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  1. 1.  Professional  Is a self-marketing tool tailored to your career objectives  Focuses the interviewer’s attention on your strongest point
  2. 2.  Elaboration of sub titles Carefully chosen data
  3. 3.  Functional  Is selective & only highlights those skills pertinent to your job objective Chronological  Used to combine all your experience and employment history simply written in order by date starting with most recent position and working backwards
  4. 4.  Name, Address, phone number, career objective, professional profile, educational information, description of experience, employment history stating the dates of employment, job title, and company name, city and state What they don’t have in common is how the information is presented
  5. 5. Name address Phone Careernumber objective Professional profile
  6. 6. High School And Resume Usage Knowledge about Resumes Writing a Resume The Purpose of a Resume Has used a resume