence of wearable – Context sensitive security 41#MaaS360Win
  42. 42. Wearables in the Enterprise – Where is the push? • Some companies are exploring their potential benefits, while others have already started using them • “Acceptance” of consumer level devices (smart watches) is already happening. Adoption happening a slower rate • Users want to use wearables to access their personal data on a device • Security issues can be minimized with BYOD/MDM/Containerized solutions • Slow adoption on consumer side may lead to more focus on the enterprise by vendors 42
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