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Need a k1 fiancee visa – let www.easy help


Published on Do you want the least cost for your fiancee visa? Seek the help of EasyFianceVisa with your k-1 visa application. We offer fast, reliable fiance visa process for every client longing to be with their loved ones.

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Need a k1 fiancee visa – let www.easy help

  1. 1. Need a K1 Fiancee visa – Let Help Is your beloved fiancee living abroad? Do you want to bring her with you to the USA? Do you want to do this at the least cost to you? If you answered yes to all questions then you should visit This company is trusted by many nationalities because we have a history of superior service in helping people process their K1 fiancee visa in just a short time and at very competitive prices. Most people get frustrated waiting for their fiancee visa petition to be processed. But with expert assistance from, your wait time is reduced through the efficient and meticulous preparation of all the K1 visa requirements. has an impressive record of 100% success in the area of K1 visa / fiancé visa processing. When a petitioner receives a Request for Evidence (RFE), this means that the paper work is not sufficient and you need to produce more evidence to the satisfaction of the government. The amount of time that this will add to your wait time can be lengthy. When you do present additional documents, it is not as if the government employee will rush to retrieve your file and process it immediately. Once an RFE is issued, you can consider your file shelved for a time. This is definitely not going to happen to you if you hired the services of to help you with the fiance visa application. We aim to help you get your K1 visa petition approved quickly and just on the first try. The wait times for processing different kinds of visa are not the same. Fiance visa is quicker to process than a marriage visa. It only takes an average of 60-90 days to be completed. To get more information about the K1 visa application, visit or call us at (888) 894-8655. Experienced and dedicated people are waiting to hear from you.